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Latest Main Quiz

 Here is the latest Main Quiz.

Also,to remind you that there is a book prize competition,open until midnight (UK time) Sunday 2nd February.See previous post for details and qualifying question.

Hope you enjoy........................

PS Two questions on lakes.Sorry.

1.(Pictured) Launched in 2013,it is described on its website as 'is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of an international tennis sensation. It was created by IT'Sugar founder, Jeff Rubin and which current female tennis player,after whom the candy's name is derived?

Maria Sharapova (Sugarpova is the company)

2.Discovered in 2012,'The Tallow Candle',was confirmed as one of the earliest known stories to be written by which famous 19th century European writer,who lived between 1805 and 1875 ?

Hans Christian Andersen

3.Established in 2002 in Hong Kong, it honours living  individuals,who have achieved 'significant breakthroughs in academic and scientific research or application'.It is widely regarded as the 'Nobel of the East' and is split into the categories of Astronomy,Life Science and Medicine,and Mathematical Sciences.It has also seen six Nobel Laureates receive this prize.What is the name of this prize,named after a Hong Kong media figure and philanthropist,who died in January 2014?

Shaw Prize

4.From the mid-15th to the late 16th century,it was one of the largest Islamic empires in history and it also bore the same name as its leading ethnic group. Its greatest power was along the Niger River and its greatest leader is thought to be Sonni Ali who reigned between 1464 and 1492. What was the name of this great empire,which annexed Timbuktu in the 15th century and saw Gao as its capital?

Songhai Empire

5.On 12 February 1994,two men broke into the country's National Gallery and stole its version of  'The Scream', leaving a note reading, 'Thanks for the poor security'.The painting had been moved down to a second-story gallery, as part of the festivities happening in the country..What event was taking place,which meant that this robbery was made easier?

1994 Winter Olympics (Opening ceremony in Lillehammer)

6.(Pictured) He spent three years in one of New Zealand's most popular soap opera's 'Shortland Street',where he played the role of Dr Ropata. He first received global attention,when he was cast as the abusive Jake Heke in the critically acclaimed 1994 film,'Once Were Warriors'. However,his profile was significantly raised,when he appeared as Jango Fett in the 2002 film 'Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones'.What is this actor's name?

Temuera Morrison

7.In December 2013,Xavier Bettel became the third openly gay prime minister in Europe.His deputy,Etienne Schneider, is also openly gay, making which country the first country in the world,with the two highest-ranking leaders of government being openly gay?


8.It is located directly on the San Andreas Fault and lies below sea level.It is fed by the New, Whitewater, and Alamo rivers and was created as a result of a 1905 flood of the Colorado river. Which sea is also the largest lake in California?

Salton Sea

9.(Pictured) Designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership and Claude Buche,it was completed in 1994.They intended to create a 'symbolic landmark but not a monument' and has a piece of the Berlin Wall located to the front. What institution is housed in this building?

European Court of Human Rights

10.Beginning with Alphonse I in 1139 and ending with Ferdinand I in 1383,the House of Burgundy (or Alfonsine Dynasty),was the founding House of which European Kingdom?

Kingdom of Portugal

11.(Pictured) He was acquitted in the third trial and received a formal written apology from the jury.In 1921,the film actor Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle was accused of the manslaughter of which silent film actress,after she had fallen ill at a party held in his suite at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco?

Virginia Rappe

12.'The Last Man',is regarded as one of the first 'apocalyptic science fiction novels' and was first published in 1826. The book tells of a future world that has been ravaged by a plague and features Lionel Verney as the title character. Relatively unknown,until revived in the 1960s,which author wrote this novel?

Mary Shelley

13.She won a Best Actress Academy award for the 1963 film 'Hud',where she starred alongside Paul Newman.Which actress also played the role of Olivia Walton in the pilot episode of the hit US TV series,'The Waltons',but was replaced by Michael Learned on a permanent basis?

Patricia Neal

14.Although popular in the years beforehand,the Grammy Award for 'Best Disco recording' was awarded for the first and only time in 1980. Thereafter it was thought that the genre was in decline and not considered worthy of another award.Which singer,who originally released the song in 1978, was the recipient of this unique award,(along with the producers Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perren )?

Gloria Gaynor ('I Will Survive')

15.(Pictured) This motor home company was founded in 1958 in Forest City,Iowa by John K Hanson as a way of boosting the economy in the area. Originally a 'travel trailer' manufacturer,it moved to selling motor homes in 1966 at around half the price of its competitors. Since then it has become globally famous and synonymous with motor homes in general (especially in the US).What is the name of this company,which was named after the county in which t was founded?


16.(Pictured) It is seven metres taller than the Eiffel Tower,making it the tallest free-standing steel structure in the world.It is also the country's second tallest structure.In which city is this tower located?


17.(Pictured) He played 75 times for Bolivia between 1991 and 2008,scoring 9 goals.In April 2009,he became the first MLS player ever, to reach the mark of 100 goals and 100 assists.Playing for DC United,(in two separate spells),he has also played the most games and scored the most goals of any non-American player in the MLS.What is his name?

Jaime Moreno

18.A positron is described as the 'antiparticle or the antimatter counterpart of the electron'. They have since been used in particle accelerator experiments and for PET (positron emission tomography) scanners,which create detailed three-dimensional images of metabolic activity within the human body. Which American physicist,first coined the term 'positron' and also won the 1936 Nobel Prize for Physics for discovering it?

Carl D Anderson

19.He was officially the President of Nicaragua from 1937 to 1947 and 1950 to 1956, but effectively ruled as dictator from 1936 until his assassination in 1956,(when his son replaced him).Which former Nicaraguan National Guard director started a dynasty that maintained absolute control over Nicaragua for 44 years,before it was finally overthrown during the Sandinista Revolution in 1979?

Anastasio Somoza Garica

20.(Pictured) In many cities,they are not allowed to use highways because of their slow pace,however,they are still popular,especially for tourists or social use, and are usually cheaper to hire than a taxi or rickshaw.Also becoming a traditional feature of weddings,what is the name of this light horse-drawn carriage,which until the early 1980s,was the most common means of transport in urban India and Pakistan?

Tanga (or Tonga)

21.For his role in a 1974 film,who became the first actor to win an acting Academy Award,for performing in a language other than English?

Robert De Niro (Godfather pt II - performed in Sicilian)

22.The term is said to have been coined by the Israeli film director Boaz Davidson,to describe a genre of Israeli-made films,that were popular,in Israel,in the 1960s and 1970s. It is also comparable to the term 'spaghetti westerns',that were produced in Italy.Which genre of Israeli  film is named after a traditional Jewish dish,consisting of baked  pastries made of a thin flaky dough  and usually filled with cheese,minced meat, or vegetables?


23.(Picture) He is an actor and comedian,who starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the films 'Coming To America' (1988) and 'Harlem Nights' (1999).He also won the 2012 and fifth series of 'Celebrity Apprentice' in the US. However,he is particularly recognised (especially in the US),as a late-night talk show host.What is the name of this man,whose original talk show ran between 1989 and 1994 and was later revived at the end of 2013?

Arsenio Hall

24.Manitoulin Island is the largest island in the world that is situated on a lake. It is also home to the world's largest lake that is situated on an island,that is situated on a lake. On which of North America's Great Lakes is this interesting island located?

Lake Huron

25.(Picture) According to Vasari,he resolved never to touch the brush again because Leonardo (da Vinci), his pupil, had far surpassed him.On display at the Uffizi gallery,which Renaissance painter,sculptor and teacher,assisted by Leonardo,created (most of) the 1475 work,'The Baptism of Christ'?

Andrea del Verrocchio

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Next 5 Category Quiz...........And a competition!

Here is the next 5 Category Quiz

Today's categories are: New Zealand, Cycling,Popes, US TV Detective Shows, 20th Century Art

Also,I have another competition to win 'The Chamber's Book of Great Speeches'.

To win this answer these two questions from my JustQuiz archive.

1.Who,in 1912,survived an assassination attempt by John Schrank, and despite being shot in the chest,managed to continue his speech for 90 minutes?

2.The largest mud-brick building in the world,the Great Mosque of Djenne can be found in which African country?

Anyone can enter and send answers to
Closing date is midnight (UK time) Sunday 2nd February.
My decision is final. - Good Luck

PS: Remember there are two weeks left,if you want to 'officially' enter the Sports Quiz competition. Or maybe you just want a copy. E-mail me on the above address.

Anyway,back to the 5 Category Quiz. Enjoy...............................

New Zealand
1.Located in the Hauraki Gulf,it is around 17km from Auckland and is sometimes referred to as New Zealand's 'island of wine'.What is the name of the third largest island,in terms of population,in New Zealand,after the North and South islands?

Waiheke Island

2.Designed by the Scottish architect,Basil Spence,it was completed in 1981. Due to its distinctive shape,by what nickname,(with a link to nature),is given to the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings?


3.New Zealand has three official languages. English is first with over 95 percent of users,followed by  Maori (te reo Maori) with just over 4 percent.Used by around 28,000 people,which language,declared official in 2006,is third?

New Zealand Sign Language

4.He is best known for directing the hit films Shrek'(2001) and Shrek 2 (2004).He also produced and provided the screen-plays to two 'Chronicles of Narnia' films and has been Executive producer on other successful films,(mainly animated). What is the name of this New Zealander filmmaker?

Andrew Adamson

5.1920 was the first year that New Zealand competed as a separate nation at the Olympic Games. Since then they have won a total of 100 medals at Summer and Winter Games combined. With 21 medals won, which sport has been most successful for them?


1.In the Tour de France,the Polka dot Jersey,is awarded to the cyclist who performs best in the mountain stages,known as 'The King of The Mountains'.The reason for this pattern of jersey,is derived from the wrapper of one of the sponsor's chocolate bars.What is the name of this sponsor and chocolatier,one of the oldest chocolate brands in France?

Chocolat Poulain

2.The Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour has around 35,000 competitors,making it the world's largest individually timed cycle race.With a clue in the name,in which country does this race take place?

South Africa

3.Making its first appearance at the 2012 Summer Olympics,which Danish rider became the first male Omnium Olympic champion?

Lasse Norman Hansen

4.One popular design was the 'Velo-Velocar',which was created by Charles Mochet.It was this particular model that was believed to be a major factor behind the banning of which type of bicycle from the Tour de France (and all UCI races) from 1934?


5.In which year was Mountain Biking first officially staged at a Summer Olympic Games?

1996 (Atlanta)

1.It was officially established in 1926,in the city of Tay Ninh,Vietnam.It is based around 'The Three Teachings',(Buddha,Sage and Saints) and has around 2-3 million adherents worldwide. What is the name of this religion,which has a hierarchy similar to the Roman Catholic Church,whereby it uses Popes,cardinals and bishops?

Cao Dai

2.Among those considered by the Catholic Church to have held the position of pope, only three are specifically mentioned in the New Testament.St Peter is one,name either of the other two?

St Linus and Pope Clement I

3.He was the successor to Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear) and a close friend of King Henry II of England.He also had another strong link to England as he canonised both King Edward The Confessor and Archbishop Thomas Beckett. What is the name and number of this Pope?

Alexander III

4.Pope John II was the first Pope that did not use his real name,hence using the regnal name of John. The reason for this,was that his name was a variation on the name for the Roman god of messages. What was the real name of John II ?


5.Establishing the Vatican City as a sovereign state,which Pope signed the Lateran Treaty,with Italy in 1929?

Pius XI

US TV Detective Shows
1.Originally,this Blake Edwards-created TV series,ran between 1958 and 1961 and comprised of 114 episodes. The plot revolved around a titular character,played by Craig Stevens,who worked as a private eye and operated from an 'office' in a jazz club.The show is probably best remembered today for its music,composed by Henry Mancini. What is its title?

Peter Gunn

2.Running from 1983 to 1986,it was a detective show which saw an eccentric judge and a car thief,team up in order to capture criminals who had escaped conviction on technicalities. What was the name of this show,which starred Brian Keith and Daniel Hugh Kelly in the titular roles and is also noted for the Coyote X sportscar that featured heavily?

Hardcastle and McCormack

3.It has been described as a hybrid of The X-Files, Altered States, and The Twilight Zone.It stars Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson,as  members of the FBI trying to solve unexplained (often) ghastly occurrences,that are related to a parallel universe.Named after a type of unorthodox science,what is the name of this supernatural crime series?


4.Originally running between 1976 and 1981,'Charlie's Angels' was a TV show,based around  three women,(ie 'Angels') working at a private detective agency. During these years,six different women played the roles of 'Angels',but which actress,who played Kelly Garrett ,was the only one to appear in every episode?

Jaclyn Smith

5.Running between 1986 and 1988,it was created by Alan Spencer and starred David Rasche in the title role.It was a satirical comedy series,which spoofed a 'cop on the edge' character,similar to Clint Eastwood's 'Dirty Harry'. What is the name of this show,which received a healthy boost at the start of its first run,when Peter Gabriel scored a US number one hit single,with a song that shared the show's title?

Sledge Hammer!

20th Century Art
1.Prevalent during the 1910s,it comprised a group of Russian artists,who put on exhibitions of Russian avant-garde art. With prominent members  including Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova and Kazimir Malevichby ,and sharing their with a playing card,by what name was this group known?

Jack of Diamonds (Knave of Diamonds)

2.She was portrayed by Marcia Gay Harden in an Academy Award-winning performance,in the 2000 film 'Pollock'.What was the name of the wife of Jackson Pollock,who was also an influential American abstract expressionist painter,in her own right?

Lee Krasner

3.Painted in 1937,'Guernica' is one of Pablo Picasso's most famous and iconic works.It was first exhibited in Paris,but in which art gallery/museum has this painting been on show since 1992?

Museo Reina Sofia

4.Fernand Leger was a French painter,sculptor and film maker,who has been described by some as a big influence on PopArt,due to his simplistic style.One of his major early works is 'Nudes in the Forest' (1909–10), in which he displays a personal form of Cubism.What name did critics give to Leger's style of Cubism,due to this work's (and others) emphasis on cylindrical forms?


5.Designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano,it features around forty percent of Paul Klee’s entire pictorial work. Which city,the artist's birthplace,is home to the Zentrum Paul Klee musuem?


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Next Main Quiz

Here is the next Main Quiz.

25 questions to keep you going. Quite tough I think,but should be enjoyable all the same.

PS. I am going to run a competition this weekend,for another chance to win a Chambers Book of Great Speeches. A bit easier this time and just a couple of questions
PPS. Remember there's still plenty of time if you wish to try my 100 Question Sports Quiz. E-mail me at if you want a copy or want to enter


1.(Picture)Located in Newark,Ohio,this incredible looking building is the headquarters of which American company,that primarily (unsurprisingly),manufactures maple hand baskets?

The Longaberger Company

2.His concept suggests that native vegetation is the best expression of climate.In 1884,he created five distinctive climate 'groups' which are still very familiar with climatologists today (ie Tropical, Dry, Temperate ,Continental and Polar).Which Russian-born German climatologist (and later collaborator of Rudolf Geiger),was responsible for creating one of the world's best known climate classification systems?

Wladimir Koppen

3.In demography,it is the potential reproductive capacity of an individual or population and in biology, the definition is more equivalent to fertility.Derived from the Latin for 'fertile' and beginning with 'F',what is the name of this scientific term,which refers to the ability to reproduce?


4.In 1981, 'Video Killed The Radio Star', by The Buggles, was the first video to be shown on MTV.With the video to the minor hit 'You Better Run', which US female singer /songwriter became the second act to appear on the channel?

Pat Benatar

5.It is also the title of a 1997 film starring Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill.What  two-word name is  given,to describe the boundary within a black hole,that when crossed,makes it impossible to escape due to the extreme gravitational pull?

Event Horizon

6.(Pictured)Considered amongst the high points of Dutch Japonism,which 18th/19th century Dutch artist,created the works  'The Girl In the Red Kimono' and 'The Girl In The White Kimono',as a series of several paintings featuring the teenage model,Geesje Kwak?

George Hendrik Breitner

7.Today it is run over 100 metres,but between 1932 and 1968,over which distance was the Womens Olympic sprint hurdles race run?

80 Metres

8.(Pictured) Its fourth season premiere drew 11.8 million viewers,becoming the most watched non-fiction cable series in history. What is the name of this American reality TV series,that portrays the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business,that makes products for a certain type of hunter?

Duck Dynasty

9.Run by the Roca brothers,it was voted the second best restaurant in the world in 2011 and 2012. In 2013,it finally beat Copenhagen's 'Noma' and was announced as the best restaurant in the world.What is the name of this restaurant,that was founded in 1967 and is located in Girona,Catalonia?

El Celler de Can Roca

10.Taken from the latin meaning  'right heart', what is the medical name that describes the congenital defect,in which the heart is situated on the right side of the body?


11.(Pictured) Garajonay National Park is a World Heritage site that is found in which of the Canary Islands, the second smallest in both area and population?

La Gomera

12 At the inaugural UEFA Champions League final in 1993,which Ghanian international,was the only non-European player on either side's team sheet?

Abedi Pele

13.A prominent monarch of 16th-century Europe,he personally led Ottoman armies in conquering the Christian strongholds of Belgrade, Rhodes, and most of Hungary,before his conquests were checked at the Siege of Vienna in 1529. He also annexed much of the Middle East and large areas of North Africa. Under his rule, the Ottoman fleet also dominated the seas from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and through the Persian Gulf.What is the name of this historic ruler,who was the tenth and longest serving Sultan of the Ottoman Empire?

Suleiman  I  (the Magnificent)

14.(Pictured) The majority live in the northern waters of Australia,although they can be found in the waters of over 30 countries throughout the Indo-Pacific. Along with manatees,it is one of four living species of the order Sirenia,and its closest modern relative was (the now extinct) Steller's sea cow. Currently listed as  'species vulnerable to extinction',what is the name of this interesting sea mammal,whose name is derived from the Malay for  'lady of the sea'?


15.Created in 1990 by the Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq and the Indian economist Amartya Sen,it is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income that is used to rank countries. Often referred to as the 'HDI',it has seen Norway at the top the list  offor the past three years. For what, do the initials HDI' stand?

Human Development Index

16.(Pictured) It is a 1973 Swedish exploitation film written and directed by Bo Arne Vibenius under the name 'Alex Fridolinski'. It tells the story of a mute young woman who is being forced into heroin addiction, for which she has to work as a prostitute, and her revenge on the men responsible.It has received a cult following and was one of the inspirations behind Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill', specifically for Daryl Hannah's character of Elle Driver.What is the name of this controversial film?

Thriller - A Cruel Picture

17.Also mentioned in the title of a 2002 Busta Rhymes hit single, which brand of cognac, owned by Beam Inc,is produced in the town of Jarnac,in France and was claimed by the company to be the favourite cognac of Napoleon Bonaparte?


18.Goldie Hawn is a successful Hollywood actress,famous for her roles in films such as 'Private Benjamin'(1980),'Bird On A Wire' (1990) and 'Death Becomes Her'(1992).Although she has received numerous awards,for which 1969 film,starring alongside Walter Matthau and Ingrid Bergman,did she receive her only Academy Award win to date,picking up the Best Supporting Actress prize?

Cactus Flower

19.She later became associated with a a particular type of women's clothing. What is the name of the influential US women's rights campaigner,who between 1849 and 1854,was the of editor of  'The Lily',the first newspaper for women in the US?

Amelia Bloomer

20.(Pictured) His occupation was as a diplomat,but he was also an opera singer,composer and music theorist.He is also well known for being a close friend of George Frideric Handel, although he nearly killed him in a sudden quarrel, during a performance of (this man's opera) 'Cleopatra in 1704'. What is the name of this man?

Johann Mattheson

21.In 1488,which Portuguese nobleman and explorer,became the first known European to sail around the southernmost tip of Africa,which he originally named the 'Cape of Storms'?

Bartolomeu Dias

22.Adapted from the Gregory McDonald novel of the same title,it centres around a controversial decision made by a Native American man to star in a snuff movie.Which 1997 film starring Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando,marked Depp's directorial debut?

The Brave

23.Covering 147,760km square of land,which country of the Americas,has a remarkable 90.2 percent of its surface area covered by forest?


24.It is similar to the electron,that has a negative electric charge and a spin of one half. Together with the electron, the muon, and the three neutrinos, it is classified as a lepton.It is also the only lepton that can decay into hadrons.What is the name of this elementary particle which shares its name with a letter of the Greek alphabet?


25.(Pictured)She acted and provided several songs for the 1982 film 'Monkey Grip',which was screened in the Un Certain Regard section of the 1982 Cannes Film Festival.She also  starred opposite Russell Crowe in the first Australian production of Willy Russell's stage musical 'Blood Brothers'. However,she he best known as the frontwoman of the Australian rock band 'The Divinyls',whose 1991 single,'I Touch Myself',was a top 10 single around the world.What is the name of this woman,who died in 2013? Christine 'Chrissy' Amphlett

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Just a quick reminder

I just wanted to mention my 100 question Sports Quiz  again. There is a real mixture of sports and difficulties,so there should be something for everyone,but a good test for sports specialists too.

If you would like a copy e-mail me at I'll start sending more out tonight (after work).

PS The Main Quiz will be up tomorrow night.......

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Brand New 5 Category Quiz

Here is my latest offering of my '5 Category Quiz'. Basically 5 subjects with 5 questions.

Today they are: The 18th Century,Quentin Tarantino and his films,Smiths (not the band),Tunisia and World Leaders.

My next Main quiz should be up on Wednesday and don't forget you can still have a copy of my 100 Question Sports Quiz (It will also appear on here in about three weeks times : Details below)

Hope you enjoy...................

The 18th Century
1.Due to an outbreak of bubonic plague,this city entered into chaos,as the public showed their anger at forced quarantines, destruction of contaminated property (without compensation) and the closing of public baths.It also saw its economy paralysed,as many factories, markets and administrative buildings were closed down. Which city,(currently one of the worlds's largest),was the scene of the infamous 1771 Plague Riot?


2.It was signed in San Lorenzo de El Escorial in October 1795 and established intentions of friendship between the United States and Spain. It also defined the boundaries of the United States with the Spanish colonies and guaranteed the United States navigation rights on the Mississippi River.What is the common name of this Treaty,named after the US representative that negotiated the terms?

Pinckney's Treaty

3.Which 18th century French journalist and voice of the French Revolution,was assassinated by Charlotte Corday, a Girondist sympathiser,in 1793,while taking a medicinal bath for his debilitating skin condition?

Jean-Paul Marat

4.He  published under a number of pseudonyms,but perhaps most famously, as 'Chevalier de Seingalt'.Which Italian adventurer and author,from the Republic of Venice,also wrote the autobiography 'Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life)',regarded as one of the most authentic sources of European social life during the 18th century?

Giacomo Casanova

5.At the end of the 18th century,how many US States were part of the Union?

Sixteen   (Vermont,Kentucky and Tennessee joined the original 13,prior to 1800)

Quentin Tarantino Films
1. In the 1992 film 'Reservoir Dogs',Steve Buscemi is 'Mr Pink' and Harvey Keitel is 'Mr White'.What colour is assigned to the character played by Quentin Tarantino?

Mr Brown

2.Tarantino co-wrote and directed a film in 1987,but the final reel of the film was destroyed in a lab fire,leaving only half of the film remaining. It would go on to form the basis for Tarantino's second film, 'True Romance'.What is the title of this 1987 effort?

My Best Friend's Birthday

3.This 2007 film pays homage to both the exploitation and slasher film genres of the 1970s. The film centres on a psychopathic stunt man,played by Kurt Russell, who stalks young women before murdering them in staged car accidents .What is the name of this film?

Death Proof

4.For which 1996 film did Tarantino get nomination for a Golden Raspberry Award,(for Worst Supporting Actor), but lost against Marlon Brando's performance in 'The Island of Dr. Moreau'?

From Dusk Til Dawn

5.In an episode called 'Sophia's Wedding',Tarantino made his TV debut ,as an actor ,when he played the role of an Elvis impersonator .On which 1988 hit US TV sitcom did make this debut?

Golden Girls

Smiths(Not the band!  and both names needed)
1. In 2003,he succeeded Shaun Pollock as captain of the South African test side,and in  2011,he succeeded AB de Villiers  as captain of the one-day side.What is the name of this opening batsman,who captained his 100th career Test match in February 2013, against Pakistan?

Graeme Smith

2.Although he has never won,who is the only male actor,with the surname'Smith', to have been nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award?

Will Smith

3.Established in 1846  'for the increase and diffusion of knowledge',the USA's Smithsonian Institution consists of nineteen museums and galleries,as well as the National Zoological Park. Seventeen of these sites are located in Washington DC,with a further two in New York City.Which US state is the location for the remaining site,the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Centre?


4.Often called by his nickname 'Smithy',he was an early Australian aviator. In 1928, he earned global fame when he made the first trans-Pacific flight from the United States to Australia.What is the name of this man,who also made the first non-stop crossing of the Australian mainland?

Charles Kingsford-Smith

5.The Smith lunar crater is located within the huge walled plain Apollo, on the far side of the Moon.It is named in honour of the American astronaut and pilot of the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger.What is his name?

Michael J Smith

1.Home to the country's largest fishing port,which city,in terms of population,is the second largest city in Tunisia?


2.Which Ottoman Empire Admiral of the Fleet,and later Pasha of Algiers,was victorious in the 1534 Conquest of Tunis,but was defeated just one year later in the 1535 Conquest of Tunis by Charles V of Spain?

Hayreddin Barbarossa

3.In 1978,the Tunisian national football team made history when they became the first African team to win a game at the FIFA World Cup Finals. Which team,from the Americas,were their opponents?


4.Following the Tunisian (Jasmine) Revolution that began in 2010,he became the self-proclaimed President of Tunisia,but only for a few hours before Fouad Mebazaa took charge. He seemed much better suited as Prime Minister,as he held the role between 1999 and 2011,the longest of any Prime Minister since the proclamation of independence.What is the name of this politician, who finally resigned,due to protests,in February 2011?

Mohamed Ghannouch

5.Named after the lunar goddess of ancient Carthage,it takes the shape of her symbol - a triangle surmounted by a horizontal line and a circle.What is the name of the Grand Prize of the Carthage Film Festival,one of Africa's oldest film festivals?

Tanit d'Or

World Leaders
1.Which current South American country's President, had a Bulgarian father that was an active member of the Bulgarian Communist Party in the 1920s?

Dilma Rousseff

2.In office since 2009,he was preceeded by Branko Crvenkovski. Which European country's current President is Gjorge Ivanov?

Republic of Macedona

3.Which Asian country saw its one of its longest serving Presidents serve 16 years in office between 1963 and 1979,and later saw his daughter,who had also acted as First Lady during the 1970s,take on the Presidential role in February 2013?

South Korea

4.He served as the last Governor-General of the Union of South Africa  and the first State President of the Republic of South Africa.What was the name of this first Presidential leader,who was in office at the time of Nelson Mandela's conviction and subsequent incarceration,and whose name in Afrikaans means 'black'? 

Charles Robberts Swart

5.It is reported that he said: 'Please speak a little more slowly'.Who was the first US President to ever talk on the telephone,when he spoke to Alexander Graham Bell, who was at the other end 13 miles away?

James Garfield

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Sports Quiz - For your reference

Hello,Just a Quick one for those who have received my Sports Quiz.

Two anomalies:

Question 19) There are two possible answers

Question 56) Netherlands have not won the World Cup. It is the man in the picture I am looking for.

For those entered after 11.30pm Saturday 18th January Question 56 has been amended.

Plenty of time to enter - e-mail to


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100 Question Sports Quiz

I have written a 100 question Sport Quiz .

Anyone can have a copy of this quiz, but only those who have attended a UK (or Ireland equivalent) GP event, or have entered the EQC/WQC in the last 3 years will be eligible to have their score on the official results list. (This is because I know most of these people and that they have attempted these types of quizzes before, although in future I may review the ‘official list’ criteria).

If you would like a copy of the quiz,e-mail me with your e-mail address at and I will start sending them over tomorrow afternoon. (I'm working tomorrow morning).

The closing date is 9th February,so you can e-mail me anytime until ,then,although if you are intending on entering,it may be best to get a copy of the quiz sooner rather than later

As I said before,anyone can have a copy,it's just the scoring table bit at the end which is for GP/EQC/WQC quizzers. So,you can still compare your scores.

Should have a new '5 Category Quiz' up here on Sunday too

Thanks Paul

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

As promised - a New Quiz !

Yep,I have a brand new quiz for you all to have a go at.

Many thanks for your patience over December,but should be back to regular quizzes now.

A few questions include 'taken from the Greek/Latin etc',but I wanted to give an extra clue,where I can.


1.(Pictured)With a link to a famous heavyweight boxer,it is an American slang term,used to refer to men who are especially tough, brave, and inspiring.What two-word term is used as the de facto name of various monuments commemorating servicemen of the United States military?

Iron Mike

2.In Ancient Olympic Games,it was the length of the home straight,approximately 176 metres long.Its Latin name is also very relevant to sporting events.What is the name of this unit of measurement,which,according to Herodutus,is equal to 600 feet? (Greek,Latin or English name accepted)?


3.It has long been associated with the Maltese island of Gozo.According to Homer's Odyssey,on which island,did the nymph Calypso detain Odysseus for 7 years,as she wanted to marry him?


4.Referring to the river from which it originates,Mount Narodnaya is the highest peak in which mountain range?

Ural Mountains

5.'The Gathering of the Juggalos',is an annual hip-hop music festival held at Cave-in Rock,Illinois attracting over 100,000 fans since its first event in 2000.Promoted by Psychopathic Records,it was created by the members of which circus-related American hip-hop group,whose fans are known as  'Juggalos'?

Insane Clown Posse

6.(Pictured) Often referred to as' The Queen of Latin Pop',she has sold over 45 million records worldwide and considered one of the best selling Latin musicians of all time.She has also had an acclaimed career in acting and starred in a variety of soap operas,that have aired in over 180 countries,with a viewership of more than two billion people.She was also given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013.Sharing a name with a Nereid and one of the muses,by what stage name is she commonly known?


7.A Sardinian state,it stayed independent until the 15th century,when the Crown of Aragon finally gained control.During the Middle Ages,its  ruler was known as the Giudice.What is the name of this region,which is derived from the Latin word for tree?


8.Which is the only one of the United Kingdom's  fourteen Overseas Territories,that uses the Euro as its principle currency?

Akrotiri and Dhekelia

9.(Pictured). Located in South Australia,it has a population of just over 1500 and is known as 'the opal capital of the world',because of the quantity of precious opals that are mined there. It is also notable,as it is home to the only golf club in the world that has a reciprocal playing agreement with St Andrew's Golf Club,despite not having a blade of grass on the course. Taken from the Aboriginal for 'white-man's hole',what is the name of this unique town?

Coober Pedy

10.Taken from the Greek meaning 'lake knowledge',what name is given to the study of inland waters,sometimes referred to as 'freshwater science'?


11.(Pictured) An Austrian-born film actress,she also held German and French citizenship. Her films include 'L'important c'est d'aimer'(1975),'The Cardinal'(1963) and the 'Sissi' trilogy (1955-1957).She died in 1982, a year after her 14 year old son.David, died trying to climb a fence and she was also the partner of French film director Alain Delon between 1959-1963. The main Austrian TV and film awards are named in her honour and her name is given to a prestigious award for promising upcoming actresses in the French film industry.What is her name?

Romy Schneider

12.Opened in the Southern suburbs of Paris in 1932,which is the second busiest airport in France,in terms of overall passenger traffic,after Charles de Gaulle?

Orly Airport

13.Examples include a thermostat,cruise control and autopilot.What name,taken from the Greek meaning 'standing still',is the property of a system in which variables are regulated,so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant?


14.(Pictured) At the 1992 Winter Olympic Games in Albertville,Annelise Coberger won a silver medal in the women's slalom ski event. In doing so,she became the first person from the Southern hemisphere to win a Winter Olympic medal. Which country did she represent?

New Zealand

15.Featured in the 2001 film Ocean's Eleven,as one the robbed casinos,which Las Vegas Strip Hotel and Casino,is named after a town on Lake Como?


16.Sometimes known as the barking deer,it is thought to be the oldest known deer,dating back from 15-35 million years ago.They are most commonly found in South Asia,although one species,known as 'Reeve's',has been introduced in England. What is the name of this small deer,which also has other species such as 'Leaf','Indian' and 'Roosevelt's'?


17.(Pictured) A French film actress and film producer,she starred in films including 'Novo' (2002),'Lovely Rita, sainte patronne des cas desesperes' (2003) and '8 fois debout' (2009),where she won the Best Actress award at the Tokyo International Film festival.Also known as a left-wing,political activist,what is the name of this actress,who in 2013,was accused of having an affair with the French President,Francois Hollande?

Julie Gayet

18.In which religion are ignorance,aversion,attachment,pride and jealousy,known as The Five Poisons?


19.It is a term thought to have originated in the 1960s in Texas,but relates to a different state completely.Which 'measurement' of time was once defined by Johnny Carson as 'the interval between a Manhattan traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his horn'?

New York Minute

20.(Pictured) His surname is Ledesma,but he is usually known only by his first name.Which Barcelona football player,during the 2009-10 season,became the first player in history to score in six different official club competitions in one season,(although this has since been matched by Lionel Messi)?


21.(Both names needed).Her life is one of the most documented of the first ladies and is remembered for the many letters she wrote to her husband during the Continental Congresses.What was the name of the wife of the second President of the United States and mother of the sixth President?

Abigail Adams

22.(Pictured) Due for completion in 2015,this hotel,owned by InterContinental, has been built underground,in the side of an abandoned, water-filled quarry,at the base of Tianmenshan Mountain.Designed by the same architects that created the Burj Al Arab,this breath-taking hotel can be found on the outskirts of which Asian city?


23.It is a lifestyle characterised by abstinence from various worldly pleasures, with the aim of pursuing religious and spiritual goals.Primarily,it is used by religions such as Buddhism,Jainism and Christianity.What is the name of this lifestyle (or practice),which is derived from the Greek meaning 'training or exercise'?


24.It is the opaque, fibrous, protective, outer layer of the eye and contains collagen and elastic fibre.What is the scientific name for the white of a human eye?


25.(Pictured)He is one of the founders of America's Lollapalooza music festival and is the only person to have performed at all twelve Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festivals (usually known as 'Coachella'). He has led rock bands such as Porno For Pyros and Satellite,as well as establishing himself as a DJ.He is,however,best known as the frontman for the alternative rock band Jane's Addiction.What is his name?

Perry Farrell

Monday, 13 January 2014

Back in a couple of days

I'm finally over the various bugs,colds and other annoying ailments that I picked up in December.

Sorry,that I haven't been able to update you with new questions,but I will have my next quiz up within the next few days.

I am also in the process of writing a 100 question sports quiz,which should be complete sometime in January. This will be a quiz that you take at home and send back.

The sports quiz will,firstly,be available to regular Grand Prix players in the UK and Ireland,as well as anyone that has competed at the European Quiz Championships or World Championships.

I will then release the quiz to anyone who wants it,to try and compare your scores and I'l  will put it on the site,for future reference.

Many thanks and Happy New Year