Saturday, 16 May 2015

High-Brow and Hard 10 Questions on Culture

I have 10 Culture questions for you to have a go at.

I think these are quite tough, (but this is not my specialist area). All good preparation I suppose!

See how you get on..................

1.Established by Melina Mercouri and Jack Lang, which EU capital city, in 1985, was chosen to become the first European Capital of Culture?          

2. An Armenian-born American,he was an Abstract Expressionist painter,whose works include 'Landscape in the Manner of Cezanne' and Night-time,Enigma,Nostalgia'.How was the artist Vostanik Manuk Adoyan,better known             
Arshile Gorky

3.Celebrated four times a year,which Hindu festival,translated in English as 'nine nights',sees Shakti worshipped in nine different forms?             

4.Born in 1870,which Italian physician,educator and noted humanitarian,is best known for her philosophy of education which bears her name in schools throughout the world?              
Maria Montessori

5.(Picture) Best known for the design of the Sydney Opera House,architect Jorn Utzon,also created which Middle Eastern country's National Assemby building?     

6.In which Australian city,are the important institutions,the National Gallery, the National Library, the National Museum and the Royal Australian Mint,all located?         

7.Who, in Greek mythology, was the daughter of Icarius,mother of Telemachus and faithful wife to Odysseus?  

8.The French Impressionist painter, Berthe Morisot, became the sister- in-law of which noted French painter, after marrying his younger brother Eugene?    
Eduoard Manet

9.His is best known for being the originator of the cosmogenic theory of the four Classical elements.Which Greek philospher,heralded as a god by many,is also thought to have died by leaping into the volcanic crater of Mount Etna,whilst attempting to prove his divinity?             

10.In 2004, Iraninan architect Zaha Hadid became the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize. She is also noted for the design of which sporting structure in Innsbruck, Austria?            
 Bergisel Ski-Jump