Monday, 10 February 2014

Sports Quiz Results

Here are the Results of the Sports Quiz. 

Below are the results and some stats.

30 people entered and many more took a copy, so thank-you all for your interest: (i'll e-mail the answers today)

1.Michael McPartland 71
2.Mark Preston 69
3.Didier Bruyere 66
4.Lorcan Duff 65
5=Iain Thoms 62
5=Andy Crane 62
7=Tom Adams 60
7=Nic Paul 60
9.Mark Walton 58
10.Peter Ediss 57
11.Scott Dawson 57
12.Benny Bielstein 56
13.Dave Bill 54
14.David Stainer 49
15.Tom Barnes 47
16.Adrian Chalkley 46
17.Hugh Bennett 45
18.Neil Richardson 42
19=Derek Cray 41
20=Rob Hannah 41
21.Nick Archer 40
22.Dave Bromage 38
23.George Fercozo 37
24=Diane Halligan 35
24=Phil Smith 35
26=Jon Stitcher 31
26=Colm O'Sullivan 31
28.Callum Pickering 29
29.Neil MacAskill 21
30.Nic Mortimer 19

Well done to who scored Michael McPartland who scored 71 pts. 

I also created another Mini League of US Sports (11 Questions). The top 10 look like this:

1=Iain Thoms 11
1=Tom Adams 11
1=Scott Dawson 11
4=Mark Preston 10
4=Didier Bruyere 10
6=Michael McPartland 9
6=Lorcan Duff 9
6=Tom Barnes 9
6=Neil Richardson 9
10=Nic Paul 8
10=George Fercozo 8

Some stats:

Average Overall Score - 47.5

Easiest Questions - Q1, Q2 ,Q5 Q7  all 30 people answered correctly
                              Q4, Q8, Q28          29 people answered correctly
                              Q10                        28 people answered correctly
                              Q11, Q21               27 people answered correctly

Unanswered Questions:  Q78 and Q87 went unanswered

Solo Questions (ie answered by one person only)
Q68  (Rob Hannah)
 Q91 (Benny Bielstein)
 Q100 (Mark Preston)

Next Hardest (answered by 2 people only)
Q55  (Michael McPartland ,Adrian Chalkley)            
Q81 (Tom Adams,Michael McPartland)                                                               
Answered by 3 people only)
Q45 (Lorcan Duff,Benny Bielstein,Andy Crane)
Q66 (Mark Preston,Michael McPartland,Nic Paul)
Q75 (Lorcan Duff,Tom Barnes,Adrian Chalkley)
Q76 (Mark Preston,Benny Bielstein,George Fercozo)

Other notes.
Around half of you thought England lost the first Cricket World Cup (it was Australia) and around 70% thought the snooker player Robin Hull was from the Netherlands (he's from Finland).

I didn’t realise when I originally wrote this,but you could have also got the answer to Q88 by looking at Q93

I've tried to be as fair as I can with the answers,so hopefully your scores reflect that .(There are some notes within the answer sheets I am currently e-mailing out)

Once again many thanks for your interest,and I hope you enjoyed it.I am already in the process of writing Sports Quiz number two.