Tuesday, 5 November 2013

EQC Impromptu Quiz

Back from the European Quiz Championships and had a great time.

Did about as well as expected,but really going for the experience this time and hopefully I can build for next year.

Many thanks to all of the organisers and volunteers and special thanks to the rest of Team Ireland ,who made me feel very welcome.

Also it was great to see many readers of this site at the event and to hear some great feedback,so thanks again.

Today I am putting up a quiz I ran at the championships. It does use questions I've used before, but I think it will be a good test, so take a look below.

It was played in teams,with 2 points per answer. The wining team scored 66/80 and the average was around 54/80.

Should have a brand new quiz tomorrow. Enjoy.......................

Impromptu EQC Quiz (Answers are at the end of the quiz)
First Half

1. Their golden shoes have since become a pop culture cult classic. In 1984,the pop group 'The Herreys',won the 1984 Eurovision song contest with the song 'Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley'.Which country did they represent?


2. Upon his abdication in 1918, King Frederick Augustus III was the last monarch of which Kingdom?

Kingdom of Saxony

3. Considered a delicacy in Mexico,'escamoles' are the larvae of which insect?


4. Following his doping ban in February 2012, Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador was stripped of his 2010
Tour de France title. Which rider from Luxembourg was subsequently awarded the title? (Both names needed)

Andy Schleck

5. Presented annually by the King of Norway, the Abel Prize is an international award given to outstanding contributions in which field?


6. Emperor Franz Josef and Napoleon were among the rulers who participated in this battle, which led to the annexation of Lombardy by Sardinia-Piedmont. What was the last battle of the Second War of Italian Independence, whose bloodshed inspired Henri Dunant to form the International Red Cross?

Battle of Solferino

7. In athletics, which is the only country other than the United States to have held the World Record for the Men's 4x400 metre relay, achieving the feat at the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games?


8. First aired in 2007, this American TV drama series follows ex-spy Michael Westen, who is trapped in Miami, after mysteriously being dumped by the intelligence services. With Jeffrey Donovan in the lead role, what is the title of this show?

Burn Notice

9. Ithuriel’s Spear belongs to which family of plants?


10. Noted for his discovery of 'quasicrystals', in which Nobel Prize category, did the Israeli professor, Dan Shechtman receive the award in 2011?


11. In July 1954, Italian climbers Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni, became the first people to make a successful ascent of which mountain?


12. In May 1955, what was formed by the 'Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Assistance?

Warsaw Pact

13. Marseille won the first ever UEFA Champions League Final in 1993.Which alliteratively named footballer scored the only goal of the game?

Basile Boli

14. Which multi-national Japanese Electronics Company, was formed as the result of a 1939 merger between the companies Shibaura Seisakusho and Tokyo Denki?


15. In 1971 he was elected 'President for Life’, but this was overturned in 1993 and he was eventually defeated in 1994.Who, following its independence in 1964, became the first (and longest serving) President of Malawi?

Hastings Banda

16. Which national men's field hockey team won all the event's Olympic Gold Medals between 1928 and 1956, but has failed to medal since 1984?


17. In Greek mythology, what was the name of the wise centaur who taught many Greek heroes including Jason, Achilles and Perseus, at his school in Thessaly?


18. Previously named after its capital city, its domestic hub is located at Gimpo International Airport. They are also (currently) an official shirt sponsor of the national football team.Asiana airlines is the second largest airline of which country?

South Korea

19.In which 2001 comedy film, does Ben Stiller play the title character, a dim-witted model, who gets caught up in a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia?


20. In Mozart's opera 'The Marriage of Figaro’, what is the name of Figaro's bride-to-be?



21. Running for five seasons between 1972 and 1977, which US TV police drama followed the fortunes of Lieutenant Mike Stone and Inspector Steve Keller?

The Streets of San Francisco

22. Rich in associated calcium and phosphorus, it makes up around 80% of proteins found in cow’s milk and is also the main protein found in cheese. What is this protein's name, taken, unsurprisingly, from the Latin meaning 'cheese'?


23. From which animal is the food product, lard, created?


24. At the 2011 Academy Awards, which film provided the winners of both 'Best Supporting' acting roles, with Christian Bale and Melissa Leo the respective recipients?

The Fighter

25. The tallest man-made monument in the United States is located in Missouri, designed by Eero Saarinen and Hannskarl Bandel and completed in 1947.What is its name?

Gateway Arch (St Louis)

26. Found in Christian churches, what name is given to the small chest or cabinet, in which the consecrated hosts are kept?


27. Argentine middleweight boxer, Juan Roldan holds a unique place in boxing history. In 1984 he became the only fighter to officially score a knockdown against which boxing legend?

Marvin Hagler

28. Who was the leader of the Soviet Union, who followed Leonid Brezhnev in 1982 and was succeeded by Konstantin Chernenko, on his death in 1984?

Yuri Andropov

29. The Sejm and the Senate are the two chambers which make up the National Assembly of which European country's parliament?


30. Competing with Jacques Heim to produce the 'world's smallest swimsuit’, which French automobile engineer is credited for inventing the bikini in 1946?

Louis Reard

31. Housed in a gallery within the Belvedere Palace, which European capital city is the current home to the world famous painting, ‘The Kiss’, created by Gustav Klimt between 1907-08?


32. In the world of video-gaming, Blinky, Pinky, Inky are three of the ghosts in the game, Pacman.What is the name of the fourth ghost?


33. The character of Phoebe Buffay in US TV sitcom 'Friends' is famously played by Lisa Kudrow, as is the character's twin sister Ursula Buffay.On which other US TV sitcom that aired between 1992 and 1999, did Ursula regularly appear?

Mad About You

34. Named after a British politician and merchant, by what island name was Tuvalu known, prior to its independent status in 1974?

Ellice Islands

35. Literally meaning 'dance girl’, what name, beginning with the letter 'M', is given to an apprentice Geisha?


36. Linked to a relative, what is the eight-word title of the Thai film that won the Palme D'or at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival?

Uncle Boonmee,Who Can Recall His Past Lives

37. With 1,196 inhabitants per square mile, which is the most densely populated state in the USA?

New Jersey

38. Which 20th century conflict was ended by the Dayton Agreement?

Bosnian War

39. If lupine is wolf-like and feline is cat-like, which marine mammal is described as squaloid?


40. Sounding like a school football team and based in his home city of Rosario, from which Argentine football club did Barcelona sign Lionel Messi at just 11 years of age?

Newell's Old Boys