Wednesday, 7 May 2014

25 Shorter Questions for you . Another WQC Practice Set later this week

I have written 25 shorter questions for you to enjoy. I thought it would make a nice break from the 'harder' stuff I've been posting recently.(Not that these are particularly easy)

I will be posting my next instalment of WQC Practice questions later this wee,but in the meantime,I hope you enjoy this batch..............

PS I just wanted to mention to anyone who is thinking of attending a World quizzing Championship event this year,I would thoroughly recommend it. The sort of questions I put up, are generally a bit harder than the regular World Championship, so you may find that you do much better than you think. Also it's just good fun and you can say you took part in a World Championship.

1.Although it wasn't used until the second season in 1976,it quickly became popular and was covered by acts such as the James Taylor Quartet and The Ventures.The theme music to which US TV detective show was written by Tom Scott and entitled 'Gotcha'?

Starsky and Hutch

2. Appearing in Roman mythology and the Latin novel 'Metamorphoses',what is the name of the woman who was granted immortality when she married Cupid?


3.In terms of population,which of the former Yugoslav Republics has the largest capital?

Serbia (Belgrade)

4.In 1988 Tom Cruise starred in the film 'Rain Man',which went on to win the Best Picture Academy Award. He also made which other film that year,co-starring Bryan Brown,which went on to win the Golden Rapsberry for Worst Picture?


5.Who is the only male European to have won a World Athletic Championship100 metres Gold medal?

Linford Christie

6.What was the first name of the Duchess of Hohenberg,who was assassinated along with her husband Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip, in Sarajevo, in 1914?


7.Which German historical writer,won the second ever Nobel Prize for Literature in 1902?

Theodor Mommsen

8.Brandberg mountain is the highest point in the Kalahari desert.It is also the highest point in which African country?


9.The term 'acid test' is figuratively used to describe a  particular attribute such as a person's character.It is thought that the phrase derived from a historic chemical 'acid test',which would distinguish the difference between base metals and which other metal?


10.Both adapted into successful films,which American author wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel 'The Shipping News' in 1993 and later wrote the short story 'Brokeback Mountain' in 1997?

E.Annie Proulx

11.Which very successful Swedish pop group of the 1990s consisted of Ulf Ekberg and the siblings, Jonas,Malin and Jenny Berggren?

Ace Of Base

12. In 2013 Cristiano Ronaldo was named winner of the Ballon d'or European Footballer of the year award. Which German female player won the women's equivalent?

Nadine Angerer

13.In February 2014,a 4.4-billion-year-old crystal was confirmed as the oldest known fragment of Earth's crust .In which country was it found?


14.In terms of area,which city  located in Florida, is the largest city of the 48 contiguous US states?


15.Which of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World was located furthest south?

Great Pyramid (of Giza)

16.Although Piet Mondrian is perhaps its most famous exponent,which Dutch artist is credited as the founder of the De Stijl art movement,after publishing a journal of the same name to propogate the group's theories?

Theo van Doesburg

17.According to ancient sources,Spartacus,the famous gladiator,was from which historical European region?


18.Inspector Montalbano is an Italian television series based on the detective novels of Andrea Camilleri  and first aired in 1999. Set in the fictional town of Vigata ,in which real autonomous region of Italy is the series set?


19.The Paris Opera House is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris and is the primary location for the Paris Opera Ballet.It is also the inspiration for Gaston Leroux's 1910 novel,'The Phantom of The Opera'. It is also commonly known by another name,which honours the architect of the building.What was the architects name?

Charles Garnier 

20.Serving between 1522 and 1523,he was the only Dutch Pope (to date) and was also the  last non-Italian Pope until Pope John Paul II in 1978. What is his name (and regnal number)?

Adrian VI (6th)

21. Which river,at around 150km in length,connects two of Europe's largest lakes - Lake Saimaa in south-eastern Finland and Lake Ladoga?

Vuoski River

22.Giacomo Balla,Primo Conti and Umberto Boccioni were leading exponents of which early 20th century art movement?


23. Taking over from from Unilever in 2012,which Asian car manufacturer  became the new sponsor, for the prestigious Turbine hall exhibitions at London's Tate Modern Gallery?


24.Which Ivy League university is located in the city of Ithaca,in New York state?

Cornell University

25. Which 1984,Tony Award-winning,Stephen Sondheim musical,is based on the 1884 painting 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte', by Georges Seurat?

Sunday In The Park With George