Sunday, 23 February 2014

Latest Five Category Quiz

Here is the latest Five Category Quiz.

The subjects are:
Comics/Cartoons, Motorsport, Angola, Greek Islands, 18th Century Conflicts

Should keep you busy for a while


1. Serialised weekly between 1930 and 1940,it featured in 'Le Petit Vingtieme', the children's supplement of the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siecle.Written by Herge (Georges Remi),the series ran alongside his better known comic strip 'The Adventures of Tintin'.The strip featured two misbehaving boys and the conflict that they get into with a local policeman.Also made into a 1980s animated TV series,what was the name of this comic strip?

Quick and Flupke

2.'PangPond',is a children's cartoon character that first appeared in the popular comic book,Cartoon Mahasanook,but has since been published in his own comic book.In 2002,'Pangpond the Series', was created,and became the country's first film to be made into 3-D animation.Appointed in 2008 as the country's Global Warming Ambassador,in which Asian country is this character very popular?


3.An offshoot of the Homo sapien species,they are also a mammalian species, but with some fish-like characteristics,such as possessing gills.The most notable member of the race is Namor the Sub-Marine and they live in the city of Atlantis.Also known as 'Atlanteans',what is the latin name for this a fictional race of Marvel Comics characters?

Homo Mermanus

4.The 2001 Japanese animated fantasy film,'Spirited Away' won the Academy Award for Best Animated feature and was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.He followed up this success with an Academy Award nomination in the same category for a 2004 film.What was the title of this film,which was based on the novel of the same name,by English writer Diana Wynne Jones?

Howl's Moving Castle

5.They first appeared under the collective name in  Marvel Feature #1.The original incarnation was led by Doctor Strange,who picked a group of 'outsiders',to work together,to beat a common enemy.These first included the Hulk, Namor, and  the Silver Surfer,(but the line-up has changed and rotated periodically). What is the name of this superhero 'supergroup',whose name is shared with a sporting position?


1.Eric Oliver of Great Britain was the first winner in 1949 and Pekka Paivarinta of Finland won in 2013. Steve Webster has won the most World Championships,with ten wins followed by Rolf Biland,with seven wins. For the past eleven years,the winning vehicle has been a LCR-Suzuki GSX-R 1000.Although the name has changed slightly over the years,what is the popular name of this motorsport?

Sidecar Racing (or SuperSide)

2.In 2013,Sebastien Ogier claimed the World Rally Championships title,breaking a nine-year winning streak by fellow countryman,Sebastien Loeb. Prior to this,which Norwegian driver was the last non-Frenchman to win the World Rally Championship?

Petter Solberg

3.He raced in a total of 123 Grand Prix races,between 1970 and 1978,winning ten.He is known to many,as the greatest Swedish Formula One racing driver of all-time,as he finished the World Drivers Championship as runner-up on two occasions.Sadly,he crashed at the 1978 Monza Grand Prix and the resulting injuries led to his death shortly after. What is the name of this Formula One racing driver?

Ronnie Peterson

4.Racing on the Grand Prix circuit between 1964 and 1977,which Italian motorcycle racer holds the record for winning the most World Championship titles,winning fifteen in total?

Giacomo Agostini

5.He won the Downhill bronze medal at the 1996 World Skiing Championships and won the skiing World Cup Overall title one year later.Which French racer,swapped his skis for racing cars,to become the winner of the 2006 Dakar rally?

Luc Alphand

1.He arrived in the area,now known as Angola in February 1575. Attracted by the prospect of the silver mines of Cambambe, he founded the settlement of Sao Paulo de Luanda, near the island of Luanda.This resulted in him becoming the first Captain-Governor of Portuguese Angola.What is the name of this 16th century Portuguese explorer,whose grandfather was also a (more) famous Portuguese explorer?

Paulo Dias de Novais (grandson of Bartolomeu Dias)

2.Still trying to seek independence,what is the name of the exclave and province of Angola, that is separated from the rest of Angola, by a narrow strip belonging to the Democratic Republic of Congo?


3.The river gives its name to two provinces of Angola and empties into the Atlantic Ocean just south of Luanda.It is also a source of hydroelectric power for Angola, in the form of the Capanda Dam.What is the name of this river,after which the Angolan monetary currency is named?

Cuanza (or Kwanza) River

4.He has spent most of his playing career at Petro Atletico from Luanda and is one of the national football team's all-time top goalscorers. He made history in 2006,when he became Angola's first and (so far) only goalscorer at a World Cup Finals,scoring against Iran.His surname is da Silva Amado,but he is usually just known by his first name.What is this one-word name,which is also the title of a 1723 opera by George Handel?


5.Sharing a name with the Prime Minister of Angola between 1992-1996,what is the highest peak in Angola?

Mount Moco

Greek Islands
1.In 1820, a very famous statue,now located in the Louvre,was discovered by a peasant named Yorgos Kentrotas,in the current village of Tripiti. This village is located on an Aegean island,which has also seen other notable works of fine art discovered ,such as the statues of Asclepius (now in the British museum) and Poseidon.What is the name of this island?


2.Mount Ida is the highest Greek mountain that is not located on the Greek mainland.It is said to be sacred to the Greek Titaness Rhea and, according to legend, was the birthplace of Zeus. On which of the Greek islands is this mountain located?


3.The Greek island of Delos,is considered one of the most sacred of the Greek isles and believed to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.During the 5th century  the Delphic Oracle ordered a purge of all dead bodies and then ordered that no one should be allowed to either die or give birth on the island,due to its sacred importance.Which island group surrounds Delos?


4.Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros,are the four inhabited islands of which island group,located in the Aegean Sea,north east of the island of Euboea?

(Northern) Sporades

5.This island was the site of a battle in October 1943,as part of the Dodecanese campaign duringWorld War II,which saw a German victory. The island is also noted,as it is believed to be the site of the Asklepieion,where Herodicus taught Hippocrates medicine.What is the name of this island?


18th Century Conflicts
1.The last peace treaty of the Great Northern War was signed between the Tsardom of Russia and the Swedish Empire in 1721. It was signed in the Finnish town of Uusikaupunki,but is better known by its Swedish name.What is the name of this Swedish translation,which in turn,translates to English as 'new town'?

(Peace of) Nystad

2.Between 1791 and 1804,there was a slave revolt in the French colony of Saint-Domingue.This culminated in the elimination of slavery in the colony,resulting in the founding of which Republic of the Americas?


3.Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali,fought against the British in several conflicts during the 18th Century,most notably the American War of Independence.What was the name of the Southern Indian Kingdom that they both ruled between 1762-1799?

Kingdom of Mysore

4.Fought between those that were loyal to Stanisław Leszczynski and those that were loyal to Augustus,the Polish War of Succession,actually saw little fighting inside Poland.Most of the fighting took place across Europe,with various Kingdoms and nations vying for territory.Lasting for five years,during which decade of the 18th century did the conflict take place?

1730s (1733-1738)

5.The longest recorded military engagement in the history of India,the Deccan Wars (or the 27 Years War),lasted between 1680 and 1707. The war saw an end to the Mughal Empire after defeat by which other Empire,established by a Hindu warrior group from the western Deccan?

Maratha Empire