Wednesday, 2 October 2013

'Questions that I should know the answer to' part 2

Here are 20 questions,that have either tripped me up or I've found interesting, I thought if I write them down,maybe I'll remember them.

Hope you do too.

Again some easy,some hard and some you may have heard before.

Three film ones in there. Enjoy............

1.Spitsbergen is  the largest (and only permanently populated) island of which northern Norwegian archipelago?


2.David Lean earned the second of his 'Best Director' Academy Award nominations,for which 1946 film,an adaptation of a Charles Dickens novel?

Great Expectations

3.In which city,the most populous in New Mexico,is the series 'Breaking Bad' set?


4.In mythology,who is the Roman goddess of the hearth,home and family,the Roman counter-part  to the Greek goddess Hestia?


5.Which British composer created the opera 'The Rape of Lucretia'?

Benjamin Britten

6.If a piece of music is denoted by the term 'strepitoso',how should it be played?


7.Which of the Bronte sisters was played on screen by Olivia de Havilland in the 1946 biopic film 'Devotion'?

Emily Bronte

8.The Prince of Asturias,is a name given to the heir apparent of which European nation?


9.Who was the Prime Minister of New Zealand,before John key came into power in 2008?

Helen Clark

10.Based on a 1911 play and 1953 musical,it also shares its name with a Turkish word meaning 'fate'.Which 1955 Vicente Minelli musical film casted Howard Keel in the role of 'The Poet' and Vic Damone in the role of 'The Caliph'?


11.In 1909,a ten time World Ice Skating champion first landed a jump in competition,in which he took off on the back inside edge of one foot, and landed on the back outside edge of his other.By what name is this 'trick' or 'move' commonly known?

Salchow (after Ulrich Salchow)

12.Released in 2000,which was the first Radiohead album to reach number one in the US album charts?

Kid A

13.Which acid  is sometimes referred to,historically, as 'oil of vitriol'?


14.Painted between 1500–1501,which Italian Renaissance artist created the work 'The Mystical Nativity',his only signed piece of artwork?

Sandro Botticelli

15.By changing one letter in the name of a famous Brazilian footballer,you should be able to answer this question.Which Wagner opera,became the first Italian language opera to be written for the London stage?


16.Which battle of 31BC, saw an Octavian victory and crushing defeat for Mark Antony and Cleopatra,proving to be the catalyst for their eventual suicides within the year?

Battle of Actium

17.Which US city is home to the World of Coca-Cola museum,where,amongst other things,visitors can see the official 'Vault of the Secret Formula',moved from the Sun Trust Bank vault in 2011?


18.What was the name of the 19th century French acrobat,who gained notoriety for his tightrope crossings of the Niagra falls,whilst performing stunts?

Charles Blondin

19.A Cholecystectomy,is a surgical procedure to remove which part of the human body?


20.Around 90% of which metal is needed to create the alloy Pewter?