Saturday, 19 October 2013

More 20 answers I should know

I have another instalment of '20 Answers I should know'

Main Quiz and Picture Quiz tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy.............

1.Located in the town of Hanover,the Ivy League university,Dartmouth College,is found in which US state?

New Hampshire

2.The 2001 cult film,'Donnie Darko',starred Jake Gyllenhall as a troubled teenager.Throughout the film,he encounters a large figure in a rabbit costume,who also features on many of the film's promotional posters.What is the name of this 'rabbit'?


3.The four main varieties are Romano,Sardo,Toscano and Siciliano.Taking the name from the Italian for 'sheep',what is the name of this family of Italian cheeses,made from ewe's milk?


4.In honour of which US civil rights activist,is a public holiday observed in California on the 4th February and in Ohio on the 1st of December?

Rosa Parks

5.Which author wrote the 1991 novel 'American Psycho', later adapted into a successful 2000 film?

Bret Easton Ellis

6.In the United States,an astronaut,is described as 'a person trained to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft'.In Russia,the equivalent person is known as a cosmonaut. In which country is the equivalent called a 'taikonaut'?


7.'The Lady with the Lamp',is a name attributed to Florence Nightingale,following an article printed in the Times newspaper during the Crimean War. However,it was made popular following a line in the 1857 poem 'Santa Filomena',written by which poet?

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

8.In which Italian city does the Giro d'Italia,one of cycling's Grand Tour events,finish?


9.Which Academy Award winning film was a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film 'Infernal Affairs'?

The Departed

10.In the late 19th century,Auguste Escoffier listed five sauces as the 'mother sauces' of French cuisine. Bechamel,Hollandaise and Tomate are three such sauces,name either of the other two?

Veloute and Espagnole

11.Also winning the 1982 Commonwealth gold,which Australian woman won the first ever Olympic Hepathlon,in LosAngeles in 1984,beating Jackie-Joyner Kersee into second place?

Glynis Nunn

12.Winning a Grammy Award in 1960 for the song, 'African Waltz',which Canadian composer is best known for writing the music to the 1968 musical,'Hair'?

Galt MacDermot

13.In describing the conflict lasting between 1739-1748,which 19th century Scottish philospher and writer,first coined the term 'The War of Jenkin's Ear'?

Thomas Carlyle

14.'The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent' is a collection of 34 essays and short stories published serially throughout 1819 and 1820.Two of those stories were 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Rip Van Winkle',written by which American author?

Washington Irving

15.Put on trial in July 2013,what was the name of the captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship,which partially sank in January 2012,resulting in 32 deaths?

Francesco Schettino

16.Of the former (or present) First Ladies of the United States,that are still alive,who is the oldest?

Nancy Reagan

17.Taken from the Greek meaning 'yellow horse',she is featured,(amongst other works), in Plato's 'Phaedo'.What was the name of the wife of the Greek philosopher, Socrates?


18.Naxos is the largest,in terms of area,of which Greek island group?


19.His co-star in all three Crocodile Dundee films,which American actress,until October 2013,was married to Paul Hogan?

Linda Kozlowski

20.Serving between 1965-1990,Lee Kuan Yew,holds the record as both the youngest and longest serving Prime Minister of which Asian country?