Thursday, 27 March 2014

WQC Practice Quiz 1

Here is the first in my series of 10 World Quizzing Championship practice sets.

I have 3 questions per category,.Some categories may overlap a little,but I have tried to keep this as realistic as I can.(For example Media and Entertainment can be quite closely related).

The aim of this,is that after 10 quizzes (roughly one per week),you would have completed a 'mock World Championship'.

I will,of course, have other quizzes in between these,such as the five category quiz and quiz league style sets.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first set.....................

1.Although its population is just under 1000,the town of Eldon,Iowa,is still very significant in the world of art,as it is the site and inspiration of which famous 1930 painting?

American Gothic

2.(Pictured)Located in Hobart,it was built in 1845 and stands in the garden of former convict Judah Solomon.It has a seating capacity of 150 people and also features hard benches at the back of the building, for the convicts,who were once marched in under armed guard.Still in use today,it is Australia's oldest example of which type of building?


3.Following the release of documents in January 2014,the 1963 Nobel Prize for Literature saw names such as Samuel Beckett,Vladimir Nabakov and Pablo Neruda all overlooked, in favour of giving the award to which Greek poet,the country's first recipient of the Prize?

Giorgos Seferis


1.Its war of independence lasted between 1961 and 1974 and was formally ended following the signing of the Alvor Agreement. What name was given to the newly formed African state,that saw the MPLA leader,Agostinho Neto (pictured),as its first President?


2.Discovered in 1903 by the Spanish archaeologist,Hermilio Alcalde del Rio,the 'Cueva de El Castillo' (Cave of the Castle),is the home to the world's oldest known cave art. In which Spanish autonomous community is it found?


3.The original Iroquois League, based in present day  New York, was also known as the Five Nations, as it was composed of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations. In 1720,which tribe from North Carolina joined this league to make it the Six Nations - their name means 'hemp gatherer'?



1.She first gained prominence for her lead roles in teen films such as 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) and Down to You (2000).Between 2002 and 2007,she played the character Nicky Parsons in the Bourne film series. Her most high profile role since then,was the supporting role of Veronica in the 2012 film 'Silver Linings Playbook'.What is the name of this actress?

Julia Stiles

2.The American rapper known as Macklemore had a particularly successful 2013 and 2014. His album,'The Heist',was number one in many countries and spawned several global number one singles,such as 'Can't Hold Us'. This brought him much acclaim and he won many awards,including the 2014 Grammy Award for Best New Artist.That being said,he is actually part of a duo and nearly all of these records and awards are co-credited.What is the name of the American producer and DJ that shares this credit?

Ryan Lewis

3.He released his first album 'Djam Leelii' in 1989 and since then has released nearly twenty more,including the 1998 release 'Nomad',which featured some Brian Eno-produced tracks.He has two tracks featured on the 'Black Hawk Down' film soundtrack and provided the title track of the 2008 video game 'Far Cry 2'.What is the name of this man,who sings mainly in the Pulaar language and is generally regarded as Senegal's most famous musician after Youssou N'Dour?

Baaba Maal

Sport and Games

1.He ranked at number one on two occasions in 1996 and also won the Men's singles title at the 1995 French Open.What is the name of this Austrian tennis player,who was sometimes referred to as 'The King of Clay'?

Thomas Muster

2.Won by Christophe Riblon in 2013,it has also seen Eddy Merckx win it on the most occasions. The award has been running since 1952 and instead of a coloured jersey,the leader is denoted by a white race number on a red background instead of the usual black on white.What is the name of this award given at the Tour de France,which is decided by a jury of eight specialists and is worth around 20,000 Euros?

Combativity Award

3.He is often described as the greatest Ecuadorian football player of all-time.He spent most of his career (over 500 games) at Penarol,but finished his career at Barcelona.He also made full international appearances for both Ecuador and Uruguay. Known as 'Cabeza Magica' (magic head),what is the name of this legendary player,who is still the all-time top goalscorer in the Copa Libertadores?

Alberto Spencer

1.The Kornati archipelago,(sometimes known as the Stomorski islands), is made up of 140 islands, in a sea area of about 320 square kilometres.This area has no permanent settlements and a large part of it is now a National Park. Located in Europe,to which country does this archipelago belong?


2.He was an Ethiopian musician credited with inventing the sacred music tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Ethiopia's system of musical notation. He is also responsible for creating the traditional Ethiopian chant,the Zema,which is still performed today.What is the name of this semi-legendary musical saint,that lived between 505 and 571AD  and has a feast day of 11 Genbo (May 19th)?

Saint Yared

3.Although its presence was suspected several decades earlier,it was eventually confirmed by analysis of earthquake waves from the Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960.Forming part of the upper mantle,it is found just below the lithosphere and is involved in plate tectonic movement.What is the name of this layer,which takes part of its name from the Greek for 'weak'?


1.Between 2000 and 2007,the  actress,(and daughter of Goldie Hawn),Kate Hudson was married to which singer and musician,best known as the front man of the American rock band,The Black Crowes?

Chris Robinson

2.It was founded in 1924 by a former British soldier in Alexandria,Egypt. Originally,it was set up as a railway provision merchant,but expanded to a grocery firm,importing British Empire goods to the Mandate Palestine.It has since expanded across the Middle East,but is best known to shoppers in Dubai,as there are currently 21 stores throughout the state. What is the name of this high-end supermarket?


3.Known as 'Ko' by local people,the The Konigsallee,is an upmarket shopping area,containing luxury fashion brands and retail stores such as Cartier,Gucci and Tiffany & Co. The area is also noted for its landscaped canal that runs through it. In which German city,the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia,is this affluent area located?


1.Born as Charles Joel Nordstrom,he is a Swedish actor,who became well known for his leading role in the 2010 film 'Easy Money'. In 2011,he starred in the US version of the TV series 'The Killing',where he played the role of Stephen Holder. In 2014,he played his first Hollywood leading role,when he portrayed the protagonist in the 2014 remake of 'Robocop'. By what English name is this actor best known?

Joel Kinnaman

2.First released in 1994,it is a series of racing video games published by Electronic Arts.It has also produced several sequels including 'Hot Pursuit','Underground' and 'Most Wanted'. In 2014,the game was adapted for the big screen,with Aaron Paul playing the lead role as a mechanic and street racer,framed by a wealthy business associate.What is the three-word title of this game/film?

Need For Speed

3.One of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature,it was first published in the 16th century.The story tells of a Buddhist monk who travels to the area now known as India, to obtain sacred texts,returning after many suffering trials.What is the title of this work,which later saw Arthur Waley write a 1942 abridged translation,usually known by the title, 'Monkey'?

Journey to The West

1.One of the common apparatus used in this study is the Chladni Plate,where the surface of the plate shows visible vibrations and displacements,by using a thin layer of paste or liquid.Derived from the Greek for 'wave',what is the name of this study of visible sound and vibration,first described by the 20th century physician,Hans Jenny?


2.The name is used for any of the various mined and manufactured salts that contain potassium in water soluble form. The most common of these compounds is potassium chloride and the most common use is for fertiliser. Derived from the white residue left after evaporation,what is the name given to this mined salt,which sees Canada currently producing the most,per year?


3.Regarded as the founder of modern bacteriology, he is recognised for his role in identifying the specific causative agents of tuberculosis, cholera, and anthrax.He is also noted for his experimental support for the concept of infectious disease.What is the name of this German physician,who won the 1905 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology?

Robert Koch