Friday, 15 November 2013

Just an idea

In January,I was thinking of running my 'Five Category' quiz as a fortnightly event,where participants would send in their answers.

I thought of adding a bonus 2 points for getting all correct in a category and another bonus 2 points if a question is correctly answered by only one person (ie a solo).

I could then have a league table,run over six months (or 12 quizzes),based on the average score,with the best 8 of 12 counting.

It would be 25 questions per fortnight ,taking around 20 mins and you would have,10-14 days to complete. For the first 'season', I would only accept GP or EQC/WQC players,but should be able to work something out after that.

The questions will be posted anyway,so people could still compare their scores,even if they do not play.

I will get some initial feedback via Facebook, but if positive,I will post more details in December.