Tuesday, 8 April 2014

3rd World Quizzing Championship Practice ..... and another Prize Competition

Here is my next installment in my World Quiz Championship practice sets.

It is possibly (or not) a little easier than the previous two.

Also,I have another copy of the Chamber's Biographical Dictionary  - which is a great reference book for both quizzing and general interest.

If you want a chance to win,just answer this question.

Can you name which US President would appear next alphabetically after Abraham Lincoln in the book?

Send your answers to justquiz@hotmail.co.uk

Answers to be received by Midnight UK time Sunday 13th April  and my decision will be final.Good Luck!

Back to the quiz. I hope you enjoy...........................

1.One of the great Athenian comic playwrights,he has works that are still in tact today,providing rare examples of the 'Old comedy' genre of Ancient Greece.With famous works including 'The Clouds','The Wasps' and 'The Frogs,what is the name of this Greek writer who was a contemporary of Plato and lived between 427BC and 386BC?


2.In 1979 he was sent to prison as one of the leaders of The Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Prosecuted (VONS) and was released in 1983. Whilst in prison he wrote a series of letters to his wife,that were later published under the title 'Letters to Olga'. What was the name of the playwright and future European President that wrote these letters?

Vaclev Havel

3.(Pictured) The Thaana (or Tana) alphabet,became more prominent during the 18th century,succeeding the Dhives Akuru alphabet.With letters including shaviyani,baa and yaanu,in which Asian country is the Thaana alphabet almost exclusively used?


1.Located in the province of Guria,the Gurian Republic was an insurrection that took place to prior and during the Russian Revolution of 1905. The uprising followed the  peasants' boycott of all government services,who then appointed their own government and fought fiercely against Tsarist officers. It has also been thought of as the first Marxist national-liberation movement.Eventually,in 1906,under General Krilov,the revolt was crushed and taken back under Russian rule.In which modern day country is Guria located?


2.Known as 'the amorous',he served as the King of The Franks,under the House of Capet,between 1060 and 1108. His reign was unusual as his mother,Anne of Kiev,served as regent and he was ex-communicated twice.What is the name of this French King who succeeded Henry I and preceded Louis VI? (Regal number needed)

Philip I

3.(Pictured) The crusaders first encountered them as part of the Byzantine army and were soon recruited.Taken from the Greek meaning 'sons of Turks', what name was given to these mounted archer soldiers, employed  by the Christian states of the Eastern Mediterranean through much of the Middle Ages?



1.(Pictured) He is regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of ska and rocksteady music and is also credited as a major influence in reggae.Perhaps,his most recognisable single is 'Oh Carolina' (famously covered by Shaggy in 1993),released in 1961,but his biggest hit in the UK was 'Al Capone' in 1967.Also having a 1979 single by the group Madness named in his honour,by what stage name is Cecil Bustamente Campbell better known?

Prince Buster

2.A German composer,he originally worked and performed at the Habsburg court in Vienna.He later moved to Paris and is credited with revolutionising 18th century French opera,but returned to Vienna in disgust,after the poor reception of his opera 'Echo et Narcisse'. What is the name of this composer,whose more famous operatic works include 'Orfeo ed Euridice'(1762) and 'Alceste' (1767)?

Christoph Gluck

3.In 1994 he composed an interval piece at the Eurovision Song Contest.The piece was accompanied by traditional Irish dancers and spawned the global phenomenon that is 'Riverdance'. What is the name of the Irish musician and composer who wrote this original seven-minute piece?

Bill Whelan

Sport and Games
1.Doing so in 1904,which US city, was the first city outside of Europe to host an Olympic Games?

St Louis

2.At the 1992 Summer Olympics,it was a demonstration sport. Its World Championship has been dominated by Latin teams,with Spain being,by far,the most successful.What is the name of this team sport,which also see's Spain top league,made up almost exclusively with teams from Catalonia?

Roller Hockey / Rink Hockey

3.(Pictured) Since turning pro in 1994, he has won a total of twenty professional golf tournaments worldwide, including eight on the US PGA Tour and making him Asia's most successful golfer. He also won the 2011 Players Championship,competed in three President Cup tournaments and has spent over 40 weeks in the top 10 World rankings.What is the  name of this top Korean golfer?

KJ Choi

1.Located in Colorado,what is the name of the second highest peak of the contiguous United States and the highest peak in the rocky Mountains?

Mount Elbert

2.(Pictured) This small nocturnal fox is the smallest species of canid in the world and is found in the Sahara region of North Africa. It mainly eats insects, small mammals, and birds and its hearing is sensitive enough to hear prey moving underground.What is the name of this type of fox,which serves as the national animal of Algeria and is also the nickname for the Algerian national football team?

Fennec Fox

3.The National University of San Marcos was established in 1551 by a royal decree,signed by the Holy Roman Emperor,Charles V.This officially makes the university is the oldest in the Americas. It is also the only university in the country,with a Nobel Prize laureate (winning in 2010),among its alumni.In which South American country is this university located?



1.(Pictured)With sites in Spain,France and Portugal,Aqualand is the largest chain of water amusement parks in Europe. One site,in particular is world renowned for its 'Magic Tap' sculpture,which creates the illusion that it is floating .In which Andalusian city is this remarkable sculpture found?


2.Their main function is to help provide immune response in the area.In the human body,which segment of the small intestine,can the lymphoid tissue known as Peyer's patches be found?


3.The presenter of America's Got Talent since 2009,he first gained fame appearing on the US TV sketch show 'All That' and later appeared on the improvisation show 'Wild 'n Out'. He is,perhaps,best known as the husband of Mariah Carey since 2008.What is his name?

Nick Cannon

1.The 1986 film,'At Close Range',saw two famous acting brothers make their only appearance together in a feature film. The oldest of the brothers is a multi-Academy Award winning actor and the younger brother  appeared in two Tarantino films,(as well as appearing in many other films),but sadly died in 2006. What is their family name?

Penn (Sean and Chris)

2.Founded in 1825,the Diario Oficial El Peruano,is the oldest newspaper,(still in existence),in Latin America and the official daily newspaper of Peru. In addition to carrying news, all laws passed in Peru must be published by the newspaper.Which historic Latin American figure founded this newspaper?

Simon Bolivar

3.(Pictured) He played James T Kirk in the 2009 film 'Star Trek' and its 2013 sequel (Star Trek Into Darkness) .In 2012,he played Jack Frost in the animated film 'Rise Of The Guardians and in 2014 played the role of Jack Ryan in the film,'Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit'.What is the name of this American actor?

Chris Pine

1.Sharing its name with a Titaness and first great spouse of Zeus,its name also means 'skill' or 'craft' in the Greek language.Which moon is located nearest to the planet Jupiter?


2.Used to describe two-dimensional angular spans in three-dimensional space,it uses the symbol 'sr'.What is the SI unit of solid angle?


3.(Pictured) Which scientific law,named after the co-founder of Intel,is the observation that over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits, doubles approximately every two years?

Moore's Law