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7th World Quizzing Championships Practice Set

Here are the next set of questions in this series of World Quiz Championship Practice sets.

I hope you enjoy this lot................

PS Should have another competition next week, so still chances to win a Chambers Biographical Dictionary.


1.(Pictured) The Ryugyong Hotel stands at 330 metres high and contains 105 floors. It is thought that the plan for the building was a political response to the Westin Stamford Hotel in Singapore,built by the SsangYong Group. Described by some journalists as 'The Worst Building in The History of Mankind',in which Asian city is this striking building located,which is also the country's tallest building?


2.The highest peak on Crete it was sacred to the goddess Rhea in Greek mythology and is also the place where she concealed the baby Zeus from his father Cronus.It also has a namesake mountain in Anatolia,where Zeus was said to have abducted Ganymede to Olympus.What is the name of this mountain(s)?

Mount Ida

3. (Pictured) A part of the Danube school of German painters,which 15th/16th century artist created a series of eight historical battle scenes for William IV,Duke of Bavaria,including 'The Battle of Alexander The Great' (or Battle of Issus),which hangs at the Alte Pinakothek Museum in Munich?

Albrecht Altdorfer

1.A 19th century Swiss mountain guide and mountaineer,he is recorded as the first person to reach the peak of Mount Aconcagua and Tupungato.He also has a ridge on Mount Cook named in his honour.What is the name of this man,who shares his surname with one of the 1980's great downhill skiers?

Matthias Zurbriggen

2.(Pictured) A German-born physicist,he emigrated to the UK in 1933, following the Nazi Party coming into power. In 1954 he won the Nobel Prize for physics,for his fundamental research in Quantum Mechanics,and in particular his interpretation of the probability density function. What is the name of this scientist,who also had an illustrious list of assistants including Enrico Fermi, Werner Heisenberg,Wolfgang Pauli and Edward Teller?

Max Born

3.It ran between 1843 and 1849,although 1844 is officially recognised as the year marking Independence Day. Led by Pedro Santana against several Generals,including Charles Riviere-Herard and Jean-Louis Pierrot,which country's War of Independence included the Battles of Azua (1844),Tortuguero (1844) and Beler (1845)?

Dominican Republic


1.She first came to prominence,playing the role of Bridget Hennessy in the US TV sitcom,'8 Simple Rules' and later appeared in the final series of 'Charmed'. She has also as appeared in a number of films and is married to the American tennis player,Ryan Sweeting. What is the name of this actress,who is best known today,for portraying the character 'Penny', in the US TV show,'Big Bang Theory'?

Kaley Cuoco

2.'Persimfans' was a Moscow-based orchestra founded by Lev Tseitlin and existed between 1922 and 1932.During this time they gained worldwide acclaim and spawned imitators in Paris, Berlin, and New York, and in 1927,they were named an Honored Collective, by the Soviet government. The orchestra was remarkable as it was missing something that nearly all known orchestras had a the time.What was missing from the orchestra?

A Conductor

3.Born in Prague,he moved to the US in 1968,following the Warsaw Pact's invasion of Czechoslovakia.He formed his own group in 1976 and has since released many albums including frequent collaborations with Jeff Beck.Although he has a large catalogue of work,he is best known as the composer of the 'Miami Vice' (TV show) theme tune,which reached number one in the US in 1985,as well reaching the top 10 around the world.What is this composer's name?

Jan Hammer

Sports and Games
1.What is the name of the former (East) German male athlete,that won the 400 metres Gold Medal at the 1987 World Athletics Championships in Rome,and in doing so,set a European record for that distance,which still stands today?

Thomas Schonlebe

2.Playing their home games at the Imtech Arena,which is the only German football team to have played every season in the top tier of the German Bundesliga,since its inception in 1963?

SV Hamburger (Hamburg)

3. (Pictured) Serena Williams has only ever lost in the first round of a Grand Slam singles event on one occasion. Which French tennis player,who reached career high ranking of 16 in 2009, inflicted this defeat at the 2012 French Open?

Virginie Razzano

1.In 1995,Colombia opened its first metro rail system made up of two lines and 21 stations. In which city,the country's second largest by population is it located?


2.(Pictured) Once a a major stop on Route 66,which city, associated today,(sadly),for a terrible 1995 event took over from Guthrie,as a US state capital in 1910,three years after the state was admitted to the union?

Oklahoma City

3.They are a chain of islands and atolls in French Polynesia and form the largest chain of atolls in the world, spanning an area of the Pacific Ocean roughly the size of Western Europe. Islands on the atoll were first visited by Ferdinand Magellan,but were brought to worldwide attention in the 20th century,when France used the area for its nuclear testing programme.It is also the place where Thor Heyerdahl's voyage on Kon-Tiki ended.With a population of around 18,000,what is the collective name for these islands?

Tuamotu Islands

1.The World's two most expensive buildings are both from the leisure sector. The first is located in a famous area of the city associated with sport and the second is called 'Resorts World Sentosa'. In which Asian country are these two buildings located?


2. (Pictured) In February 2014,due to a catastrophic administrative error by the city's Employment Service,61,000 jobseekers,instead of 1,000, were sent invitations to a small (10 employer) job fair,known as the Gumtree Recruitment Fair. This sparked chaos in the city and soon needed a substantial police presence.Reported globally,in which Scandinavian city did this mistake occur?


2.Annie Edson Taylor,a former music and dance teacher from Michigan,seeked a way of financing her later years to avoid the poorhouses. In 1901,on her 63rd birthday,she became the first person to accomplish which achievement and survive,(as all before her had died trying)? - her cat actually survived the same feat only two days earlier?

Falling Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel

1.Starring Faye Dunaway, the (now cult) 1981 film 'Mommie Dearest',was a biographical film,describing a mother and daughter's turbulent relationship,and based on a 1978 book of the same name. Written by the daughter,Christina,which Hollywood actress,who died in 1977,was being described as 'Mommie'?

Joan Crawford

2. Inspired by a suggestion from Andrew Carnegie,which American author's most famous work, 'Think and Grow Rich' (1937), is one of the best-selling books of all time?

Napoleon Hill

3.(Pictured) The characters were first seen in the 1960s animated tv series,The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. In 2014,they were made into a DreamWorks feature film starring Ty Burrell and Max Charles in the titular roles. The story follows 'the world's smartest dog' adopting an orphaned infant,who go on to have a series of time-travelling adventures. What is the name of this film,which had grossed over $250million worldwide by the end of April 2014?

Mr Peabody and Sherman

1.Located in Australia and Asia,(particularly India),it is named after the habitat in which it is most frequently found.During the World War II Battle of Ramree Island,it is thought hundreds of Japanese soldiers were killed by these animals,after encroaching into their territory. What is the name of the this crocodile,the world's largest reptile?

Saltwater Crocodile

2.Listing five methods of inductive reasoning,which 19th century British philosopher wrote the 1843 book 'A System of Logic',with the intention to highlight the issues of causation?

John Stuart Mill

3.(Pictured) Consolida is a genus of about forty species of annual flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae, native to western Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia.All parts of the flower are poisonous,including the seeds and are particularly harmful when young. A large amount of cattle deaths in Western US states have also been attributed to this plant. What is the common name for this plant,which is also used to describe the many species of Delphinium?


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6th World Quizzing Championship Practice Set

Here is the 6th batch of 24 questions, aimed with helping people with their World Quiz Championship revision.

Even if you are not attending the World Championships, I hope you are still enjoying them.


1.They were prominent in the early part of the 16th century and known for painting landscapes,including Matthias Grunewald-inspired figures.Members included Albrecht Altdorfer,Wolf Huber and Jorg Breu the Elder.Named after a river,what name was given to this group of painters,mainly located in Bavaria and Austria?

Danube School

2.Mainly relying on cattle herding and growing millet,they are a tribe from the Nile valley.They also have many smaller subdivisions,of which Malau is the largest.Notable people from this tribe include NBA basketball player  Luol Deng,model Alek Wek and the country's current President,Salva Kiir Mayardit. What is the name of the largest ethnic tribe in South Sudan,the subject of a 1991 massacre,which saw over 2000 civilians killed?


3. (Pictured) He is a Swiss born British resident,usually referred to as a pop-philosopher. His works include 'How Proust Can Change Your Life' (1997), 'Status Anxiety' (2004) and 'The Architecture of Happiness' (2006),all of which were best sellers.What is the name of this man,who also saw his 1997 bestseller,'Essays In Love',adapted in a 2009 film under the title 'My Last Five Girlfriends'?

Alain de Botton

1.Lasting between 1709-1738,it was an Empire that covered much of Kandahar province in Afghnaistan,as well as parts of Pakistan,Turkmenistan,Tajikistan and Iran.Its first ruler was Mir Wais,who  lead a successful revolution against the Persian Safavids in Kandahar.Its final ruler was Hussain,who was defeated by Nader Shah at the 1738 Siege of Kandahar.What was the name of this short-lived ,but important Middle-Eastern Empire?

Hotaki Empire

2.(Pictured) In July 2012, a Cypriot-born Turkish adventurer completed an entirely solo and human-powered circumnavigation of the Earth. His modes of transport included a rowboat to cross the oceans, a sea kayak for shorelines, a bicycle on the roads and hiking on trails, (along with canoes for a few river crossings).He also reached the summit of Mount McKinley,Mpunt Kosciuszko and Mount Kilamanjaro.What is the name of this man,who also founded the the 'Around-n-Over' organisation,which handles and manages funds for would-be explorers?

Erden Eruc

3.In Greek mythology,after receiving guidance from Athena in a dream,Odysseus commissioned which Greek soldier to build the Trojan Horse?



1.(Pictured) Formed in 1987 by Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley,they played a major role in the 'Grunge' movement of the early 1990s, alongside bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. They have sold over 25 million albums,with their 1992 album 'Dirt',the biggest seller.They have also had over 20 top 40 hit singles in the US. What is the name of this band whose name is thought to have derived from a former Staley side project idea,which would see a band dressed up in drag and playing heavy metal?

Alice In Chains

2.Set in a titular New York police precinct,this American comedy-action TV series made its debut in 2013. Starring Adam Samberg and former American football player,Terry Crews,the show went on to win the best Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy) at the 2014 Golden Globe Award.What is the name of this show?

Brooklyn 99

3.In the category of Best Scoring Adaptation and Original Song Score, for which 1971 musical film did the prolific film composer,John Williams,win the first of his five (to date) Academy Awards?

Fiddler On The Roof

Sport and Games
1.Winning two Olympic medals and six World Championship medals,she is also the first female skater to win the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the Four Continents Championships and the Grand Prix Final. Even more remarkable, is that throughout her entire career,she never finished a major competition off the podium.What is the name of this Korean skating legend,who lost out on a Gold Medal at the 2014 Socchi Olympics after some controversial judging decisions,prompting her retirement?

Kim Yuna (Yuna Kim)

2.(Pictured) It is an extreme Winter sporting event,which involves downhill skating in an urban environment.The track includes steep turns and high vertical drops and is similar to ski cross and snowboard cross, except with ice skates and run on an ice track.Currently sponsored by Red Bull,what is the popular two-word name for this sport?

Crashed Ice

3.Madame Despres, Madame Filleaul Brohy and Mademoiselle Ohnier were the first women to compete at an Olympic Games,doing so in 1900. In which sport,(not currently an Olympic sport),did they compete?


1. It is one of the most educated cities in the state of California , with nearly 70% of its residents having earned an advanced degree.Which affluent area of California and part of San Mateo County,is the current home (of the headquarters) of Facebook?

Menlo Park

2. (Pictured) Located in Northern India it serves as the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana and was also the first planned city in India.Primarily planned by the Swiss architect,Le Corbusier, it also featured contributions from his cousin,Pierre Jeanneret as well as the husband and wife team of Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry.What is the name of this city?


3.Formerly known as the Chadda River,it rises in the Adamawa Plateau and meets the river Niger at Lokoja. At over 1000km in length,what is the name of the longest tributary of the Niger River,which has a namesake National Park in Cameroon?

Benue (Benoue) River


1.(Pictured) It is used so that a woman will hide her face from all men that are senior to her husband,with the aim of limiting a woman's interaction with older men.Sometimes made from the end of the sari or from a long scarf,which Hindi term is used to describe this type of veil?

Ghoonghat or Gunghat

2.Along with Heliotrope,it is one of the traditional birthstones for March.It can be found in several colours,but red is the most common.Used in the production of vases and seals,it thought to have been very popular in the ancient world.What is the name of this opaque rock,(that can also be a male Christian name)?


3. (Pictured) Born in 1970,he is an American fashion model, actor and presenter of the TV show,'Make Me a Supermodel'. He has also appeared in a number of pop videos,most famously in the 2003 Britney Spears video,Toxic'.What is this man's name?

Tyson Beckford

1.Born in 1926,which famous Pulitzer Prize-winning author,has been portrayed on screen by Catherine Keener in the film Capote (2005), by Sandra Bullock in the film 'Infamous' (2006), and by Tracey Hoyt in the TV movie 'Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story' (1998)?

Harper Lee

2.In 1998,Gus van Sant produced and directed a remake of the classic 1960 Hitchcock film,'Psycho'. Which American actor,usually associated with comedy roles,was chosen to play the protagonist,Norman Bates,originally portrayed by Anthony Perkins?

Vince Vaughn

3. (Pictured) Created by sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962,he is an anti-hero fictional character,featured in Italian comics. He is a master thief that typically steals from other criminals and is assisted by his partner,Eva Kant.He is also constantly pursued by his nemesis,Inspector Ginko. What is the name of this comic book character,whose look was inspired by the American actor,Robert Taylor?


1.It was one of three quarks first postulated in 1964 by Murray Gell-Mann and George Zweig, to explain the Eightfold Way classification scheme of hadrons, and was first observed at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre in 1968. With a bare mass of  between 1.8 and 3.0 MeV/c2,which is the lightest of the six quarks?


2.In January 2014,scientists from the European Space Agency and other institutions detected the presence of water vapour on which dwarf planet?


3. (Pictured) It is a species of goose endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and is also the official Hawaiian state bird. It is also the world's rarest goose,with a population of around 2500.Sharing its name with a river in the East of England,or a Portuguese term of endearment,what is the name of this goose?


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5th World Quizzing Championship Practice

That time again,

Here's the 5th installment of the World Quizzing Championship Practice sets. We are at half-way. I hope you are enjoying them so far.

Some questions are a bit shorter than normal.Whether they are easier are not is another matter.

Normally one picture per genre,but I needed two for the Sport genre this time.

I hope these help.Enjoy...................


1.He currently holds the world record for a piece of work sold at auction by a living artist,when his 'Balloon Dog (Orange)' sculpture sold for $55 million,in 2013.His other famous works include 'Puppy', located (pictured) outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao,'Kiepenkerl,' in Washington DC and the seventeenth,(and perhaps best known),of the BMW 'art cars' (pictured).What is the name of this contemporary American artist?

Jeff Koons

2. Featuring his best known  poem,'Terje Vigen',which 19th century European writer,published his only collection of poetry in 1871,entitled 'Digte'?

Henrik Ibsen

3. In which Australian city,are the important institutions,the National Gallery,the National Library,the National Museum and the Royal  Australian Mint,all located?


1. Thought to be the origin of social contract theory,what is the name of the noted work,named after a biblical sea monster,that was written by the 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes?


2.Which 15th century French explorer was the first European to describe and map the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the shores of the Saint Lawrence river,which he named 'The Country of Canadas'?

Jacques Cartier

3.(Pictured) She is commonly depicted as a cow goddess with horns,and within those horns,is set a sun disk. .Which important Egyptian goddess of love,music,joy and dancing was identified by the Greeks with Aphrodite and by the Romans with Venus?


1.In terms of  digital download single sales,nine of the top ten best selling all-female  groups are from South Korea. Which American female group stops this top ten clean sweep,by being listed in third place?

Pussycat Dolls

2.Used to accompany the Catalan folk dance known as a Sardana, what is the name of the traditional music ensemble of Catalonia, that consists of 11 members?


3. (Pictured) Also known for playing the role of Andy Dwyer in the US TV show 'Parks and Recreation',which actor provided the voice for the protagonist,'Emmet Brickowski',in the 2014 film,'The Lego Movie'?

Chris Pratt

Sports and Games
1.In the US,it is known as 'The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports'. On which racecourse is the annual Kentucky Derby horse race run?

Churchill Downs

2.The American golfer,David Duval, is one of only three men to have hit a '59' round on the US PGA Main Tour,in its history. The second (left) is a three time 'major' runner-up,who scored 59 in 1991 and the third (right) is the 1966 US Open Champion,who achieved his '59' in 1977? Name either of these golfers (Pictured)?

Chip Beck and Al Geiberger

3. (Pictured) The game involved players competing in a series of events using cards,dice and flicking a small plastic yellow disc against a taut elastic band.What is the name of this board game,which is named after a famous 1970s sporting icon?

Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game

1.In which autonomous region of Spain will you find the provinces of Burgos, Salamanca and Valladolid?

Castile and Leon

2.(Pictured) Considered by some to be the true inventor of the variable resistance telephone,which 19th century American engineer ,(and founder of Western Electric Manufacturing Company) lost out to Alexander Graham Bell in obtaining the patent for the telephone?

Elisha Gray

3. Literally meaning 'seal pup bay',it is located immediately south of Reykjavik.With a population of around 30,000,what is Iceland's second largest municipality?



1.(Pictured) She competed at the 1968 US Championships for figure skating,but did not make the Olympic squad.After this she went into fashion,where she became a senior fashion editor at Vogue for sixteen years.She opened her own label in 1990 and is now world renowned for her bridal gowns,including those worn by Alicia Keys,Victoria  Beckham and Avril Lavigne.Who is this American designer of Chinese parentage?

Vera Wang

2.Founded in 1979 by Curtis Sliwa,it started as an organisation to combat widespread violence and crime on the New York City Subways.It has now spread across the world,also providing education workshops for schools and businesses.What is the name of this organisation,easily recognisable by the red beret worn by its members?

Guardian Angels

3.Erode, a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the world's largest producer of which plant,used as a spice and commonly known as 'haldi' in India?



1.Based on the Uncle Remus cycle of stories by Joel Chandler,this 1946 Disney film features both animation and live action.Perhaps best known for its Academy Award winning song 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah',what is the name of this film,set in America,during the late 19th century?

Song of The South

2.This comic book superhero has the alter-ego Clint Barton and was played on screen by Jeremy Renner in the 2012 film 'The Avengers'.What is the name of this character,who may also be familiar to tennis referees ?


3.First appearing in the 'Peanuts' comic strip in 1972,what is the name of the younger brother of Linus and Lucy Van Pelt?


1.Derived from the Greek word meaning 'both',what term,used in chemistry,describes a molecule or ion that is capable of reacting as an acid as well as a base?


2. (Pictured) A pioneer in the fields of radioactivity and radiochemistry,which German chemist and Nobel Laureate,is credited with the discovery of nuclear fission,by a process of bombarding uranium atoms with neutrons?

Otto Hahn

3.Scientifically defined as its 'mass per unit volume',which Greek alphabetic letter is most often used to represent 'density'?


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Competition Winner

Congratulations to Clive Dunning (UK) on winning the latest competition to win the Chambers Biographical Dictionary.

The correct answer was James Madison.

Should have another prize soon,so keep looking out 

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4th World Quizzing Championships Practice

Here is the next installment of the WQC Practice sets. I hope you are enjoying them.

Also,just as a reminder,you only have a few hours to enter the competition to win a biographical dictionary. Details are in the previous post.(Closes midnight 13th April UK time)

Back to the set.Enjoy....................


1. (Pictured) Completed in 1754,this painting entitled 'Old Walton Bridge',shows two prominent figures to the left-centre. Furthest left (and wearing a yellow coat) is Thomas Hollis,the man who commissioned the work.Standing next to him,immediately to his right,is the artist that painted the work.What is the artist's name?

Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal)

2. In Norse Mythology,it is a place where the survivors of Ragnarok are foretold to live.Mentioned in the Prose Edda and Voluspa,it is described as the 'most beautiful place on Earth, more beautiful than the Sun'. Beginning with the letter 'G',what is the name of this place?

Gimle (Gimli)

3. Although he was Romanian,he mostly wrote in French.He was one of the leading figures of French Avant-garde theatre and the 'Theatre of The Absurd' genre.His plays include 'The Killer','Rhinoceros' and 'Macbett' ,(an adaptation of Macbeth),and his only novel was 'The Hermit',published in 1975. What is this name of this influential writer,who died in 1994?

Eugene Ionesco

1.During his lifetime,Zhu Di,later known as the Yongle Emperor,was responsible for the creation of The Forbidden City,The Porcelain Tower of Nanjing and the repair and re-opening of the (Chinese) Grand Canal. In which century did he live and reign?

15th Century

2.He was the son in-law of Cyrus The Great and successor to Bardiya. Ruling between 522 BCE and 486BCE,it is considered that he ruled the Persian Empire during its peak.During his reign he conquered Thrace and Macedon and also began massive construction projects in Persepolis, Babylon and Egypt.What is the name of this Persian ruler,who is also mentioned in several books of the Old Testament?

Darius I

3.(Pictured) A former teacher and lawyer,he was an avid supporter of Mahatma Gandhi.In 1934,he became the President of the Indian National Congress,but was later imprisoned for three years by the British between 1942 and 1945. In 1946 he became a member of the Indian interim government under Jawaharlal Nehru and in 1950 made history,when he became the first President of the Republic of India.What is the name of this man who served in this historic role between 1950 and 1962?

Rajendra Prasad


1.(Pictured) This woman is an American screenwriter,actress and former partner of Martin Scorcese. During her acting career she has appeared in four Scorcese films,most notably Cape Fear (1991) .She also has an acclaimed acting grandfather who won Best Supporting Actor Academy Awards,for the films 'Hud' (1963) and 'Being There' (1979).What surname is shared by this grandfather and granddaughter?

Douglas (Illeana and Melvyn respectively)

2.In 1913,the first performance of Igor Stravinsky's ballet 'The Rite of Spring' became infamous as it provoked a full scale riot. In which Paris theatre did this performance take place,and ensuing riot,begin?

Theatre des Champs Elysees

3.An alternative hip-hop group,they were founded by rappers Speech and Headliner.They found global success in 1992 with hit singles such as 'People Everyday' and 'Mr Wendel', and their album,'3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...' was equally successful. Since then they have released material,but much less successful. What is the name of this group,who share their name with a US TV show starring Jason Bateman?

Arrested Development

Sports and Games

1.(Pictured) It opened as New Meadowlands Stadium in 2010 and changed its name in 2011. It cost approximately $1.6 billion to construct,making it the most expensive stadium ever built and is the largest stadium in the NFL, in terms of permanent seating capacity.It is also home to the New York Giants and New York Jets and played host to the 2014 Superbowl.What is the name of this stadium,which takes its current name from a New York based insurance company?

Met Life Stadium

2.One of the lower ranked sides,they have only made one appearance at the African Cup Of  Nations tournament,doing so in 1974.Which African national football team has the nickname 'Club M',but has also been known as 'Les Dodos'?


3.John Madden is known globally as a sports commentator and,more famously,the name used on one of the most successful sports simulations ever published. He was also the Head Coach of which NFL team that won the 1976 Superbowl (Superbowl XI)?

Oakland Raiders

1.Emi Koussi is a shield volcano that lies at the south end of the Tibesti Mountains. It is noted as it is the highest peak in the Sahara,as well as being the highest peak of which African country?


2.Located in south eastern Mexico,its most famous city is the tourist resort of Cancun and its capital is Chetumal. Admitted to the Mexican Federation in 1974,which is the youngest Mexican state?

Quintana Roo

3.(Pictured) A division of General Motors,Chevrolet,has its branded vehicles represented in automative markets around most of the globe. One notable exception is in Oceania,where General Motors uses an  Australian subsidiary.What is the name of this subsidiary,whose best known models include the Camira,Commodore and Monaro?



1.(Pictured) Perhaps most famously associated with Napoleon Bonaparte,it was common dress code for many officers and generals during the Napoleonic period. What is the name of this headdress,which is still used today,by the horseman of the Spanish riding School in Vienna?


2.Located on the island of Kailo near the city of Turku,this popular children's theme park does not have rides,but does have many activities and fantasy paths.Some of the features include 'The Hattifatteners' Cave','The Groke's House' and 'Snufkin's Camp'. Particularly popular with Scandinavians, what is the two-word name of this park?

Moomin World

3.In 2007,she became the first ever Australian to be named a Victoria's Secret' Angel'. She has regularly appeared in the Forbes' lists for highest paid models and has appeared in campaigns for large companies such as Reebok,Qantas and H&M.She was also the first pregnant model to shoot for Vogue.What is the name of this woman,who married the actor Orlando Bloom in 2010,but separated in 2013?

Miranda Kerr

1.In 2013,the film 'Blue Is The Warmest Colour',won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes film festival. The film is based on a graphic novel of the same name,that tells a love story between two young women in France,at the end of the 1990s.What is the name of the author of this novel?

Julie Maroh

2.(Pictured) Billy Dee Williams portrayed him in 'Batman' (1989), Tommy Lee Jones reprised the role in 'Batman Forever' (1995) and Aaron Eckhart performed the role in 'The Dark Knight' (2008).What is the name of this supervillain enemy of Batman,whose alter ego is Harvey Dent and was based on a  Robert Louis Stevenson character?


3.At the time,it was the most expensive Japanese film ever made.This 1985 film tells the story of Hidetora, a fictional 16th century Japanese warlord, who attempts to divide his kingdom among his three sons.What is the three letter title of this film,which was directed by Akira Kurosawa and based on the Shakepeare play,'King Lear'?



1.(Pictured) Occasionally known as the Alaskan grizzly,they are one of the largest bear species.They are diurnal and noted for their salmon hunting ability,but are hunted themselves, in Alaska, by humans.Named after the Alaskan archipelago in which they live,what is the common name for this bear?

Kodiak Bear

2.A student and former personal assistant of Marie Curie,she was the first woman to be elected to the French Academie des Sciences,doing so in 1962.What is the name of this scientist,who was also responsible for the discovery of the chemical element Francium?

Marguerite Perey

3.Sometimes known as g-strophanthin,it is found in the ripe seeds of the Strophanthus gratus  plant.In France and Germany it has been used to treat heart failure,whilst in Somalia,it has been used by tribesman for hunting.What is the name of this toxic substance,which is taken from the Somali word for 'arrow poison'?


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3rd World Quizzing Championship Practice ..... and another Prize Competition

Here is my next installment in my World Quiz Championship practice sets.

It is possibly (or not) a little easier than the previous two.

Also,I have another copy of the Chamber's Biographical Dictionary  - which is a great reference book for both quizzing and general interest.

If you want a chance to win,just answer this question.

Can you name which US President would appear next alphabetically after Abraham Lincoln in the book?

Send your answers to

Answers to be received by Midnight UK time Sunday 13th April  and my decision will be final.Good Luck!

Back to the quiz. I hope you enjoy...........................

1.One of the great Athenian comic playwrights,he has works that are still in tact today,providing rare examples of the 'Old comedy' genre of Ancient Greece.With famous works including 'The Clouds','The Wasps' and 'The Frogs,what is the name of this Greek writer who was a contemporary of Plato and lived between 427BC and 386BC?


2.In 1979 he was sent to prison as one of the leaders of The Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Prosecuted (VONS) and was released in 1983. Whilst in prison he wrote a series of letters to his wife,that were later published under the title 'Letters to Olga'. What was the name of the playwright and future European President that wrote these letters?

Vaclev Havel

3.(Pictured) The Thaana (or Tana) alphabet,became more prominent during the 18th century,succeeding the Dhives Akuru alphabet.With letters including shaviyani,baa and yaanu,in which Asian country is the Thaana alphabet almost exclusively used?


1.Located in the province of Guria,the Gurian Republic was an insurrection that took place to prior and during the Russian Revolution of 1905. The uprising followed the  peasants' boycott of all government services,who then appointed their own government and fought fiercely against Tsarist officers. It has also been thought of as the first Marxist national-liberation movement.Eventually,in 1906,under General Krilov,the revolt was crushed and taken back under Russian rule.In which modern day country is Guria located?


2.Known as 'the amorous',he served as the King of The Franks,under the House of Capet,between 1060 and 1108. His reign was unusual as his mother,Anne of Kiev,served as regent and he was ex-communicated twice.What is the name of this French King who succeeded Henry I and preceded Louis VI? (Regal number needed)

Philip I

3.(Pictured) The crusaders first encountered them as part of the Byzantine army and were soon recruited.Taken from the Greek meaning 'sons of Turks', what name was given to these mounted archer soldiers, employed  by the Christian states of the Eastern Mediterranean through much of the Middle Ages?



1.(Pictured) He is regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of ska and rocksteady music and is also credited as a major influence in reggae.Perhaps,his most recognisable single is 'Oh Carolina' (famously covered by Shaggy in 1993),released in 1961,but his biggest hit in the UK was 'Al Capone' in 1967.Also having a 1979 single by the group Madness named in his honour,by what stage name is Cecil Bustamente Campbell better known?

Prince Buster

2.A German composer,he originally worked and performed at the Habsburg court in Vienna.He later moved to Paris and is credited with revolutionising 18th century French opera,but returned to Vienna in disgust,after the poor reception of his opera 'Echo et Narcisse'. What is the name of this composer,whose more famous operatic works include 'Orfeo ed Euridice'(1762) and 'Alceste' (1767)?

Christoph Gluck

3.In 1994 he composed an interval piece at the Eurovision Song Contest.The piece was accompanied by traditional Irish dancers and spawned the global phenomenon that is 'Riverdance'. What is the name of the Irish musician and composer who wrote this original seven-minute piece?

Bill Whelan

Sport and Games
1.Doing so in 1904,which US city, was the first city outside of Europe to host an Olympic Games?

St Louis

2.At the 1992 Summer Olympics,it was a demonstration sport. Its World Championship has been dominated by Latin teams,with Spain being,by far,the most successful.What is the name of this team sport,which also see's Spain top league,made up almost exclusively with teams from Catalonia?

Roller Hockey / Rink Hockey

3.(Pictured) Since turning pro in 1994, he has won a total of twenty professional golf tournaments worldwide, including eight on the US PGA Tour and making him Asia's most successful golfer. He also won the 2011 Players Championship,competed in three President Cup tournaments and has spent over 40 weeks in the top 10 World rankings.What is the  name of this top Korean golfer?

KJ Choi

1.Located in Colorado,what is the name of the second highest peak of the contiguous United States and the highest peak in the rocky Mountains?

Mount Elbert

2.(Pictured) This small nocturnal fox is the smallest species of canid in the world and is found in the Sahara region of North Africa. It mainly eats insects, small mammals, and birds and its hearing is sensitive enough to hear prey moving underground.What is the name of this type of fox,which serves as the national animal of Algeria and is also the nickname for the Algerian national football team?

Fennec Fox

3.The National University of San Marcos was established in 1551 by a royal decree,signed by the Holy Roman Emperor,Charles V.This officially makes the university is the oldest in the Americas. It is also the only university in the country,with a Nobel Prize laureate (winning in 2010),among its alumni.In which South American country is this university located?



1.(Pictured)With sites in Spain,France and Portugal,Aqualand is the largest chain of water amusement parks in Europe. One site,in particular is world renowned for its 'Magic Tap' sculpture,which creates the illusion that it is floating .In which Andalusian city is this remarkable sculpture found?


2.Their main function is to help provide immune response in the area.In the human body,which segment of the small intestine,can the lymphoid tissue known as Peyer's patches be found?


3.The presenter of America's Got Talent since 2009,he first gained fame appearing on the US TV sketch show 'All That' and later appeared on the improvisation show 'Wild 'n Out'. He is,perhaps,best known as the husband of Mariah Carey since 2008.What is his name?

Nick Cannon

1.The 1986 film,'At Close Range',saw two famous acting brothers make their only appearance together in a feature film. The oldest of the brothers is a multi-Academy Award winning actor and the younger brother  appeared in two Tarantino films,(as well as appearing in many other films),but sadly died in 2006. What is their family name?

Penn (Sean and Chris)

2.Founded in 1825,the Diario Oficial El Peruano,is the oldest newspaper,(still in existence),in Latin America and the official daily newspaper of Peru. In addition to carrying news, all laws passed in Peru must be published by the newspaper.Which historic Latin American figure founded this newspaper?

Simon Bolivar

3.(Pictured) He played James T Kirk in the 2009 film 'Star Trek' and its 2013 sequel (Star Trek Into Darkness) .In 2012,he played Jack Frost in the animated film 'Rise Of The Guardians and in 2014 played the role of Jack Ryan in the film,'Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit'.What is the name of this American actor?

Chris Pine

1.Sharing its name with a Titaness and first great spouse of Zeus,its name also means 'skill' or 'craft' in the Greek language.Which moon is located nearest to the planet Jupiter?


2.Used to describe two-dimensional angular spans in three-dimensional space,it uses the symbol 'sr'.What is the SI unit of solid angle?


3.(Pictured) Which scientific law,named after the co-founder of Intel,is the observation that over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits, doubles approximately every two years?

Moore's Law

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

2nd World Quizzing Championship Practice

Here is the second installment of my World Quizzing Championship practice sets.

Hopefully,these will keep you occupied for a while.

Also, I would just like to thank all of those people who read and support this site. I had record numbers of visitors last month which is nice to know,so thank-you very much. I'll try to keep up the good work!

Anyway Enjoy..............

1.In Greek mythology,a Golden Apple was thrown into the air at Zeus' party.The three goddesses that caught it,(Aphrodite,Hera and Athena),then asked Paris to choose which of them was most beautiful.When Paris chose Aphrodite,she made Helen of Troy fall in love with him and so began the Trojan War (in simple terms). Which goddess of discord,who shares her name with a dwarf planet,threw the Golden Apple that started these events? Eris

2.(Pictured) One of his typical pieces was the 1905 work 'Le sechage des voiles (The Drying Sails)'. Which French artist and sculptor is credited,along with Henri Matisee,as the co-founder of the Fauvist art movement?

Andre Derain

3.In Japanese the name means 'heavenly dog',but the creature actually takes the form of part bird,part human. It is considered a type of Shinto god and is found in Japanese folk religion.Although once thought of as a demon,it is more often seen as a protective spirit of the mountains. Associated with a distinctive long nose (or beak),what is the name of this figure,which has a popular mask created in its honour?


1.The Sigurimi,was a secret police formed in 1943 and instrumental in the appointment of Enver Hoxha as the country's communist leader between 1944 and 1985. In 1991, it was replaced by the National Informative Service (SHIK) which,in turn,became SHISH.In which modern day European country were these government agencies formed?

Albania   (modern as Albania was formerly known as the  Socialist People's Republic of Albania)

2.Whilst working at the Benatky nad Jizerou observatory in Prague,Johannes Kepler was able to use his boss' (usually secretive) astronomical data,to develop his three laws of planetary motion.What was the name of the famous astronomer for whom Kepler worked as an assistant between 1600 and 1601?

Tycho Brahe

3.(Pictured) Reigning between 1916 and 1918,he was the last monarch of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine. He was also the last Emperor of Austria,the last King of Hungary and the last King of Bohemia.In addition to this,he was beatified in 2004 by Pope John Paul II. What is the (first) name of this notable European King? (regnal number not needed)

Charles (or Karel -Charles I of Austria,IV of Hungary,III of Bohemia)

1.His father was a violinist and founding conductor of the Bombay Symphony Orchestra.Between 1962 and 1978 he was named Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra.He then followed this up as Principal conductor and Musical Director at the New York Philharmonic between 1978 and 1991.Today,he is the Music Director for Life of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the main conductor for Valencia's opera house.What is the name of this Indian conductor,who famously conducted the orchestras at the first 'Three Tenors' concert in Rome,in 1990?

Zubin Mehta

2.Running since 1989,The Kids Choice Awards is a major US awards ceremony that celebrates and honours American childrens' favourite celebrities and shows.Rather than envelopes, awards are announced via objects such as balloons,stickers,models and T-shirts.The ceremony also leads into a special presentation that promotes a newly premiering or existing series - the network's equivalent to the post-Super Bowl time slot.Perhaps its most prestigious moment,is the 'sliming' of a celebrity,where a celebrity (or celebrities) are traditionally covered in slime as a badge of honour.Which children's TV network is responsible for this ceremony,which is shown around the world?


3.(Pictured) It is an office building located at 1619 Broadway on 49th Street, just north of Times Square.At its most powerful,it was home to many music publishers and songwriters.Writers included Burt Bacharach,Carole King,Neil Sedaka,Neil Diamond and Marvin Mamlisch (and a whole host of household names).What is the name of this influential building,which was named after a local haberdasher andgave its name to a particular style of mainstream American music during the 1950s and 1960s?

Brill Building

1.Brazil have won five of the seven World Cups so far and Spain have won the other two.Played on an indoor pitch and featuring five players per team,what is the name of the variation of association football,whose name is derived from the Portuguese 'futebol de salao'?


2.(Pictured) First released in 1995,it was published by Ubisoft and created by Michel Ancel.It has spawned sequels such as 'The Great Escape' and 'Hoodlum Havoc' as well as side projects such as 'Raving Rabbids' and 'Golf'.He is typically found wearing white gloves and red neckerchief on a purple shirt and he is able to launch long range punches at his enemies. His companions include characters such as Globox and Barbara. What is the name of this very successful game franchise,that shares its name with its title character? 


3.In 2013,Glasgow Celtic came from a  a two-goal deficit to beat Shakhter Karagandy 3-0 in a play-off round second leg match and qualify for the prestigious UEFA Champions League Group stages.Celtic's manager,Neil Lennon,described it as 'the greatest thing I've ever done in football'. Had Shakhter Karagandy qualified,they would have been the first team from which modern day country to reach the Group Stages of the competition?


1.Since the first United States census in 1790,New York city has been named the largest city in the United States in terms of population on all 23 censuses.Which city has featured at number two on the list on most occasions,doing so on 10 of the 23 censuses taken?


2.It is the second biggest Pomeranian island after Rugen and is located in the Pomeranian Bay in the Baltic Sea. The island is particularly popular with German visitors,as it has has higher than average sunshine hours and is well known for its beaches,natural beauty, and elegant seaside towns such as Zinnowitz and Heringsdorf. It is also home to the world's longest beach promenade.What is the name of this popular island?


3.(Pictured) Signal de Botrange is the highest point in Belgium and is located in the High In 1923 a six metre high  tower was built on the summit to allow visitors to reach an altitude of 700 m. In which Belgian province,the country's second largest in area,is this high point located?


1.Currently there are three African countries which use daylight saving time. Morocco and Libya are two and both use it between March and October.Which southern African nation is the other,whose saving time period lasts between the first Sunday in September to the first Sunday in April?


2.(Pictured) Evolving from the Chamberlin and similar to a modern sampler or synthesizer,this instrument works by pulling a section of magnetic tape across a head,with different portions of the tape played to access different sounds.It became a favourite of band leaders and progressive rock bands  and was also used by the BBC Radiophonic workshop.Although surpassed by more modern synthesizers,what is the name of this musical instrument,famously used by Paul McCartney on the Beatles' single 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and also by Oasis to create the cello sound on their 1995 single 'Wonderwall'


3.Founded in 2003,they are an automobile manufacturer that specialises in electric cars and components.In 2006 they created the world's first fully electric sports car,the 'Roadster' and in 2013,the Model S,became the top selling new car in Norway,becoming the first electric car to top the sales ranking in any country.What is the name of this automobile manufacturer,which takes its name from a 19th/20th century electrical engineer and physicist? 

Tesla (Motors)

1.Awarded since 1962,the Grand Bell Awards are this country's equivalent to the Academy Awards.In November 2013,the 50th ceremony saw the films 'The Face Reader'and 'Miracle In Cell No7' take most of the 'big' awards and Han Jae-rim given Best Director.In which Asian country are these prestigious film awards given?

South Korea

2.(Pictured) The original series was created by Hanna-Barbera and ran between 1966-1968.(The series also featured another unrelated show caled 'Dino Boy in the Lost Valley).He was a superhero who, with his sidekick teen helpers Jan, Jace, and Blip the monkey, fought supervillains such as Moltar, Zorak and Black Widow in outer space. Brought back in various guises since,what is the name of this superhero character,originally voiced  by Gary Owens,the announcer from the US TV show 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In'?

Space Ghost

3.First published in 1782,the French epistolary novel,'Les Liaisons dangereuses' has been adapted for screen and stage on many occasions,often under its English name 'Dangerous Liaisons'. What is the name of the author of this novel,who also served as a Brigadier General in the Army of the Rhine?

Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

1.It lasted between 22 and 66 million years ago and comprised the first part of the Cenozoic Era.It is  most notable as being the time in which mammals evolved from relatively small, simple forms into a large group of diverse animals.It also saw the formation of the Mediterranean Sea and plant areas,known today,as prairies and savannahs.What is the name of this geologic period,which preceded the Cretaceous period and followed the Neogene period?


2.It is an electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle passes through a dielectric medium at a speed greater than the phase velocity of light in that medium.Examples include the blue glow of an underwater nuclear reactor. The 1958 Nobel Prize for physics saw the eponymous scientist,that first detected it,awarded the prize,as well as the two scientists who developed the theory behind it and gave it its name. What is the name of this type of radiation,which shares its name with one of Spartak Moscow's greatest-ever players?

Cherenkov Radiation

3.(Pictured) The term used actually refers to any of a group of chemically similar hormones,but is almost always associated with women. In women they are best known for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as breasts, and are also involved in the thickening of the endometrium as well as assisting with the regulating the menstrual cycle. They are also used,(partly) in oral contraception and used to help prevent osteoporosis during Hormone Replacement Therapy.What is the name of this group of compounds?