Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Another of the '5 Category' quizzes - Quite Tough but the EQCs are nearing!

I have another instalment of my 'five category quizzes'.

Five questions in each of the following categories:Rivers,Athletics,Animal Kingdom,Euro TV and Business

As the title suggests,these may be a little tricky,but I thought as the European Quiz Championships are near,this would be good practice.

For those of you not attending,it should still be an interesting quiz


1.Flowing through the capital,Nicosia,before meeting the sea at Famagusta Bay,what is the longest river in Cyprus?

River Pedieos

2.Running through the Cevennes mountain range in southern France,which river,a tributary of the Garonne,does the Millau viaduct span?

River Tarn

3.Starting in the mountains near Fingalthe,South Esk river flows through the locations of Avoca, Evandale, Longford, Hadspen and finally Launceston. In which Australian state is this river,the longest?


4.One of the longest rivers in South America,through which two countries does the Orinoco River flow?

Colombia and Venezuela

5.Originally called the 'River of Canoes',it's current name came three years later when Alonso De Leo called it  the 'La Santisima Trinidad'  (the most holy trinity). The River Trinity,at 1140km in length,is the longest river that flows entirely in which US State?


1.Doing so in the 100m and 200m,Usain Bolt was the only man (from 2008) to retain an individual track Gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games.Which Polish athlete was the only man to retain an individual field gold medal at the same Games?

Tomasz Majewski

2.He won two World Championships Gold medals,but never won an Olympic medal.Who is the current Mens European record holder over 400m hurdles?

Stephane Diagana

3.Which female Czech athlete, holds both the world record and the hepathlon record for the Javelin throw (although they differ by over 12 metres)?

Barbora Spotakova

4.The Womens 400m final at the 2000 Sydney Olympics,has become synonymous with the Australian athlete and Gold medalist,Cathy Freeman.Which  Jamaican athlete and seven-time World Championship medalist finished second in that race?

Lorraine Graham (now Fenton)

5.He shares both his first name and surname with an early 20th century,Polish-born,British anthropologist.Which Polish athlete,in 1980,was the last European to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the Men's 3000m Steeplechase event?

Bronislaw Malinowski

Animal Kingdom
1.Named after the mountain range in Madagascar,where they are endemic,what is the name of the dwarf lemur,that was originally discovered there in 2001,but only formally named in August 2013?

Lavasoa (dwarf lemur)

2.Which species of penguin,known for its 'tuxedo-like' appearance,was named,in 1840 by the French explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville,in honour of his wife?


3.One of the few non-seabirds in the region,it is only found on the South Georgia archipelago.What is the name of the only song bird found in Antarctica?

(South Georgia) Pipit

4.Roaming in the rainforests between Mexico and Argentina,it is similar in appearance to the ocelot,but smaller in size.Beginning with the letter 'm',which member of the feline family,is named after the 18th/19th century,Prince Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied?


5.They are large relatives of guinea pigs,although they are often compare,in appearance to rabbits.Most common in the Patagonian steppes of Argentina,which animal is the fourth largest of the rodents,(after the capybara,beaver and porcupine)?


Euro TV
1.It appeared on German TV between 1974-1988 and starred Horst Tappert as a titular police Chief Inspector,solving murder cases in Munich.He was also assisted by 'Inspector Harry Klein' in each episode.What is the one-word name of this show,which in 2013,announced it would no longer show re-runs,after it emerged that Tappert lied about his service with the Waffen-SS in World War II?


2.Starring Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia,which Swedish/Danish crime drama series,follows a police investigation,after a dead body is discovered on a famous Scandinavian landmark,from which the show's title is taken?

The Bridge (Oresund Bridge)

3.The 'X-Factor' TV show franchise,has an edition called 'X-Factor Adria'.This edition is produced in Serbia,but takes contestants from three additional countries,making it one of the few pan-regional versions of the show. Montenegro,(unsurprisingly),is one of these nations,name one of the other two?

Bosnia and Herzegovina or Macedonia

4.Starring Luca Zingaretti in the tile role,'Inspector Montalbano' is an Italian  television drama that has been shown throughout Europe since 1999.Which Italian author wrote the books from which the series is taken?

Andrea Camilleri

5.Translated into English as 'Good Times,Bad Times,it is broadcast on the country's most popular commercial TV station RTL4. In which country is this soap opera,both the first and longest running?


1.Featuring a variety of characters and play-sets from cowboys to knight to police,which popular child's toy brand,was invented by the German inventor Hans Beck,before being produced and globally distributed by the Brandstatter Group,based in Zirndorf, Germany,since 1975?


2.Shinsegae's flagship store is located in Centum City, Busan.In 2009 it surpassed Macy's,in New York, as the world's largest department store.In which Asian country is it found?

South Korea

3.Founded in 1984 under the name 'Legend',it changed its name in 2004,and in 2012,became the world's second largest personal computer vendor,by unit sales.Which Chinese multi-national computer technology company,makes the 'ThinkPad' line of notebook computers and the 'ThinkCentre' range of desktop computers?


4.It shows a silhouette of a man and woman,sitting back to back,in the nude.Which Italian sportswear company,founded in 1916,has a company logo known as 'Omini'?


5.Located in Spreitenbach,in the Limmat valley,which was the first country,outside of Scandinvia to open an IKEA furniture store?