Sunday, 20 October 2013

I particularly like Question13

Here's the next Main Quiz.

A good mix,so should suit most people. I particularly like question 13,as it's one of those facts that stick with me.

I also wanted to point out that I now have a little 'sister' site called, which shows 25 pictures from a given category each week. Just a bit of fun really,but something you may like.

Well,here is the quiz


1.(Pictured) Only contested once in the Olympic Games,in 1900,it is still a popular event within the sport.Which event in equestrianism,is taken from an Anglo-French word meaning 'power' and consists of several rounds where the horses try to jump progressively larger obstacles?


2.Based on a Stephen King Novel of 2009,it sees Mike Vogel play the protagonist and lists Steven Spielberg as an Executive producer.Which US science fiction drama,set in the town of Chester's Mill in Maine,premiered in the US,in June 2013?

Under The Dome

3.Published as a book in 1936,it was a socialist realism novel written by Nikolai Ostrovsky that features the main characters Pavel Korchagin and Tonia Toumanova.What is the title of this book,which has sold more than 36 million copies worldwide,making it one of the best-selling Russian language novels ever?

How The Steel was Tempered

4.The clue is in the name. The band Max Q,is a Houston-based band,formed in 1987. The band is unique as all of its members have which full-time occupation?


5.(Pictured)Located in Montezuma County,Colorado,it is the largest archaeological preserve in the United States and is particularly famous for its cliff dwellings.What is the name of this National Park that was also one of the first places in the US to be confirmed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Mesa Verde National Park

6.According to Critias,it was considered only second to gold in value.Beginning with the letter 'o',which mythical metal,taken from the Greek for 'mountain metal',is mentioned in ancient accounts of Atlantis,The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons (amongst others)?


7.(Pictured)In July 2013,who became the first German woman to reach a tennis Grand Slam final,since Steffi Graf at Wimbledon in 1999?

Sabine Lisicki

8.Named after a Czech pathologist,which ligament,also known as the 'suspensory muscle of duodenum',connects the duodenum to the diaphragm?

Ligament of Treitz

9.The Peace of Nicias,was a peace treaty signed between the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta in March 421 BC, ending the first half of which ancient war?

Peloponnesian War

10.Kyalami racing track,is noted as the site of a fatal accident that claimed the lives of race marshal Frederick Jansen van Vuuren and the driver Tom Pryce in 1977.Which country was the host of this Formula One Grand Prix?

South Africa

11.(Pictured)Derived from the French meaning 'three square',it is often used in laprsoscopic surgery.What is the name of this medical instrument,which is often passed inside a canula,as a portal for other devices, such as a chest drain and intravenous canula?


12.Appearing on Australian television between 1989-92,it was created by,and starred Nick Giannopoulos, George Kapiniaris and Simon Palomares.Sharing its name with a 2002 BBC Radio four comedy and a pun on a famous 1979 film,what was the name of this comedy series,that was set in a Greek cafe in Melbourne?

Acropolis Now

13.(Pictured)This man is,perhaps,most famous for playing the title role in the 1980s US TV detective series 'Hunter'. He is,however,particularly noted in American Football circles,as the only NFL player ever,to have scored two safties in game.What is his name?

Fred Dryer

14.Located in the Abasto mall,which South American country is the site of the only kosher McDonald's restaurant outside of Israel?


15.His work has been adapted into two successful films.What is the name of the American author,who is best known for writing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series of novels?

Rick Riordan

16.Situated on the northern bank of the Moskva River,this cathedral is located to the south west of the Kremlin.At a height of 103 metres,what name is given to this building,the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world?

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

17.(Pictured) In 1947, he took one of his most famous photos,when he depicted a mournful Albert Einstein. He is also recognised for his work with Salvador Dali,especially in creating the work 'In Voluptus Mors'.What is the name of this Latvian-born American photograpaher,who was also the subject of the 2007 film 'Jump!'

Philippe Halsman

18.In 1971 he was elected 'President for Life',but this was overturned in 1993 and he was eventually defeated in 1994.Who,following its independence in 1964,became the first (and longest serving) President of Malawi?

Hastings Banda

19.In Ireland,which famous battle of 1690,resulted in a protestant victory and is still celebrated,annually,by the Protestant Orange Order on the 12th July?

Battle of the Boyne

20.(Pictured)Part of the cactus family,it's latin name is Opuntia. It's largest producer is Mexico,but it is especially grown on the Maltese island of Gozo,to produce the liquer Bajtra.What is the common (and English) name of this fruit?

Prickly Pear

21.What was the name of the 17th century Archbishop of Canterbury that was described as the chief 'over-seer' of the production of the King James Bible?

Richard Bancroft

22.In the 2002-03 season,which Greek football club became the only team in Champions League history,to draw all six of their group games,resulting in them finishing third in the group?

AEK Athens

23.The song 'Killing an Arab',was described by its composer,Robert Smith,'as a short poetic attempt at condensing my impression of the key moments in L'√Čtranger (by Albert Camus)' .Which British (and globally famous) group released this song,as their first single,in 1978?

The Cure

24.(Pictured)He made a fortune in mining,and oil and gas exploration and is currently the chairman of the Brazilian conglomerate,the EBX Group. Between March 2012 and July 2013,his net worth decreased by an astonishing 99%,with his peak net worth decreasing from $32 Billion to $200 million. What is the name of this 'unlucky' German-Brazilian businessman?

Eike Batista

25.Based on the true story behind the 2005 film of the same name,it tells the story of a struggling shoemaker and his drag queen business partner.Which musical recorded 13 nominations and 6 wins at the 2013 Tony Awards and saw Cyndi Lauper become the first woman ever,to win the composing category as a solo female writer?

Kinky Boots