Friday, 11 May 2018

Another set

Here are another 15 questions for you to have a go at.

Hope you enjoy......

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1. (Pictured) Based on the popular 1960s American TV series of the same name, which 2015 Guy Ritchie film starred Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo and Armie Hammer as Ilya Kuryakin?

The Man From Uncle

2. Daughters of Zeus and the Titaness Themis, the functions of which group in Greek mythology included acting as guardians of the gates of Olympus, as well as being goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time?


3. Since the OFC Champions League era began in 2007-08, Hekari United are the only  football team outside of New Zealand to claim the title. Which country do they represent?

Papua New Gunea

4. In the bible what was the name of the queen consort and wife of King Solomon,the mother of his heir Rehoboam?


5. As well as being the third largest city in Spain,by population,Valencia is also the third largest city in which other country?


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6. Although best known for his minimalist works such as RE46 and IKB191 (pictured), which French Nouveau realist artist 'composed' his Monotone Symphony in 1947/48 that consisted of a single 20-minute sustained chord followed by a 20-minute silence—a precedent to  John Cage's 4'33?

Yves Klein

7. One of the last to be added to the Roman calendar,which (modern day) Gregorian month,takes its name from the Latin term meaning 'purification' and was known in Old English as Solmonath or 'mud-month'?


8. Set in 19th century upper-class New York, it features the protagonist, Newland Archer and his issues with love interests, May Welland and Ellen Olenska. What is the title of this classic novel,which became the first novel,written by a woman,to claim the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction?

The Age of Innocence ( by Edith Wharton)

9. In biology, and taken from the Greek meaning 'similar,standing still', what name is given to the stable state of an organism and of its internal environment, providing the optimal functioning for the organism?


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10.(Pictured) Particularly remembered during the 1980s in the UK and USA,which budget Serbian make of car,based on the mechanics of the Fiat 127,also had the name,the 'Zastava Koral'?


11. With its capital at Kyzyl, it was located in Southern Russia, on the border of Mongolia. Established by the Bolsheviks,what was the name of the partially recognised independent state that existed in the former Soviet Union , between 1921 and 1944?

Tuvan People's Republic (or Tannu Tuva)

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12. (Pictured) Appearing in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, he has become a cult character among Star Wars fans, despite only the briefest of appearances. The Kenner toy figure has become even more intriguing as the character was very rare to collect (particulaly the 'blue' version). What is the name of this character, it shares its name with a type of shark Hemipristis elongata?


13. Since the race was introduced at the 1972 Olympic Games, which European country has provided the most medalists in the Womens 1500m, with a total of seven - medalling athletes include Doina Melinte, Paula Ivan and Maria Coincan?


14. Clovis I was the first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler. He is therefore considered to have been the founder of which dynasty, that would rule the Frankish kingdom for the next two centuries?


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15. Rising to fame as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, she forged a solo career in late 2016 with worldwide hit singles such as 'Bad Things', 'Crying In The Club' and 'Havana'. What is the name of this Cuban-American singer?

Camilla Cabello