Sunday, 1 September 2013

Time for another...............

Not sure how many of you are interested,but I am currently posting a question on Twitter every day. They are usually along the lines of 'Name the 6 countries ending in -ria'?' or 'Which 2 titles have won both Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award for Best picture?.

Some are easy,some hard and some you may have heard before. They are just put up for fun,to ask friends,family or colleagues. (Also,some are British specific,but may be accessible anyway)

They are (generally) not as tricky as the regular questions on this site, but may be of interest.

Anyway here's another 25.

1.(Pictured) First appearing in 1921,in a series of photographs by Man Ray, the artist Marcel Duchamp is dressed as his female alter-ego.What is the name of this alter-ego ,a pun on the French for 'Eros,that is life'?

Rose Selavy

2.Sharing its name with a 1970s British TV show,it is a US reality television series,first aired in 2013 by ABC and hosted by Gildart Jackson.What is the name of this show,that centres around  contestants trying to solve a murder (and winning $250,000), whilst staying at the Rue Manor,a Beverley Hills mansion?


3.Winning two Caldecott Medals for US picture book illustration,which author and illustrator is noted for the creation of the books,'Jumanji' and 'The Polar Express',both of which were adapted into successful films?

Chris van Allsburg

4.'The Group of Seven ,(sometimes called the Algonquin School) included 20th century artists such as Franklin Carmichael,Lawren Harris,Frank Johnston and Arthur Lismer.They have works on display at their country's premier galleries and featured on a set their country's of postage stamps in 1995. From which country do the 'Group of Seven' originate?


5.Today it is the capital of the parish of St Catherine,but between 1655 and 1872,Spanish Town was the former capital of which Caribbean nation?


6.(Pictured) Sometimes called  a 'coistrel',this term was used in the the High Medieval and Renaissance periods to describe a skilled (and usually professional) soldier or warrior. It is also the name of the alter-ego of Prince Adam's mentor, Duncan, (pictured),in the Masters of the Universe animated series. Which three-word term or title?

Man At Arms

7.Traditionally,mozzarella cheese is made from the milk of which animal,raised in designated areas of Campania, Lazio, Apulia and Molise in Italy?


8.The famous World Heavyweight champion 'Jersey' Joe Walcott,was actually born with the name Arnold Raymond Cream. He took his ring name from his idol Joe Walcott,who won the World Welterweight title in 1901.Named after a Carribbean nation,by what prefix is the Welterweight Walcott usually referred to,in order to distinguish him from 'Jersey' Joe?

Barbados (Joe Walcott)

9.The martial art of Krav Maga,was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld during the 1930s. Using a variety of techniques including boxing,judo and wrestling, it has been adopted by its country's law enforcement and intelligence organisations.With which country is Krav Maga chiefly associated?


10.Which three-letter title links a Japanese internet search engine, a 1990 album by Sonic Youth and the name following the word 'Grey', to describe the hypothetical scenario, involving molecular nanotechnology,whereby out of control self-replicating robots,consume all matter on Earth while building more of themselves?


11(Pictured) Having received international acclaim for his support of indigenous rights and anti-imperialism,he has also been named 'World Hero of Mother Earth' by the General Assembly of the United Nations.What is the name of the current President of Bolivia,who has been in his position for  longer than any other of the current South American Presidents?

Evo Morales

12.Originally referring to a path along which timber workers dragged logs,which two word term, is now used to describe a shabby urban area with cheap taverns and dilapidated hotels,or an American rock band featuring the lead singer Sebastian Bach?

Skid Row

13.Taken from the Greek meaning 'equal parts',one of its examples is propanol .What name,in chemistry,is given to molecules with the same molecular formula but different chemical structures?


14.What was the nationality of the 18th/19th century newspaper magnate,Joseph Pulitzer, of whom the famous Pulitzer Prizes are named?


15.(Pictured) Making numerous cameo performances in TV shows and films,what is the name of the prolific Canadian-American gameshow host best known,perhaps,as the long-running host of the US version of 'Jeopardy!'?

Alex Trebek

16.In August 2013,the founder and CEO of,Jeff Bezos,agreed to buy which US newspaper,which has won (to date) 47 Pulitzer Prizes?

The Washington Post

17.Comprising 12  teams,the Veikkausliiga acts as the Premier football division of which European country?


18.L'Academie francaise was founded in 1635 by Cardinal Richleau and has the task of acting as an official authority on the French language . Featuring Heads of State,writers and philospher, it consists of only forty members,who are known by which name,taken from the Academy's official motto?


19.Which name links one of the Greek Olympians,a French luxury goods and clothing manufacturer and the  Jamaican accountant of Planet Express in the animated TV series 'Futurama'?


20.Jadeite and which other mineral,who's name derives from the Greek for 'kidney stone' make up  the two species of the ornamental stone Jade?


21(Pictured) A two-time Olympic medallist  and five-time World Champion, who is most decorated ice skater in US history?

Michelle Kwan

22.The former Soviet Republic of Transcaucasia was created in 1918 and re-emerged in 1922,where it gained full republic status two years later. In 1990, following the break up of the Soviet Union,it became separated into which three independent countries?

Armenia,Azerbaijan and Georgia

23.Which letter of the alphabet,relating to diagnostic radiology,precedes the word 'Factor' to describe the conversion factor between roentgens and rads (or coulombs/kg to grays)?


24.Featuring lead singer Natalie Horler (pictured),they are a German Euro dance act that have sold over 5 million albums worldwide and have an estimated 15 million digital downloads. What is this group's name,who despite commercial success,could only finish in 21st place at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest?


25. Currently the eighth largest Canadian city by population,which city is home to the 'Jets' professional Ice Hockey team,Canada's oldest ballet company and has its name translated from the Cree word for 'muddy waters?