Sunday, 13 October 2013

...And the Second One

Here is the second quiz of the night.

This one is the regular '20 answers that I should know'.quiz


I hope you enjoy...........

1.What is the name of the female singer who won the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark?

Emmelie de Forest

2.With the chemical formula C6H5OH,by what six-letter name is Carbolic acid usually known by?


3.What is the second highest mountain on mainland Australia?

Mount Townsend

4.Doing so in 1930,what was the nationality of the first ever goalscorer of  at a FIFA World Cup Finals (or Jules Rimet Trophy)?

French (Lucien Laurent)

5.Founded in 1999 by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson,their aim is to promote figurative painting, in opposition to conceptual art.What is the name of this group,that has demonstrated annually at Tate Britain against the Turner Prize since 2000?


6.The name of which model of car,made by Volkswagen is a portmanteau word containing a 'big cat' and a 'big reptile'?

Tiguan (Tiger and Iguana)

7.In which country was the actress Natalie Portman born?


8.On which island,the largest of the Cook Islands,was a 1987 Treaty signed by nations in the South Pacific,formalising the area as a nuclear weapon-free zone?


9.Serving 1889-1893,who was the  US President between Grover Cleveland's two non-consecutive terms?

Benjamin Harrison

10.Doing so in 1976,who was the last Australian tennis player to win the Men's Singles title at the Australian Open?

Mark Edmondson

11.It is awarded annually to a person or institution that has achieved distinction in society and contributed to improving Norway's international reputation.Previous winners have included Grete Waitz,Crown Princess Sonja and Magnus Carlsen. Named after one of Ibsen's titular charcters,what is two-word name of this prize?

Peer Gynt

12.Which male American skier won three gold medals at the 2013 Alpine Skiing Championships in Schladming?

Ted Ligety

13.With her 1993 film 'The Piano',who is the only female winner of the Palme d'Or,awarded at the Cannes Film festival?

Jane Campion

14.In 1908 it started as The Anglo-Persian Oil Company,in 1935 it became the Ango-Iranian Oil Company.What name,still used today,was is given in 1953?

British Petroleum (Company) or BP

15.What was the name of France's top rabbi,who resigned in April 2013 after admitting he did not hold a philosophy degree?

Giles Bernheim

16.In 1987 a side project led by Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon ,released their only single, a cover of Madonna's 'Into The Groove' which went on to become a number one hit in the UK Indie charts.What was the Madonna-inspired name of this group?

Ciccone Youth

17.In October 2013,the Canadian author,Alice Munro, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.Who,in 1976 was the last Canadian-born winner of the award?

Saul Bellow

18.Nefertiti,was the Great Royal Wife (chief consort) of which Egyptian Pharaoh?


19.Which is the only artery in the male human body,that carries deoxygenated blood?


20.Serving between 1949-1963,who became the first first post-war Chancellor of West Germany?

Konrad Adenauer