Sunday, 10 November 2013

5 Category Quiz - a little tricky in parts

Here is my Five Category Quiz.

My notepad is being repaired,(along with a lot of questions), so there may not be three quizzes per week at the moment .However, I will try to put as much as I can on

To be honest this week,the quiz is tricky in parts,but should make a good test.

Probably on the same level as the Main Quiz, but without the pictures.
The categories are Basketball,Islands,Nobel Laureates,Film Related and Sweden

I'll try to put a Picture Quiz up later tonight on www, (for those of you who have been following them).

Anyway enjoy.....................

1.San Antonio basketball player, Tony Parker was named as the 2013 EuroBasket Most Valuable Player following his team's victory over Lithuania. Which European nation does he represent?


2.Between 1957 and 1969,Bill Russell,playing in the position of 'centre',won 11 NBA Championships,a record still held today.For which basketball team did he play,in every one of those finals?

Boston Celtics

3.Leading the Detroit Pistons to consecutive National Basketball Association (NBA) Championships in 1989 and 1990,what was the name of the basketball coach who led  the iconic USA 'Dream Team', to the men's basketball gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics?

Chuck Daly

4.The first winners of the basketball World Championship,in 1950,which nation of the Americas became the only the third nation outside of the United States to claim the Olympic basketball Gold Medal,at the 2004 Olympics in Athens?


5.The current team President of the Indiana Pacers,he spent 13 years,from 1978 at the Boston Celtics,where he had a successful career.He then coached at the Indian Pacers between 1997 and 2000,leading them to the NBA finals.What is the name of the only person in NBA history to be named Most Valuable Player, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year?

Larry Bird

1.Having a total population made up of 32 Brazilian navy personnel,Trindade and Martim Vaz is an archipelago located in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, about 1,200 kilometres east of which Brazilian state,which has its capital at Vitoria?

Espirito Santo

2.Located in Tanzania,what the name of the largest island in Lake Victoria,which is also the largest inland island in Africa?


3.Well known as as seaside resort and for its amusement parks,it is also the setting of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical 'Love Never Die's.Which island,(now partially connected to the mainland), in south west Brooklyn takes its name from a dutch word for rabbit?

Coney Island

4.The tallest mountain in Portugal is a stratovolcano located on, and named after the second largest island in the Azores. What is this mountain's name?

Mount Pico

5.Located in the South Pacific,it is found in the middle of a triangle formed by Tonga,Samoa and the Cook Islands. Which self-governing state,with a capital at Alofi ,became,in 2003,the first territory in the world,to offer free wireless internet to all of its inhabitant?


Nobel Laureates
1.Sharing a name with a French car manufacturer,which French jurist and educator, was a co-recipient of the 1907 Nobel Peace Prize,for his work as a 'leading international jurist and a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague'?

Louis Renault

2.Notable,as the only film performance by the Italian theatre star Eleonora Duse,'Cenera' was adapted from a 1904 novel by which Italian writer,the second female and second Italian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Grazia Deledda

3.In 1943 Henrik Dam and Edward Doisy,received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine,for their part in the discovery of which vitamin?

Vitamin K

4.In 2013,the Canadian writer,Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature.Who is the only other Canadian-born writer to win this award,doing so in 1976?

Saul Bellow

5.He was awarded the 2010 JJ Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics and the Wolf Prize in Physics in 2004.Which noted Belgian physicist wa also awarded the Nobel Prize in 2013,along with Peter Higgs,for his discovery of the Higgs mechanism?

Francois Englert

Film Related
1.His work is featured prominently in a 1986 Martin Scorsese film. George Balabushka is globally renowned for his craftsmanship in making what type of sports equipment?

Cues (Pool,Snooker,Billiards etc)

2.Considered,by many critics,to be the best Kung-Fu film of all time,its title was used,in part,on a 1993 Wu-Tang Clan album.Starring Liu Chia-Hui,it tells the story of a man who is guided through various rooms in a temple,as a means of training,in order to gain vengeance,after an attack by Manchu henchmen.What is the name of this film,which has a numerical theme and  also spawned two sequels?

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

3.The film 2009 film, Avatar, holds the record as the highest grossing film ever. If, however, the figures were adjusted to include inflation, it is beaten into second place by which much earlier film?

Gone With The Wind

4.As the book was banned in the Soviet Union,David Lean's 1965 film adaptation of 'Dr Zhivago',was largely filmed in which EU country?


5.He is noted as one the most influential Italian filmmakers of all time,winning the 1946 Palme d'Or for his film 'Rome, Open City'.He is also noted for his seven year marriage to the actress Ingid Bergman.Which prolific Italian film director and screenwriter is also (less) noted for the fact that his father built the first cinema in Rome ?

Roberto Rossellini

1.It is,perhaps, best known as the location for Jukkasjarvi ice hotel,which is built from scratch each year.What is the name of Sweden's most northerly city,which is also the largest city,in terms of population,in Swedish Lapland?


2.Known for his welfare reforms and establishing one of  the world's largest armed forces (at the time),what was the name of the longest serving Swedish Prime Minister,that served for over 23 years between 1946 and 1969,before handing over to his protege and friend Olaf Palme?

Tage Erlander

3.Made a UNESCO World  Heritage Site in 1995,its name is taken from the Old Norse,meaning 'city'.What is the name of the largest town and only locality with historical city status on the island of Gotland?


4.Based in the town of Helsingborg,with which football club.currently in the fourth division of Swedish football,did the Swedish international star,Henrik Larsson,both begin and end his playing career?

Hogaborgs BK

5.Usually used when measuring tiny particles such as atoms or molecules,which Swedish physicist and co-founder of the science of spectroscopy, gives his name to a unit of length equal to one ten-billionth of a metre?

Anders Jonas Angstrom