Saturday, 2 May 2015

World Quiz Championship 2015 (WQC) 1st set of practice questions


Here is my first set of practice questions for the 2015 World Quiz Championships.

There are 10 questions all in the category of Lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy.....................

1.Founded in 1954 in Ontario, Canada it had models such as PET,Amiga and Vic20.Which,one time world leading home computer company folded in 1994?   
Commodore (International)

2. Which fabric, commonly used in the production of items such as athletic shorts and nightwear, takes its name from the medieval Arabic name, for the Chinese port city of Quanzhou? 

3. Born in 1934, which Spanish-born, French fashion designer is noted for designing the costumes for the 1968 film 'Barbarella' and for producing current fragrances such as 'Invictus' and 'Million'?
Paco Rabanne

4. Taken from the French language, Chevon is a culinary term used to describe the meat of which animal?

5. (Picture) Although its name suggests otherwise, it is a major rival to Starbucks, due to its large sales of coffee. Which food and drink chain, with 11,000 restaurants in 33 different countries was founded by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts?
Dunkin' Donuts

6. Launched in 2013, what name is given to the global candy brand created by tennis star, Maria Sharapova and businessman, Jeff Rubin? 

7. According to the Forbes list of the 100 highest paid athletes, which sport is represented the most on the list, although its highest earner is only placed at number 30?

8.Dastar,Pheta and Mysore Pheta are all styles of which particular piece of religious clothing?    

9. Containing over 36,000 articles in its English edition alone, the website 'Memory Alpha', is one of the largest wiki projects that relates to which TV and film series?
Star Trek

10.Louis Lassen, Charlie Nagreen, Otto Kuase, Oscar Weber Bilby, Frank and Charles Menches and Fletcher Davis have all made claims to have come up with the idea of which foodstuff, one of the Western world's most popular foods?