Tuesday, 1 May 2018

More questions!!

Here are some more questions to keep you going for a couple of days. There's another 15 for you to have go at.

I wanted to also thank those who have been very positive about the site returning. It's nice to know that you enjoy the sets!

Also a reminder that the UK Grand Prix Quest circuit continues this Saturday (5th May). Always enjoyable and available at various locations around the country. If you would like to take part visit www.quizzing.com for more details. Anyone can enter and gives you the opportunity to compete against some of the UK's top quizzers. It doesn't matter what level you are at as many players are competing against themselves.

So back to the questions, enjoy.......

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1. (Pictured) Which actress,who later married the NCIS actor Mark Harmon, played the character of 'Mindy', opposite Robin Williams, in the 1970s/80s US sitcom 'Mork & Mindy'?

Pam Dawber

2.Written by Robert James Waller, what is the title of one of the bestselling books of the 20th century, (selling over 60 million copies worldwide),which has also been adapted into a 1995 film starring Meryl Streep and a 2013 Broadway Musical in 2013?

The Bridges of Madison County

3. The album, 'Mensch', is the biggest selling album of all time in Germany, selling over 3 million copies. Which German singer/songwriter released the album in 2002? (He also ranks third on the list with his 1984 album, '4630 Bochum 4603')

Herbert Grönemeyer

4. Which European city's marathon has been the location of the last six Men's world records in the event, the most recent accomplished  in 2014 by  Dennis Kimetto?


5. Named after the French physician that first described it, what name is given to the disorder of the inner ear that is characterised by episodes of vertigo, tinnitus , hearing loss and a fullness in the ear?

Menieres Disease

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6. (Pictured) Located at 600 Peachtree Street, The Bank of America Plaza was completed in 1992. What makes it notable is that it is the tallest building in any US state capital. In which city is it located?


7. Home to the ruins of the Palace of Knossos, which city serves as the administrative capital of Crete?


8. Provoking the Spanish War of Succession, who ascended to the Spanish throne in 1700, becoming the first member from the House of Bourbon to do so?

Philip V

9. The Casamance conflict is an ongoing conflict that has been waged since 1982 resulting in around 5000 casualties. Although a ceasefire was called in 2014, low level fighting continues in 2018.  The conflict has been fought between the separatist group,The Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC) and which West African country's government, from whom they seek independence?


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10. (Pictured) One of the most expensive paintings ever sold Woman III is a part of the 'Woman' series, created by which Dutch abstract expressionist artist?

Willem de Kooning

11. Created by Andreas Sayfarth in 2002, the game involves players assuming the roles of colonial governors during the age of Caribbean ascendancy. The aim of the game is to amass victory points by exporting goods or by constructing buildings. Winning several board gaming awards, after which Caribbean island is the game named?

Puerto Rico

12. In 1906, French chemist, Henri Moissan, received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the isolation of which chemical element, the most abundant halogen in the earth's crust?


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13.(Pictured) Appearing in films such as Saving Private Ryan, The Holiday and 27 Dresses, he has also directed a number of films.What is the name of this American actor,who in 2003 married the supermodel, Christy Turlington?

Edward Burns

14. Responsible for annexing the Cook Islands, which New Zealand statesman won the first General election in the world, by a self-governing colony, that permitted all women to vote - he is also noted as the longest serving Prime Minister of New Zealand?

Richard Seddon

15. The primary animal host of the virus is the Natal multimammate mouse and is most frequently found in Sub Sahara and West Africa. Which disease, that kills around 5000 people each year, is named after a town in Borno State, Nigeria, where it was first described in 1969?

Lassa Fever