Friday, 9 May 2014

8th WQC Practice Set and another competition

Here is my 8th instalment of World Quiz Championship Practice questions. (Some of these may be a little bit easier)

I am away for a week,so I'll publish some more short questions this weekend,as I did on Wednesday and then I will put up the 9th instalment of Practice questions week beginning 19th May.

I have another competition to win a brand new Chamber Biographical Dictionary. These competitions are proving quite popular,so I'm hoping Chambers will continue to provide prizes.(I'll ask for a different prize next time).

The question for this competition is: In 1901,which country provided the first ever Nobel Prize winner for Literature?

Answers to be e-mailed to and to be received by midnight (UK time) Sunday 18th May.
As always my decision is final. Thanks

So back to the questions............................


1. (Pictured) Located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York,the 1899 oil painting 'Gulf Stream', shows a man in a small rudderless fishing boat struggling against the waves of the sea.Well known for his marine subjects,which American artist created this painting?

Winslow Homer

2.Located in modern day Turkey,it was an ancient Empire that stood on the River Sakarya. It lasted between c.1200 and 700 BC and is famous,in mythology for the Gordian Knot and King Midas (amongst others).What is the name of this ancient Empire?


3.Held in the days leading up to Lent,it is one of the highlights of the German 'Karneval' season,(also held in German speaking countries.) Although not a national holiday,schools and offices in some parts of Germany are closed for the festivities.What is the name of this festival,which precedes Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday? (in English or German)

Rosenmontag (Rose Monday)

1.Originally a Danish Prince,he was later elected King of Greece by the Greek National Assembly.He served for fifty years between 1863 and 1913 and during that time he claimed significant territorial gains.He also became the uncle of Great Britain's King Edward VII and Tsar Nicholas II.What is the name of this King who was eventually assassinated by Alexandros Schinas in March 1913?

George I

2.In Roman times,primarily for the period 4th-5th century BC, what were 'triens','semis' and 'sextans'?


3.(Pictured) In the aftermath of the notable uprisings occurring in Jayuya and Utuado, Puerto Rican nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempted to assassinate which political figure on November 1st 1950?

Harry S Truman


1.During the 1970s,she was part of Stevie Wonder's backing group,'Wonderlove'. She released the album 'Niecy' in 1976 and later duetted with Johnny Mathis on the album 'That's What Friends Are For'. In 1984 she released her biggest solo single,'Let's Here It For The Boy',which appeared on the 'Footloose' film soundtrack and reached number one around the world.What is the name of this singer,who has since returned to Gospel music,where she has won several Grammy Awards?

Deniece Williams

2.In 2010,Piper Kerman published her best-selling memoir about her experiences in prison.This was picked up by 'Weeds' creator,Jenji Kohan,and adapted into a US TV show,first aired in July 2013,via Netflix.Starring Taylor Schilling as the main protagonist,what is the name of this show?

Orange Is The New Black

3.It is based upon a Greek myth as told by the Roman poet,Ovid,in his work Metamorphoses .Written at the age of just 11 years old,what is the title of the opera that is considered to be Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's first true opera?

Apollo et Hyacinthus (Apollo and Hyacinth)

1.The race was notable as it saw the biggest upset in its history,when the winner came in at odds of 91/1.
In 1913,which world famous horse race,was won by a horse called Donerail?

Kentucky Derby

2.Set in the fictional cities of Grimsborough,Pacific Bay and Ocean Shore,the player acts an investigator,aiming to solve a number of murder cases by finding clues and solving puzzles. It was released in November 2012,but by mid-2013,it had become the most popular game on Facebook with over 46 million average monthly users.What is the name of this game,which is sometimes referred to,informally, as 'CC'?

Criminal Case

3. (Pictured) He is a French-born Argentinian international footballer that has the nickname,'El Pipita'.His father,Jorge,played in the top leagues in France and Argentina and his brother Federico currently plays for Columbus Crew,in the USA's top league,the MLS. He is known as a prolific scorer and had a strike rate of over 50 percent for Real Madrid and the Argentine National side. Currently at Napoli,what is the name of this player,who was top scorer in the South American section of  the 2014 World Cup qualifying round,with 9 goals?

Gonzalo Higuain

1.Part of the Sibo-Tibetan language family,Dzongkha is the official and national language of which Asian country?


2.Containing  Japan's second largest island, Hokkaido and Russia's largest island, Sakhalin,which sea,located in the western Pacific,lies between Russia in the north and the Kuril islands in the South?

Sea of Okhotsk

3.In October 2013, a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy sank off the coast of Italy's most southerly island,resulting in over 300 deaths.What is the name of this island,which is also a part of the Italian Pelagie Islands ?


1.Produced by Italian brandy producer Arturo Vaccari and named after a 19th century war hero,which yellow liquer is a blend of herbs and fruits such as ginger and juniper,but has a distinct vanilla-anise flavour?


2.One of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, it was founded by Henry and Helal Hassenfeld in 1923. What is the name of this company ,whose products include Mr Potato Head , GI Joe and My Little Pony ,amongst others?


3.(Pictured) This Puerto Rican percussion instrument consists of an open-ended, hollow gourd, with parallel notches cut in one side. It is played by rubbing a wooden stick (a 'pua') along the notches to produce a ratchet-like sound. Popular in Latin America,what is its name?



1.(Pictured) An actress on her own right,she is the youngest of the successful 'Phoenix' acting siblings,(River, Rain,Joaquin and Liberty).Her films have included The Faculty (1998),Committed (2000) and Suzie Gold (2004).What is the first name of this actress,who is also married to the actor Casey Affleck?

Summer (Phoenix)

2.Winning the prize in 1993 for the film,'The Piano',which New Zealander, is the only female director to have won the prestigious Palme d'or at the Cannes Film Festival?

Jane Campion

3.An American author,essayist and playwright,he was born in 1925 and published his first book in 1946.His third novel, 'The City and the Pillar' (1948),outraged critics,as it was one of the first major American novels to feature unambiguous homosexuality.What is the name of this writer,whose other fictional works include 'Julian'(1964), 'Duluth'(1983) and 'Empire'(1987)?

Gore Vidal

1.Which chemical element,with the atomic number 58,was named after a dwarf planet,which in turn,was named after the Roman goddess of agriculture?


2.(Pictured) The name of its genus,is derived from the Greek meaning 'mouse-beaver'. It is also,sometimes, referred to as the 'river rat' or 'nutria'.What is the name of this large, herbivorous, semi-aquatic rodent,originally native to subtropical and temperate South America and the only member of the Myocastoridae family?


3.A perennial South African flower,its flowers are tubular at a downward angle and turn from red to orange to yellow with age.Its Latin name is Kniphofia uvaria and grows to 2 metres high.What is the  three-word name of this flower, which gets its name from its sharp, spiky stems,but could also be associated with King Edward II of England?

Red Hot Poker