Thursday, 13 February 2014

Next Main Quiz and a Feedback question

Hello my next Main quiz is now ready for you.

I also wanted to get some feedback from as many of you as possible. At the moment,it is just a thought,but it may be something that I can implement in the future.

I am thinking of adding more questions and features to the site. I'm thinking around 200 questions per week and would also include a couple of new types of quiz. I would also want to add a few (good,I hope) features that would improve,the site and readers experience.

I have no intention of becoming a millionaire I am just wondering whether I could run my site full -time or not. If not and everyone is happy as it is,then no problem. It's just an idea and I would like to known how people felt. If you could tick the poll box,on the right side of the screen,I would be very grateful. (PS I am not able to see who ticked which box)


Back to the quiz. Enjoy.................................

PS (Sorry, I have included a Winter Olympics question)

1.(Pictured) In total there are thousands of rock carving images,on around 600 panels. These are concentrated in along a 25 km stretch,which was once a coastline of a fjord during the Bronze Age. Situated on the West coast of Sweden,what is the name of the town that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO ,because of this high concentration of carvings?


2. It was the indigenous name given to the country,prior to the Europeans' invading and settling during the 15th and 16th centuries. What is this former name of St Lucia,which also lends its name to the country's largest airport?


3.He was a pioneering Swiss mathematician and physicist that introduced much of the modern mathematical terminology and notation.He is also renowned for his mathematical formula that establishes the fundamental relationship between the trigonometric functions and the complex exponential function.What is this 18th century mathematician's name,who is also noted for his work in mechanics, fluid dynamics, optics, and astronomy?

Leonhard Euler

4.The prolific American director,Barry Levinson,is responsible for films such as 'Young Sherlock Holmes','Good Morning Vietnam' and 'Bugsy'. However,which 1988 film,in which he makes a cameo appearance as a doctor,is his best known and highest grossing film,also picking up  four Academy Awards?

Rain Man

5.Described (separately) by Origen and Cicero,the argument is told as follows: 'If it is fated for you to recover from this illness, then you will recover whether you call a doctor or not:Likewise, if you are fated not to recover, you will not do so whether you call a doctor or not:But either,it is fated that you will recover from this illness, or it is fated that you will not recover:Therefore it is futile to consult a doctor.' What is the name of this argument,which features as a part of the philosophical doctrine of 'fatalism'?

Idle Argument

6.(Pictured)Originally formed in 1973,the band has seen many line-up changes,but has primarily centred around the Wilson sisters,Ann and Nancy. Their most successful period was during the mid-1980s,which saw the release of the 1985 eponymous album and the 1987 release,'Bad Animals'. These albums spawned global hits such as 'These Dreams','Who Will You Run To' and their biggest hit 'Alone'(1987). What is the anatomical name of this successful band?


7.The city of Dearborn has the largest proportion of Arab Americans in the United States,with around 40% of the population. The city is also notable as it is home to the largest mosque in North America and the oldest Shia mosque in the United States. In which US state is Dearborn,located?


8.(Pictured) It is a member of the molluscan class Cephalopoda and is characterised by its snail-like shell and parrot-like beak. It also has tentacles,but no suckers. What is the name of this marine animal,whose name features prominently in an 1870 book and has its name derived from the Greek for 'sailor'?


9.Between 1922 and 1961,it was only awarded to foreign citizens and came in the form of a red star with a silver lion in the middle,taken from the national coat of arms.Between 1962 and 1992,the medal was re-modelled after the country changed its name. In 1994,for political reasons,it was changed again and this time was awarded to citizens as well as foreigners. In which country is the Order of The White Lion,the country's highest honour?

Czech Republic

10.Made from the basic ingredients of flour and water (and sometimes baking soda),it is a traditional Australian soda bread. Originally used by swagmen, drovers and stockmen,it was cooked in the ashes of a camp fire,until it sounded hollow.What is the name of this type of bread?


11.(Pictured) Created by Oscar Jacobsen in 1920,he originally appeared in the Swedish  publication 'Sondags-Niss. The character was a silent,cigar-smoking man with a big hat,who had a series of misadventures.It soon became very popular and was published in hundreds of newspapers all over the world.Known in the USA as Silent Sam,by what name is this character known around the rest of the world?


12.Harold Faltermeyer is a German musician and composer,who featured prominently during the 1980s and early 1990s. He scored soundtracks for films such as 'Midnight Express','The Running Man' and 'Tango and Cash'.However,he is probably best known for his scores on two films,which won him his two Grammy Awards.One is' Beverly Hills Cop',from which the familiar 'Axel F' track is taken,but for which 1987 film did he also win a Grammy,this time helped by the guitarist,Steve Stephens?

Top Gun

13.Lulu Island makes up most of the City of Richmond, a major suburb of Vancouver.Behind Montreal Island,it is the second most populous river island in Canada and third most populous in North America.It is located in which river,Canada's 10th longest?

Fraser River

14.In 1956, 'Iproniazid' was accidentally created during an experiment while synthesizing isoniazid. Originally, it had been intended to create a more efficient drug at combatting Tuberculosis,however,it was revealed to have its own benefits.Known as the world's first,for what condition was the drug first prescribed,although it was withdrawn from the market in the early 1960s due to toxic side-effects?


15.(Pictured) Prior to 2014,she had a career-high ranking of 12,reached in 2009. She has also won three WTA tour events and played for her country in the Federation Cup.She gained her most notable achievement to date,when reaching the 2014 Australian Open final,losing out to Li Na.What is the name of this tennis player,who became the first female Slovakian player to reach the final of a Grand slam singles tournament?

Dominika Cibulkova

16.Located at the far north eastern corner of Anatolia, it was the longest surviving of the three Byzantine Greek successor states of the Byzantine Empire.The rulers were known as 'Megas Komnenos' (Great Comnenus) and saw Alexios I Megas Komnenos as its first ruler in 1204 and David Megas Komnenos,its last,in 1461. What is the name of this Empire,which also became the the western terminus of the Silk Road,following the destruction of Baghdad by Hulagu Khan in 1258?

Trebizond Empire

17.The last President to represent the party was Jorge Batlle,between 2000 and 2005. Sharing a name with a US state,which political party has provided the most Presidents in Uruguay?

Colorado (The Red Party)

18.A short-lived American reality documentary television series,'Totally T-Boz ' featured just four episodes.The series followed the singer Tionne 'T-Boz' (pictured)Watkins as she works on her new music career .Sharing the name with the TV channel on which the show was aired,with which 1990s girl group did she find global success?


19.BK Hacken currently play in the top division, with GAIS  playing in the second division.Another notable team is Orgryte IS,which is Sweden's oldest football club.Which Swedish city is home to these professional  and semi-professional football teams?


20.Today,it is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea,in Georgia.  Important in Greek mythology,what was the name of the region that was home to the 'Golden Fleece' as searched for by Jason and the Argonauts?


21.(Pictured) Created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and published by DC Comics,he is a fictional character from the 'Watchmen' series of graphic novels. He also made his debut in 1956, in the very first Watchmen novel and serves as both the protagonist and antagonist of the series.Named after a famous piece of literature from the early 19th century,what is the name of this superhero/supervillain,whose alter-ego is Adrian Alexander Veidt?


22.Born in exile in Hungary,she was the sister of Edgar Aetheling and an English princess of the House of Wessex. She returned to England in 1057,but fled to Scotland in 1066,following the Norman conquest.Around four years later,she married king Malcolm III of Scotland, becoming his queen consort.She was also known for her many charitable works and establishing a ferry across the Firth of Forth for pilgrims travelling to Dunfermline Abbey.What is the name of this saint,who,in 1250,was canonised by Pope Innocent IV,becoming the only member of Scottish royalty to become a saint?

Saint Margaret (of Scotland)

23.One of the co-founders of the Fauvism art movement,he met Henri Matisse at an art class,run by Eugene Carriere,whilst studying at the Academie Camillo.Which French painter (1880-1954) created Fauvist works such as 'Le sechage des voiles ' and 'Charing Cross Bridge' (pictured)?

Andre Derain

24.What is the surname shared by the Canadian freestyle skiing sisters,who finished in second,third and eighth place in the Women's Moguls at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi?

Dufour-Lapointe (Chloe,Justine and Maxime)

25.(Pictured) He was the first democratically elected Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo,(now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo), after he helped win its independence from Belgium in 1960.His government lasted for just 12 weeks before it was deposed in a coup during the Congo Crisis.What is the name of this politician,who was subsequently imprisoned and executed,in 1961,under the command of the secessionist Katangan authorities?

Patrice Lumumba