Friday, 17 January 2014

100 Question Sports Quiz

I have written a 100 question Sport Quiz .

Anyone can have a copy of this quiz, but only those who have attended a UK (or Ireland equivalent) GP event, or have entered the EQC/WQC in the last 3 years will be eligible to have their score on the official results list. (This is because I know most of these people and that they have attempted these types of quizzes before, although in future I may review the ‘official list’ criteria).

If you would like a copy of the quiz,e-mail me with your e-mail address at and I will start sending them over tomorrow afternoon. (I'm working tomorrow morning).

The closing date is 9th February,so you can e-mail me anytime until ,then,although if you are intending on entering,it may be best to get a copy of the quiz sooner rather than later

As I said before,anyone can have a copy,it's just the scoring table bit at the end which is for GP/EQC/WQC quizzers. So,you can still compare your scores.

Should have a new '5 Category Quiz' up here on Sunday too

Thanks Paul