Sunday, 26 January 2014

Next 5 Category Quiz...........And a competition!

Here is the next 5 Category Quiz

Today's categories are: New Zealand, Cycling,Popes, US TV Detective Shows, 20th Century Art

Also,I have another competition to win 'The Chamber's Book of Great Speeches'.

To win this answer these two questions from my JustQuiz archive.

1.Who,in 1912,survived an assassination attempt by John Schrank, and despite being shot in the chest,managed to continue his speech for 90 minutes?

2.The largest mud-brick building in the world,the Great Mosque of Djenne can be found in which African country?

Anyone can enter and send answers to
Closing date is midnight (UK time) Sunday 2nd February.
My decision is final. - Good Luck

PS: Remember there are two weeks left,if you want to 'officially' enter the Sports Quiz competition. Or maybe you just want a copy. E-mail me on the above address.

Anyway,back to the 5 Category Quiz. Enjoy...............................

New Zealand
1.Located in the Hauraki Gulf,it is around 17km from Auckland and is sometimes referred to as New Zealand's 'island of wine'.What is the name of the third largest island,in terms of population,in New Zealand,after the North and South islands?

Waiheke Island

2.Designed by the Scottish architect,Basil Spence,it was completed in 1981. Due to its distinctive shape,by what nickname,(with a link to nature),is given to the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings?


3.New Zealand has three official languages. English is first with over 95 percent of users,followed by  Maori (te reo Maori) with just over 4 percent.Used by around 28,000 people,which language,declared official in 2006,is third?

New Zealand Sign Language

4.He is best known for directing the hit films Shrek'(2001) and Shrek 2 (2004).He also produced and provided the screen-plays to two 'Chronicles of Narnia' films and has been Executive producer on other successful films,(mainly animated). What is the name of this New Zealander filmmaker?

Andrew Adamson

5.1920 was the first year that New Zealand competed as a separate nation at the Olympic Games. Since then they have won a total of 100 medals at Summer and Winter Games combined. With 21 medals won, which sport has been most successful for them?


1.In the Tour de France,the Polka dot Jersey,is awarded to the cyclist who performs best in the mountain stages,known as 'The King of The Mountains'.The reason for this pattern of jersey,is derived from the wrapper of one of the sponsor's chocolate bars.What is the name of this sponsor and chocolatier,one of the oldest chocolate brands in France?

Chocolat Poulain

2.The Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour has around 35,000 competitors,making it the world's largest individually timed cycle race.With a clue in the name,in which country does this race take place?

South Africa

3.Making its first appearance at the 2012 Summer Olympics,which Danish rider became the first male Omnium Olympic champion?

Lasse Norman Hansen

4.One popular design was the 'Velo-Velocar',which was created by Charles Mochet.It was this particular model that was believed to be a major factor behind the banning of which type of bicycle from the Tour de France (and all UCI races) from 1934?


5.In which year was Mountain Biking first officially staged at a Summer Olympic Games?

1996 (Atlanta)

1.It was officially established in 1926,in the city of Tay Ninh,Vietnam.It is based around 'The Three Teachings',(Buddha,Sage and Saints) and has around 2-3 million adherents worldwide. What is the name of this religion,which has a hierarchy similar to the Roman Catholic Church,whereby it uses Popes,cardinals and bishops?

Cao Dai

2.Among those considered by the Catholic Church to have held the position of pope, only three are specifically mentioned in the New Testament.St Peter is one,name either of the other two?

St Linus and Pope Clement I

3.He was the successor to Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear) and a close friend of King Henry II of England.He also had another strong link to England as he canonised both King Edward The Confessor and Archbishop Thomas Beckett. What is the name and number of this Pope?

Alexander III

4.Pope John II was the first Pope that did not use his real name,hence using the regnal name of John. The reason for this,was that his name was a variation on the name for the Roman god of messages. What was the real name of John II ?


5.Establishing the Vatican City as a sovereign state,which Pope signed the Lateran Treaty,with Italy in 1929?

Pius XI

US TV Detective Shows
1.Originally,this Blake Edwards-created TV series,ran between 1958 and 1961 and comprised of 114 episodes. The plot revolved around a titular character,played by Craig Stevens,who worked as a private eye and operated from an 'office' in a jazz club.The show is probably best remembered today for its music,composed by Henry Mancini. What is its title?

Peter Gunn

2.Running from 1983 to 1986,it was a detective show which saw an eccentric judge and a car thief,team up in order to capture criminals who had escaped conviction on technicalities. What was the name of this show,which starred Brian Keith and Daniel Hugh Kelly in the titular roles and is also noted for the Coyote X sportscar that featured heavily?

Hardcastle and McCormack

3.It has been described as a hybrid of The X-Files, Altered States, and The Twilight Zone.It stars Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson,as  members of the FBI trying to solve unexplained (often) ghastly occurrences,that are related to a parallel universe.Named after a type of unorthodox science,what is the name of this supernatural crime series?


4.Originally running between 1976 and 1981,'Charlie's Angels' was a TV show,based around  three women,(ie 'Angels') working at a private detective agency. During these years,six different women played the roles of 'Angels',but which actress,who played Kelly Garrett ,was the only one to appear in every episode?

Jaclyn Smith

5.Running between 1986 and 1988,it was created by Alan Spencer and starred David Rasche in the title role.It was a satirical comedy series,which spoofed a 'cop on the edge' character,similar to Clint Eastwood's 'Dirty Harry'. What is the name of this show,which received a healthy boost at the start of its first run,when Peter Gabriel scored a US number one hit single,with a song that shared the show's title?

Sledge Hammer!

20th Century Art
1.Prevalent during the 1910s,it comprised a group of Russian artists,who put on exhibitions of Russian avant-garde art. With prominent members  including Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova and Kazimir Malevichby ,and sharing their with a playing card,by what name was this group known?

Jack of Diamonds (Knave of Diamonds)

2.She was portrayed by Marcia Gay Harden in an Academy Award-winning performance,in the 2000 film 'Pollock'.What was the name of the wife of Jackson Pollock,who was also an influential American abstract expressionist painter,in her own right?

Lee Krasner

3.Painted in 1937,'Guernica' is one of Pablo Picasso's most famous and iconic works.It was first exhibited in Paris,but in which art gallery/museum has this painting been on show since 1992?

Museo Reina Sofia

4.Fernand Leger was a French painter,sculptor and film maker,who has been described by some as a big influence on PopArt,due to his simplistic style.One of his major early works is 'Nudes in the Forest' (1909–10), in which he displays a personal form of Cubism.What name did critics give to Leger's style of Cubism,due to this work's (and others) emphasis on cylindrical forms?


5.Designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano,it features around forty percent of Paul Klee’s entire pictorial work. Which city,the artist's birthplace,is home to the Zentrum Paul Klee musuem?