Sunday, 23 March 2014

64 Questions,News about my WQC practice sets and Competition winner

A few things to mention,so if you want to go straight to the quiz,just scroll down.

Below is a set of 64 questions that I have created as a Quiz League Sample Set. The pairings are scattered among the entire quiz and there are eight questions in eight categories.

I also have this quiz on a pdf sheet,so if you want one for your own purposes,then e-mail me

Similarly if you are a UK Quiz League and interested in me writing some questions,then let me know at the above e-mail address.

For the international readers,there are a few (not many) British specific questions,but this shouldn't spoil the quiz too much.

 From next week,instead of my Main Quiz, I will be writing 24 questions that are similar to World Quiz Championship questions. It will take the form of 8 categories of 3 questions.

I aim to make 10 of these before the World Quiz Championships in June, so in total, you would have had 240 questions,(30 questions in 8 categories). This is the same amount as the actual WQC paper, so you may (or not) get a rough idea of how you may perform. There will still be pictures as part of these quizzes too.

So it is basically my Main Quiz,but a bit more structured.

I will still be writing other quizzes such as my 5 category quizzes and also may throw another Quiz League sample in.

Finally I would like to congratulate Mario Abel (Germany) on winning the Chamber's Biographical Dictionary Prize. He correctly answered that John Adams would appear first of the US Presidents.

Don't worry if you didn't win this time, I should be able to offer another one in a couple of weeks.

Back to the Quiz League Set. Enjoy............................

1a.In a game of 9-Ball pool, what colour stripes appear on the number '9' ball?

Yellow and White

1b.Martin Van Buren is known as the only US President not to have spoken English as his first language. He was born and grew up in the Dutch speaking town of Kinderhook. In which US State is Kinderhook located?

New York

2a.Prior to Pope John Paul II, the last non-Italian Pope was Adrian VI,whose papacy ran between 1522 and 1523.In which modern day European country was he born?


2b.After Paris and Marseille, which is the third largest city in France, in terms of population?


3a.The group is notable for having started the careers of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, but who was the lead singer of the 1960s rock group, The Yardbirds?

Keith Relf

3b.What was the nationality of the 20th century pediatrician, Hans Aspberger, for whom the medical syndrome is named?


4a.Give a year in the life of the Dutch Renaissance humanist and theologian,Desiderius Erasmus?


4b.In the 2012 film 'the Avengers, which American actor played the role of the Incredible Hulk?

Mark Ruffalo

1a.Although Nelson Mandela spent much of his imprisonment on Robben Island, in which prison was he an inmate at the time of his release in 1990?

Victor Verster

1b.In the 1970s/80s US TV sitcom 'Happy Days’, which character was played by the actor Anson Williams? 

Potsie Weber

2a.One of the oldest and largest museums in the world, in which Russian city can the State Hermitage Museum be found?

St Petersburg

2b.Name the Christian names of either of the daughters of Barack and Michelle Obama?

Natasha or Malia Ann

3a.Which Austrian physicist, along with Paul Dirac, won the 1933 Nobel Prize for Physics for their 'discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory'?

Erwin Schrodinger

3b.Which Pacific conflict fought between 1899 and 1902, saw the 1900 Battle of Pulang Lupa?

Philippine-American War

4a.In terms of population, which is the largest of the Ionian islands?


4b.In 1896 a collection of 63 poems entitled 'A Shropshire Lad' was published. What is the name of the English poet that created this collection?

AE Houseman

1a.Named after an American gastroenterologist, which disease, that showed inflammation of the terminal ileum of the small intestine, was 'discovered' at Mount Sinai Hospital in 1932?

Crohn's Disease

1b.Running annually since 1981, the 'Rear of The Year' is a light-hearted award ceremony, but attracts over £4million of publicity. In 2013, two professional dancers from BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing' show won an award each. Name either of them?

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace

2a.The Copa Libetadores is the South American equivalent of the UEFA Champions League. With 22 wins since the competition began in 1960, which country has provided the most winners?


2b.All housed in the Musee d'Orsay, which impressionist painter created works such as 'The Ballet Class’, ‘At The Races' and 'L'Absinthe'?

Edgar Degas

3a.After the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties, which political party (currently), has the fourth most seats in the House of Commons?

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

3b.Which European sea lies immediately south of Genoa and immediately north of Corsica?

Ligurian Sea

4a.Sharing their name with a famous historic fortress, which British band released the number one album 'Bad Blood' in 2013 and later, received four nominations at the 2014 BRIT awards?


4b.In computing the acronym RAM stands for Random Access Memory, but for what does the computing acronym ROM stand?

Read Only Memory

1a.In terms of passenger traffic, which city is home to Germany's busiest airport?


1b.With the chemical formula SiO2, which mineral, located at number 7 on the Mohs scale, is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust?


2a.As of March 2014, Yoweri Museveni is the President of which African nation?


2b.Located close to the Oquirrh Mountains, the Kennecott Smokestack is the the tallest free-standing structure west of the Mississippi River and the fourth tallest smokestack in the world. In which US state is it located?


3a.Which word can be used as the title for an Alfred Hitchcock Film, a 1986 single by Duran Duran or a prefix of a 1990s American rapper?


3b.Since 2000, three golfers have won the (British) Open Golf Championship on more than one occasion. Tiger Woods, is one of these, name either of the other two?

Ernie Els and Padraig Harrington

4a.At the 2014 Academy Award ceremony, Bruce Dern was nominated for Best Actor and June Squibb was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Named after a US state, what was the title of the film in which they both appeared?


4b.Stefan Persson is listed at number 12 on the 2014 Forbes Rich List. He made his fortune as the owner of which multinational retail clothing company?


1a.Which actress and current partner of Ashton Kutcher was voted number one in the annual FHM '100 Sexiest Women in the World' poll?

Mila Kunis

1b.In office for six separate terms and nearly thirty years between 1964 and 1992, Daniel Arap Moi was former President of which African nation?


2a.In electronics the acronym LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, but for what does the acronym LED stand?

Light Emitting Diode

3a.Give a year in the life of the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, considered to be one of the great rationalists of his era?


3a.First published in 1798, the collection of poems known as 'Lyrical Ballads’, marked the beginning of the English Romantic movement in literature. Which poet, along with William Wordsworth created this collection?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

3b.Which city is home to the longest metro rail system in the Netherlands?


4a.Of the 10 most abundant chemical elements in the Earth's crust, only 3 have chemical symbols that do not contain any vowels. Name any one of these chemical elements?


4b.Representing the Whig party, who was the last US President that did not represent or have affiliation to either the Republican or Democratic political parties?

Millard Fillmore

1a.Eight of the tallest nine completed buildings in Canada are all located in Toronto. The Bow is the only building from outside Toronto on the list and is home to the headquarters of the EnCana Corporation, North America's second largest natural gas producer. In which city is it located?


1b.At the 2014 Academy Awards, which film had nominations including Leonardo di Caprio for Best Actor, Jonah Hill for Best Supporting Actor and Martin Scorcese for Best Director?

The Wolf of Wall Street

2a.Famous for his work, ‘The Elephant Celebes’, which German surrealist painter was married to Peggy Guggenheim between 1942 and 1946?

Max Ernst

2b.Which word connects 2000 film starring Jason Biggs, and Mena Suvari, a 1993 single by Beck and a card in Contract Bridge that will never win a trick?


3a.Four of the first six US Presidents were born in Virginia. The other two, John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams, were both born in which US state?


3b. Although the band was named after the drummer, who was the lead singer of the 1960s band, The Dave Clark Five?

Michael Smith

4a.After Madrid and Barcelona, which is the third largest city in Spain, in terms of population?


4b.Having a chemical element named after him, which American chemist won the 1951 Nobel Prize of Chemistry, (along with Edwin McMillan), for ' their discoveries in the chemistry of transuranium elements'? 

Glenn Seaborg

1a.Which 1970s glam rock star played the role of 'Leather Tuscadero', in the 1970s/80s US TV series 'Happy Days'?

Suzi Quatro

1b.The Pergamon Museum is the most visited museum in Germany. In which city is it located?


2a.Formally known as 'Centre Court’, it was given its current name in 1988, in honour of a French Tennis Federation President. What is the name of the Main tennis court used at the French Open?

Philippe Chatrier

2b.In greyhound racing, what colour stripes are worn by the dog running from Trap number 6?

Black and White

3a.Fought in 1700, the Battle of Narva, occurred during which European conflict?

The Great Northern War

3b.Which 20th century Pope, became the first Pope to travel to the United States and Australia and in fact, was the first pope since 1870,to travel outside of Italy?

Paul VI

4a.Located to the north of the Baltic Sea. What is the name of the large Gulf that lies between Sweden and Finland?

Gulf of Bothnia

4b.The notorious international criminal, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, better known as Carlos the Jackal, is currently serving his life imprisonment sentence at a high security prison in which country?

France (Clairvaux Prison)

1a.Jack, James, Donnel and Amy are the names of the children of which 20th century US President?

Jimmy Carter

1b.In terms of both size and population, which is the largest of the Dodecanese islands?


2a.2012 saw one of the most remarkable Ryder Cups in history when Europe came back from a 4 point deficit to win the cup on the final day. On the European team were two players who had appeared in more than 5 Ryder Cups. Name either of them?

Sergio Garcia or Lee Westwood

2b.With 13 wins, which country has provided the most winners of the UEFA European Cup and Champions League since the first competition in 1955?


3a.After which 3-time Grand Slam-winning tennis player, is the Main (and largest) court, at the US Open tennis tournament named?

Arthur Ashe

3b.Gina Rinehart is the richest woman in Australia and one of the richest people in the world .Although an outstanding businesswoman, she inherited much of her wealth from her father Lang Hancock. In which industry was he Australia's leading figure?


4a.In the 2012 film 'The Avengers’, which Superhero was played by the Australian actor Chris Hemsworth? 


4b.Which British singer and songwriter released the 2010 album 'Lights' and followed it up with the 2012 album 'Halcyon’, which finally reached number one in the UK in January 2014?

Ellie Goulding