Thursday, 17 October 2013

Not quite the Main Quiz ,but 25 useful questions for you

Here is my next instalment of 5 questions split into 5 categories.

Maybe not quite as tough as the Main Quiz (I'll let you decide), but I think you will enjoy it.

The 5 Categories are: Palme d'Or, Literature,Chemical Elements, Formula One and Photography

Enjoy.......(and expect more quizzes over the weekend)

Palme d'Or
1.Starring John Tuturro and John Goodman,which 1991 film won the Coen Brothers their only Palme d'Or?

Barton Fink

2.Michael Haneke directed the 2012 Palme d'Or winning film 'Amour'. For which German-language film did he also win the award three years earlier,in 2009?

The White Ribbon

3.Winning the Palme d'Or in 2000,which Lars Trier film also saw its leading lady,Bjork,claim the Best Actress award?

Dancer In The Dark

4.Which 1976 film gave Martin Scorcese his only Palme d'Or triumph?

Taxi Driver

5.Which 1987 film,directed by Billy August and starring Max von Sydow,won both the 1988 Palme d'or  and the 1988 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film?

Pelle The Conqueror

1.Which Irish writer wrote the 1916 book 'A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man? 

James Joyce

2.Which famous 19th century author's first completed novel was titled 'The Professor',but was eventually published posthumously (in 1857),after being rejected by several publishing houses?

Charlotte Bronte

3.The first 'Penguin Classic' book was published in 1946. It was EV Rieu's translation of which ancient work? 

The Odyssey

4.Adapted into the 1954 Fritz Lang film,'The Human Desire',which 19th century French author wrote the classic novel,'La Bete Humaine'?

Emile Zola

5.Released in 2013,what is the title of the fourth and most recent book in the Robert Langdon series of books by Dan Brown?


Chemical Elements
1.Which gas is the second most abundant in the universe and has both the lowest boiling and melting points?


2.Which element,with the atomic number 58,was named after a dwarf planet,which in turn,was named after the Roman goddess of agriculture?


3.Discovered in 1879 by the French chemist Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran,it was named after the mineral from which it was isolated.With the atomic number 62 and the chemical symbol Sm,what is the name of this element?

Samarium (after Samarskite)

4.Although it contains iron,the mineral Sphalerite is the chief ore of which metal?


5.Mainly used in strengthening alloys,in particular copper and lead,which chemical element with the atomic number 33 takes its name from the Greek for 'yellow orpiment'?


Formula One
1.Which Formula One constructors,hold the record for most wins at the Monaco Grand Prix since 1950,with 12 victories?


2.Driving an Alfa Romeo,which Italian won the first Formula One World Drivers Championship,in 1950?

Giuseppe Farina

3.With which team was Michael Schumacher driving when he recorded his first Formula One World Driver's Championship victory,in 1994?


4.When Jacques Villeneuve won the 1997 Driver's Championship,he was racing for the Williams team.Which German team-mate of Villeneuve,finished second in the championship that season,following Michael Schumacher's disqualification for dangerous driving?

Heinz-Harald Frentzen

5.In which city has the Australian Grand Prix been held since 1996?


1.Which Scottish photographer took the famous picture of the four Beatles on a zebra crossing,which was used on the cover of their 1969 album 'Abbey Road'?

Iain Macmillan

2.Which British photographer has been married to Rosemary Bramble,Catherine Deneuve, Marie Helvin and Catherine Dyer (to whom he is still married)?

David Bailey

3.Now cropped and adapted for numerous posters and t-shirts,which Cuban photographer took the original 1960,iconic picture,of Che Guevara,entitled 'Guerrillero Heroico'?

Albert Korda (accept Gutierrez)

4.Sharbat Gula is the name of the 12 year old Afghan girl,who was the subject of a very famous photograph by  Steve McCurry. On the cover of which magazine,in 1985,did her striking picture first appear?

National Geographic

5.Which world famous photographic co-operative organisation was co-founded in 1947 by Henri-Bresson Cartier?

Magnum (photos)