Friday, 15 May 2015

Second round of questions - 10 Sport ones

I think I have been through all World Quiz Championship genres, so it's back to the beginning.

Some love it, some hate it, but it's not going away.

Enjoy your 10 questions on Sport................

1.Winning the Australian Open in 2002,who was last Swedish male tennis player to win a Grand Slam title?          
Thomas Johansson

2.In 1961,Gary Player became the  first non-American professional golfer ,to win the US Masters tournament. Who was the second non-American to take the title, achieving the feat in 1980?           
Seve Ballesteros

3.Kyalami racing track is infamous as the site of a fatal accident, that claimed the lives of race marshal ,Frederick Jansen van Vuuren, and the driver Tom Pryce, in 1977.Which country was the host of this Formula One Grand Prix? 
South Africa

4.The USA have run the eight fastest Mens 4x400m relay times of all time. Which country has run the ninth and tenth fastest times? 
Great Britain

5. Which city was the first outside of Europe and the USA to host an Olympic Games?        
Melbourne (1956 Summer Games)

6. Which former Toronto Maple Leafs owner gives his name to the NHL trophy awarded to the Most valuable player during the NHL play-offs?         
Conn Smythe

7.Which national team did Ivory Coast beat 9-8 on penalties, in the final of the 2015 African Cup of Nations?          

8. (Picture) In 2015, which Austrian ski racer became the first male skier, to win the Mens Alpine World Cup event on four consecutive occasions?       
Marcel Hirscher

9. It is an elimination-style dice game, in which several players  play a set number of rounds. When all players but one have been eliminated, the remaining player wins the game. Owing to its extremely simple play-structure, it is generally pursued as a method of gambling. What is the name of this game, which shares its name with a country in the Americas?

10.Making its first appearance at the 2012 Summer Olympics, which Danish cyclist became the first male Omnium Olympic champion?     
Lasse Norman Hansen