Tuesday, 17 September 2013

More questions .Completed sooner than I thought

Another 25 below

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1.(Pictured)One of the stars of the US TV series 'Modern Family',she is also one of the most famous faces on Colombian television.She has worked on films such as 'The Smurfs' and 'Happy Feet Two' and appeared alongside David Beckham in a 2011 advertisement for Diet Pepsi.What is the name of this actress,who in 2012 and 2013,was named by Forbes,as the highest paid actress on television?

Sofia Vergara

2.Since 2009,the Paris-Dakar rally has neither been held in Europe or Africa. In which continent has it been held for the past four years,due to security issues in Africa?

South America

3.Sharing its title with 1987 single by 'The Smiths',which 1988 Douglas Coupland novel,opens with the line 'I'm Jared,a ghost',telling the story of a group of friends growing up in Vancouver in the late 1970s?

Girlfriend In a Coma

4.(Pictured)Known for playing Russell 'Stringer' Bell in HBO's 'The Wire' and John Luther in BBC's 'Luther',he has also played DJ sets under the name 'Big Driss'.He is likely ,however,to reach global fame,for his big screen portrayal of Nelson Mandela,in the 2013 biopic 'The Long Walk To Freedom'.What is the name of this actor,producer and part-time DJ?

Idris Elba

5.A 1980s Amercian 'new wave' band,they  released one album in 1986 entitled 'Holy Cow' and members included Andrew Todd Rosenthal and the actor Bill Paxton.They are best known for a 1988 pop video called 'Reach',which is remarkable in that it saw James Cameron direct his first and only music video and also saw cameo appearances from Kathryn Bigelow,Judge Reinhold and  Paul Reiser (amongst others).What is the name of this cult band,who are often compared to the band Devo?

Martini Ranch

6.First coined by the Italian scientist Francesco Maria Grimaldi,it gives evidence for the wave nature of light.What name is given to the spreading of a wave,such as a light beam passing through a narrow object ,or a sound being heard around a corner?


7.Founded in 1930,by the educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi,it follows the Lotus Sutra teachings of Nichiren.With around 12 million members worldwide and a name that translates in English as 'value-creation society',what is the name of the largest lay Buddhist movement in the world?

Soka Gakkai

8.(Pictured)One of the founders of the Magnum photographic co-operative,David Seymour is largely remembered for his photos of World War II orphans. He is also commonly referred to by what four-letter name,connected to his original Polish surname?

Chim (abbreviated form of Szymin)

9.With a 68% fatality rate,which highly infectious and contagious viral disease,is named after a river located in the north of the People's Republic of Congo?


10.The second largest city in Catalonia,by population,is also one of the most densely populated cities in the European Union.Which city?

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat  (or just L'Hospitalet)

11.(Pictured)During his career,he has won the Indianapolis 500  twice,the Le Mans 24 Hour race four times,the Paris-Dakar Rally and the Formula One World Championship.What is the name of this comic-book racing driver,who first appeared in 'Tintin' magazine and was created,in 1957,by the French cartoonist Jean Graton?

Michel Vaillant

12.An Electronystagmography,(or ENG),is a diagnostic test to record involuntary movements of which part of the human body?


13.Which famous American sportsman,most prevalent during the 1980s,is also noted for his cameo appearances in films starring Adam Sandler,such as,'Anger Management','Mr Deeds and 'Jack and Jill'?

John McEnroe

14.Taken from the Latin meaning 'oil birth',it is widely used in cosmetics and skin ointments (amongst other things).What is the name of this yellow waxy substance,secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals?


15.Founded in 2000,it has over 50,000 employees and over one hundred outlets.It is the largest retailer in the Middle East,as well as being one of the largest in Asia.Linked to a Eurovision Song Contest winner,or an opera by Alban Berg,what is the name of this hypermarket and retail chain?

Lulu (Hypermarket)

16.(Pictured)Created by Jacques Antoine in 1990,it is a game show that has been particularly popular  throughout Europe .The game see contestants,(celebrities in some countries),take on various physical and mental challenges to (eventually) win prize money. Most,if not all countries,film their shows from this titular building,located off the west coast of France,What is the name of the show (or building)?

Fort Boyard

17.A Chief of the Ottowa tribe,he was famous for his role in a namesake 18th century rebellion,where American Indians fought against the British military occupation of the Great Lakes region.What is the name of this leader,who has also given his name to a city in Michigan and a make of car?


18.(Pictured)Maria Catalano,is one of the highest ranked female snooker players in the world.A former world number one,she has won ten titles on the Women's snooker circuit,including the UK Championship.She is,however,best known for being the cousin of which very famous male snooker professional?

Ronnie O'Sullivan

19.He produced scores for films such as 'CitizenKane','Cape Fear' and 'Taxi Driver'. Which American composer,may be best remembered,for the screechy strings arrangement,used during the 'shower scene' in Hitchcock's 1960 film, 'Pyscho'?

Bernard Hermann

20.Located in the East China Sea,it is known for its potential oil and gas reserves.Since 1972,which island group,sometimes known as the Pinnacle Islands,has been the subject of an ownership dispute between Japan (the current 'owner'),Taiwan and China?

Senkaku Islands

21.(Pictured)Considered by many to be Italy's greatest ever tennis champion,he won the French Open singles in 1959 and 1960,(as well as doubles titles between 1958-1960). His main achievements have been in the Davis Cup,where he won the event twice as a player and once as a captain.What is the name of this tennis player, who still holds the record for Davis Cup match appearances and Davis Cup match wins?

Nicola Pietrangeli

22.Becoming fully operational in 1999,which seven-letter name is usually used to describe the  European Union's law enforcement agency that handles criminal intelligence?


23.Following Constantinople's occupation during the Fourth Crusade,it was founded by the Byzantine aristocracy and lasted from 1204 to 1261.The site of which short-lived Empire,headed by the Laskaris family,is today found in the Turkish town of Iznik?

Nicean Empire

24.Disproved by the 1909 gold foil experiment ,which physicist came up with the 1904 'Plum Pudding Model' of an atom,where the 'pudding' is positively charged and the 'plums',that are scattered around it, are the negatively charged electrons?

JJ Thomson

25.Sometimes known as 'Le Douanier',(in reference to his previous occupation of toll collector),which French Post-Impressionist painter,created the notable 1897 work,'The Sleeping Gypsy'(Pictured)?

Henri Rousseau