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Latest Main Quiz

 Here is the latest Main Quiz.

Also,to remind you that there is a book prize competition,open until midnight (UK time) Sunday 2nd February.See previous post for details and qualifying question.

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PS Two questions on lakes.Sorry.

1.(Pictured) Launched in 2013,it is described on its website as 'is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of an international tennis sensation. It was created by IT'Sugar founder, Jeff Rubin and which current female tennis player,after whom the candy's name is derived?

Maria Sharapova (Sugarpova is the company)

2.Discovered in 2012,'The Tallow Candle',was confirmed as one of the earliest known stories to be written by which famous 19th century European writer,who lived between 1805 and 1875 ?

Hans Christian Andersen

3.Established in 2002 in Hong Kong, it honours living  individuals,who have achieved 'significant breakthroughs in academic and scientific research or application'.It is widely regarded as the 'Nobel of the East' and is split into the categories of Astronomy,Life Science and Medicine,and Mathematical Sciences.It has also seen six Nobel Laureates receive this prize.What is the name of this prize,named after a Hong Kong media figure and philanthropist,who died in January 2014?

Shaw Prize

4.From the mid-15th to the late 16th century,it was one of the largest Islamic empires in history and it also bore the same name as its leading ethnic group. Its greatest power was along the Niger River and its greatest leader is thought to be Sonni Ali who reigned between 1464 and 1492. What was the name of this great empire,which annexed Timbuktu in the 15th century and saw Gao as its capital?

Songhai Empire

5.On 12 February 1994,two men broke into the country's National Gallery and stole its version of  'The Scream', leaving a note reading, 'Thanks for the poor security'.The painting had been moved down to a second-story gallery, as part of the festivities happening in the country..What event was taking place,which meant that this robbery was made easier?

1994 Winter Olympics (Opening ceremony in Lillehammer)

6.(Pictured) He spent three years in one of New Zealand's most popular soap opera's 'Shortland Street',where he played the role of Dr Ropata. He first received global attention,when he was cast as the abusive Jake Heke in the critically acclaimed 1994 film,'Once Were Warriors'. However,his profile was significantly raised,when he appeared as Jango Fett in the 2002 film 'Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones'.What is this actor's name?

Temuera Morrison

7.In December 2013,Xavier Bettel became the third openly gay prime minister in Europe.His deputy,Etienne Schneider, is also openly gay, making which country the first country in the world,with the two highest-ranking leaders of government being openly gay?


8.It is located directly on the San Andreas Fault and lies below sea level.It is fed by the New, Whitewater, and Alamo rivers and was created as a result of a 1905 flood of the Colorado river. Which sea is also the largest lake in California?

Salton Sea

9.(Pictured) Designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership and Claude Buche,it was completed in 1994.They intended to create a 'symbolic landmark but not a monument' and has a piece of the Berlin Wall located to the front. What institution is housed in this building?

European Court of Human Rights

10.Beginning with Alphonse I in 1139 and ending with Ferdinand I in 1383,the House of Burgundy (or Alfonsine Dynasty),was the founding House of which European Kingdom?

Kingdom of Portugal

11.(Pictured) He was acquitted in the third trial and received a formal written apology from the jury.In 1921,the film actor Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle was accused of the manslaughter of which silent film actress,after she had fallen ill at a party held in his suite at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco?

Virginia Rappe

12.'The Last Man',is regarded as one of the first 'apocalyptic science fiction novels' and was first published in 1826. The book tells of a future world that has been ravaged by a plague and features Lionel Verney as the title character. Relatively unknown,until revived in the 1960s,which author wrote this novel?

Mary Shelley

13.She won a Best Actress Academy award for the 1963 film 'Hud',where she starred alongside Paul Newman.Which actress also played the role of Olivia Walton in the pilot episode of the hit US TV series,'The Waltons',but was replaced by Michael Learned on a permanent basis?

Patricia Neal

14.Although popular in the years beforehand,the Grammy Award for 'Best Disco recording' was awarded for the first and only time in 1980. Thereafter it was thought that the genre was in decline and not considered worthy of another award.Which singer,who originally released the song in 1978, was the recipient of this unique award,(along with the producers Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perren )?

Gloria Gaynor ('I Will Survive')

15.(Pictured) This motor home company was founded in 1958 in Forest City,Iowa by John K Hanson as a way of boosting the economy in the area. Originally a 'travel trailer' manufacturer,it moved to selling motor homes in 1966 at around half the price of its competitors. Since then it has become globally famous and synonymous with motor homes in general (especially in the US).What is the name of this company,which was named after the county in which t was founded?


16.(Pictured) It is seven metres taller than the Eiffel Tower,making it the tallest free-standing steel structure in the world.It is also the country's second tallest structure.In which city is this tower located?


17.(Pictured) He played 75 times for Bolivia between 1991 and 2008,scoring 9 goals.In April 2009,he became the first MLS player ever, to reach the mark of 100 goals and 100 assists.Playing for DC United,(in two separate spells),he has also played the most games and scored the most goals of any non-American player in the MLS.What is his name?

Jaime Moreno

18.A positron is described as the 'antiparticle or the antimatter counterpart of the electron'. They have since been used in particle accelerator experiments and for PET (positron emission tomography) scanners,which create detailed three-dimensional images of metabolic activity within the human body. Which American physicist,first coined the term 'positron' and also won the 1936 Nobel Prize for Physics for discovering it?

Carl D Anderson

19.He was officially the President of Nicaragua from 1937 to 1947 and 1950 to 1956, but effectively ruled as dictator from 1936 until his assassination in 1956,(when his son replaced him).Which former Nicaraguan National Guard director started a dynasty that maintained absolute control over Nicaragua for 44 years,before it was finally overthrown during the Sandinista Revolution in 1979?

Anastasio Somoza Garica

20.(Pictured) In many cities,they are not allowed to use highways because of their slow pace,however,they are still popular,especially for tourists or social use, and are usually cheaper to hire than a taxi or rickshaw.Also becoming a traditional feature of weddings,what is the name of this light horse-drawn carriage,which until the early 1980s,was the most common means of transport in urban India and Pakistan?

Tanga (or Tonga)

21.For his role in a 1974 film,who became the first actor to win an acting Academy Award,for performing in a language other than English?

Robert De Niro (Godfather pt II - performed in Sicilian)

22.The term is said to have been coined by the Israeli film director Boaz Davidson,to describe a genre of Israeli-made films,that were popular,in Israel,in the 1960s and 1970s. It is also comparable to the term 'spaghetti westerns',that were produced in Italy.Which genre of Israeli  film is named after a traditional Jewish dish,consisting of baked  pastries made of a thin flaky dough  and usually filled with cheese,minced meat, or vegetables?


23.(Picture) He is an actor and comedian,who starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the films 'Coming To America' (1988) and 'Harlem Nights' (1999).He also won the 2012 and fifth series of 'Celebrity Apprentice' in the US. However,he is particularly recognised (especially in the US),as a late-night talk show host.What is the name of this man,whose original talk show ran between 1989 and 1994 and was later revived at the end of 2013?

Arsenio Hall

24.Manitoulin Island is the largest island in the world that is situated on a lake. It is also home to the world's largest lake that is situated on an island,that is situated on a lake. On which of North America's Great Lakes is this interesting island located?

Lake Huron

25.(Picture) According to Vasari,he resolved never to touch the brush again because Leonardo (da Vinci), his pupil, had far surpassed him.On display at the Uffizi gallery,which Renaissance painter,sculptor and teacher,assisted by Leonardo,created (most of) the 1475 work,'The Baptism of Christ'?

Andrea del Verrocchio