Sunday, 13 October 2013

First Quiz of tonight

This is a new quiz that I will post a various intervals - assuming people like it.

It is intended as a mix of list-learning and general knowledge questions.As the quiz progresses,you will find that there are longer questions.  

Again some hard,some easy.

There are five categories,each with five questions. This week US Capitals,Turner Prize,World Cup-winning captains,Mountains, Academy Nominations and Winners

Hope you enjoy..............

US State Capitals

1.What is the capital of Maryland?


2.What is the capital of Kansas? 


3.What is the capital of Montana?


4.What is the capital of North Carolina?


5.What is the capital of West Virginia


Turner Prize
1.In which year was the first Turner Prize presented?


2.Who was the first winner of the Turner Prize?

Malcolm Morley

3.Who was the first female winner of the Turner Prize?

Rachel Whiteread

4.Who won the Prize in 2010,becoming the first artist to win,by using sound only, as their medum?

Susan Philipsz

5.In 1999,Tracey Emin received her only Turner Prize nomination (to date),with her infamous work 'My Bed'.Which film director beat Emin,to win the award in the same year?

Steve McQueen

FIFA World Cup Winning Captains (previously known as the Jules Rimet Trophy)
1.Playing in his third final,who was the captain of Brazil's 2002 World Cup winning side?


2. Paolo Rossi was the goalscoring hero,but who captained Italy Argentina to World Cup victory in 1982?

Dino Zoff

3.Who was Argentina's World Cup winning captain in 1978?

Daniel Passarella

4.Thought to be one of the best sides of all time,who captained Brazil to their 1970 World Cup triumph?

Carlos Alberto

5.Who,in 1930,which Uruguayan captain,became the first man to lift the World Cup?

Jose Nasazzi

1.Mount Ras Dashen lies in the Semien Mountains and is the highest peak in which African country?


2.Located in Spain,what is the name of the highest mountain in the Pyrenees?


3.The fourth highest peak in the Andes,what is the highest mountain in Peru?


4.Located in the South Korean resort of Pyeongchang, in which mountain range will the 2018 Winter Olympics be held?

Taebaek Mountains

5.In which European country is Kebnekaise the highest peak?


Academy Nominations and Awards
1.Nominated in eleven categories,which was the only Academy Award won by the critically acclaimed film,Chinatown at the 1975 ceremony?

Best Original Screenplay

2.The 1985 film'The Color Purple' is infamous for being nominated for the most Academy Awards without winning a single one.Which other 1985 film was more successful at the award ceremony,(in 1986),picking up seven wins?

Out Of Africa

3.At the 1991 ceremony for films made in 1990,which film had both the most Academy Award nominations(11) and the most Academy Award wins(7)?

Dances With Wolves

4.Prior to Ben Hur breaking the record a year later,which 1958 film held the record for winning the most Academy Awards,recording nine wins?


5.For which 2005 film did Steven Spielberg win a Best director Academy Award?