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One of my favourite singers and Justin Timberlake

Nice and quick.

Here's my next set of 25.

This has been a great month for the site,with more people visiting than ever, so my thanks goes to anyone who reads and supports this site. Hopefully I can keep adding to it and keep it growing.

Enjoy this lot...........................

1.(Pictured)Which American physicist and neuro-biologist won the 1960 Nobel Prize for Physics,for his invention of the bubble chamber,as used in subatomic particle physics?

Donald Glaser

2.In 1503,the Portuguese captain,Antonio de Saldanha,recorded the first ascent of which African Mountain?

Table Mountain

3.In reference to the colours of the stripes on their  jerseys,which Italian football team is known as the 'Rossoneri'?

AC Milan

4.In 1846 he discovered Triton,the largest moon of Neptune and in 1851 he discovered Ariel and Umbriel,two moons of Uranus.What is the name of this British astronomer who has craters on the moon and Mars named after him,as well as an asteroid and a ring of Neptune?

William Lassell

5.Reference is made to it by the chorus,in Act II of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Gondoliers'.Which dance,traditionally associated with Andalusia,(although founded in Cuba),takes its name from the Spanish for 'small boat' and was first introduced to the public by Fanny Essler, in the 1812 ballet 'The Lady of the Lake'?


6.(Pictured)Prevalent in the first half of the 20th century,he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1949 and later won the Pulitzer Prize in 1955 and 1963 (posthumously).Which American writer's best known works include 'As I lie Dying','Absolam Absolam!' and 'The Sound and the Fury'?

William Faulkner

7.Taken form the Greek meaning 'coal-like' ,it is sometimes known as 'black'coal'.What is the most common name given to the variety of coal,which has the highest carbon content, the fewest impurities  and the highest calorific content of all types of coals?


8.The 1956 French film 'The Silent World' was directed by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and became the first documentary film to win both the Palme d'or and the Academy Award for 'Best Documentary Feature'. Which 2004 documentary is the only other film to have repeated this feat since then?

Farenheit 9/11?

9.(Pictured)Japanese astronaut Akikio Hoshide has probably taken the most spectacular example.What six-letter name was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in August 2013,defined as 'a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website'?


10.Named after the principal river that flows through it,Klang Valley is situated between the Titiwangsa Mountains to the north and east and the Strait of Malacca to the west. It is a major part of which Asian capital city?

Kuala Lumpar

11.(Pictured)Nominated twice for a Grammy Award,which US singer/songwriter,co-founded  the band Throwing Muses,with her stepsister Kristin Hersh in the 1980s,before going on to form the groups,The Breeders and Belly in the 1990s?

Tanya Donnelly

12.A French automaker,it was founded by Fiat in 1934,bought by Chrysler in 1970 and became defunct in 1979,when it was taken over by PSA Peugeot Citroen.Which car manufacturer's best known brands were the  '1100', at one time the best selling car in France and the award winning '1307' and 'Horizon models?


13.The largest lake in Chile, (by surface area),is known as Lake Buenos Aires,on the Argentine side.On the Chilean side,the lake is known by what name,after an 18th/19th century Chilean military leader and founding member of independent Chile?

General Carerra Lake

14.(Pictured)When completed,the Full Moon Hotel claims that it will be the world's second  7-star hotel to be advertised,after the Burj Al Arab.Located in a former Soviet Republic,it was largely funded by money from oil and gas exports.In which capital city can it be found?


15.According to the theory by Hippocrates,by what collective name are blood,phlegm,black bile and yellow bile known?


16.Located in the constellation of Taurus,it is a Red Giant star and one of the brightest to the human eye. What is the name of this star,which takes its name from the Arabic for 'follower' ,due to its proximity to the Pleiades stars,in the night time sky?


17.Which six-letter word links the Inuit word for 'wolf', a make of a Volkswagen pic-up truck and a 1990 Mike Oldfield album,his emphatic 'farewell' to Virgin Records?


18.Which fruit's 'equivalent dose', is a non-standard unit of radiation exposure, defined as the additional dose a person will absorb from eating it?


19.With the highest point known as 'Dena',what is the name of the mountain range,the largest in Iran and Iraq,that forms a geographic barrier between the flatlands of Mesopotamia and the Iranian plateau?

Zagros Mountains

20.(Pictured)Scoring five more than David Campese,which Japanese winger holds the record as the leading Rugby Union Test try scorer of all time?

Daisuke Ohata

21.In English it means 'Until Victory'.What is the Spanish  title,of the 1965 song,written by Carlos Puebla in honour of Che Guevara,which has been covered by many artists around the world,most notably in France, by Nathalie Cardone ?

Hasta Siempre

22.Also known as 'man price',what was the name of the restitution in the Salic Code,that was payable by the guilty party,to the victims of theft,injury or death?


23.(Pictured)In 2012, she starred in the remake of 'Total Recall' alongside Colin Farrell,portrayed actress Vera Miles in the biographical film Hitchcock and appeared in Playing for Keeps with Gerard Butler. What is the name of this actress,who also married Justin Timberlake in the same year?

Jessica Biel

24. The Presidents Cup is a similar golf tournament to the Ryder Cup,but it is played between the USA and a 'Rest of the World' team made up from players outside of Europe. Now in its tenth edition,two players hold the record of playing in eight tournaments each.Name either player?

Ernie Els and Vijay Singh

25.(Pictured)First described in the 1943 essay 'A Theory of Human Motivation',which American psychologist produced the hierarchy theory,which suggests that the most basic level of needs must be met before the individual will strongly desire  the secondary or higher level?

Abraham Maslow

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A little harder than I first thought

I have written 20 questions,that were originally titled 'questions that I should know the answer to'.

While this is true,I think it has turned into a reasonable quiz work-out.There are some one-liners,but there are some longer questions too.I think I have kept it accessible for international readers too. See what you think...........

No pics on this one,but remember there will be a picture quiz tomorrow on with the main quiz available in the next couple of days. (I'll post details in the JustQuiz Facebook group)


1.Used in radiology,for what do the initials MRI stand?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

2.The word 'algebra' is taken from which language,where it means 'restoration'?


3.Which British artist became the first winner of the Turner Prize in 1984?

Malcolm Morley

4.What is the name of the code of silence practiced by members of the mafia?


5.What was the name of the mistress of Adolf Hitler,who was later married to him for just under 40 hours?

Eva Braun

6.Edward,The Black Prince,was the eldest son of which 14th century English king?

Edward III

7.In the Gelugpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism,which Lama ranks second behind the Dalai Lama?

Panchen Lama

8.Initially known as 'Mother Wolf',she later reveals her name,which translates as 'protection' (in jungle speech).What is the name of the female wolf ,who raises Mowgli as her own in Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book'?


9.Published in 1930,'The Tale of Little Pig Robinson',by Beatrix Potter,is a children's book,which was written as a prequel to which very famous 19th century poem?

The Owl and the Pussycat

10.On which river does the city of Kolkata stand?


11.All The World's A Stage',is a famous monlogue in Shakepeare's play,'As You Like It'.Which melancholic lord delivers this monolgue? (first name only)


12.In terms of diameter,what is the second largest moon of Jupiter?


13.What was the name of the collection of JRR Tolkien's mythopoeic works, edited and published posthumously by his son Christopher,in 1977?

The Silmarillion

14.What is the surname of the Barbadian singer superstar,Rihanna?


15.Replacing Chris Gayle in 2010,which St Lucian cricketer is the current captain of the West Indies Test team?

Darren Sammy

16.What is the name given to the study reptiles and amphibians?


17.Lasting for 9 months,between 2008-2009,who was the President of South Africa immediately after Thabo Mbeki and immediatley before Jacob Zuma?

Kgalema Motlanthe

18.One of the best selling books ever written,it tells the story of a stranded pilot's encounter with a royal person who has fallen to Earth.What is the title of this children's book,that was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and published in 1943?

The Little Prince

19.What is the name of the salesman in Arthur Miller's 1949 play 'Death of a Salesman'?

Willy Loman

20.Margaret Hyra,was the birth name of which actress and wife of  actor Dennis Quaid?

Meg Ryan

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Next One - A couple of Australia-friendly ones and three about Prime Ministers

Here's my next lot.

In addition to my normal quizzes,I will be also compiling a few lists over the coming weeks/months of questions 'that I should know the answer to'. This may be useful for those wishing to read an 'easier' quiz,or those who want to brush up on the 'basics'.

Hopefully I've split hi-brow and low-brow 50/50 (ish) .I've tried to do that anyway.


1.(Pictured)He won the 1932 Olympic gold medal for the 400m freestyle swimming,before breaking into acting. Born with the first names Clarence Linden (although usually known by his nickname),he starred in a number of popular films in the 1930s and 1940s,but he is best known for playing the title role in the serials Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. What is the name of this actor?

Buster Crabbe

2.What was the name of the fifth President of Finland,who was most notable for being in power during the Winter War against Russia (1939-40) and signing the Moscow Peace Treaty in March 1940,to bring it the conflict to an end?

Risto Ryti

3.Celebrated on 6th September,'Unification Day',is a Bulgarian national holiday that celebrates the 1885 uniting of Bulgaria with which former autonomous unit of the Ottoman Empire?

Eastern Rumelia

4.The plot of which 1886 classic novel,is centred around the murder of the British Member of Parliament,Sir Danvers Carew?

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

5.Hit by a major scandal in 2009,for abusing public funds for private purposes,Jonathan Motzfeldt was the first and third Prime Minister of which autonomous country?


6.(Pictured)The current  World Cup champion,he has also finished on the podium several times in  previous seasons. In  January 2013,which Austrian ski-jumper equalled Matti Nykanan's long standing record of  46 World cup wins,(which he has since surpassed)?

Gregor Schlierenzauer

7.Which is the only city in Switzerland to operate a metro underground rail system?


8.The Blantyre coma scale is a modification of the Pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale, designed to assess malarial coma in children.It is named after the city of Blantyre,the second largest city in which African country?


9.(Pictured)This mausoleum is situated in the city of Santa Clara in remembrance of a notable 1958 battle that took place there.It is named after which influential figure of that battle,whose remains were finally buried there in 1997?

(Ernesto) Che Guevara

10.Mentioned in the films 'Smokey and the Bandit' and 'Cannonball Run',which piece of law enforcement equipment,is described in CB radio slang as 'Kojak with a Kodak'?

Police Radar (or Speed) Gun

11.(Pictured)Featured on the cover of Time Magazine and listed as on of 'The 100 Most Influential People In The World',what is the name of the Pakistani school pupil and education activist ,who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban in December 2012?

Malala Yousafzai

12.Popular with Italian immigrants in the US,its National Day is on the 21st August.Translated in English as 'foam',what is the name of the Italian desert that consists of three flavours of ice cream,with (usually) a fruit and nut layer between them?


13. (First view pictured) The subject of a 1938,Paul Hindemith opera,which German Renaissance painter created his most famous work,the 'the Isenheim Altarpiece',in the early 16th century?

Matthias Grunewald

14.Used largely in Germany,it was designed to prevent opera singers from being asked to sing roles which he or she was incapable of performing.What is the name of this system that classifies singers according to the range, weight, and color of the voice?

Fach System (or Facher)

15.Discovered by a team of astronomers using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,the 'Huge-LQG' has become the largest known structure in the universe.For what do the letters LQG stand?

Large Quaser Group

16.(Pictured)This arch is situated between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. It was erected by the Roman Senate to commemorate which Roman Emperor's victory over Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge in AD312?

Constantine I (The Great)

17.Discovered in 1933 and named after a German physicist ,which 'effect' is described as 'an expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor during its transition to the superconducting state'?

Meissner Effect

18.Considered by some as  the 'father' of the current Constitution of France,who,in 1959 became the first French Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic?

Michel Debre

19.Played on Australia Day since 2012,the 'Big Blue',is one of the most important derby matches in Australia's A-League football (soccer) league. Which two teams (city name will suffice),contest this match?

Melbourne Victory,Sydney FC

20.(Pictured)In German speaking countries,it is sometimes called 'Fliegender Hirsch' (Flying Stag), and sometimes in Finland,it is known as 'Akkuhappo' (Battery Acid).Named in part,after the brand of its alcoholic ingredient and mixed with an energy drink,by what popular name,is this alcoholic mixed drink usually referred,?


21.Named after a village in Gloucestershire,England in which they resided,it's name (coincidentally) is also a chain of Australian bookstores.What name was given to the literary group, comprising the early 20th century poets including Robert Frost, Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, Edward Thomas, Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, and John Drinkwater?

Dymock Poets

22.(Pictured)He is,perhaps,best remembered as a lead actor in many films by Werner Herzog, such as Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972), Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) and Woyzeck (1979).What is the name of this actor,considered a controversial figure in Germany,who was known for his violent outbursts on set - famously captured  in Herzog's documentary 'My Best Fiend'?

Klaus Kinski

23.Produced in larger amounts by diabetics,or people on a very low-carbohydrate diet,which molecule,the simplest type of ketone, is also the active ingredient in most nail polish removers?


24.Which name is given to the capital cities of both a Caribbean nation and the Australian territory of Norfolk Island?


25.(Logo pictured)Developed by Stanford University students in 2011,this app allows users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings and send them to a controlled list of recipients. The recipients can then view them for a period of up to 10 seconds,before they are hidden from the recipient's device and deleted from the server altogether.What is the name of this app?


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Just to let you know I have put up a fun picture quiz on

I will change the pictures weekly and hopefully have some sort of competition at some point.


Next main quiz in a couple of days

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Quiz League Sample

I've written a Quiz League Sample set,that people can have a look at.

I'm not sure if its harder than most quiz leagues or not,so I'll let you be the judge.

There are just a couple of British specific questions, so I'm hoping it will not affect the enjoyment of the many international readers of this site

Here are 64 questions - in scattered couplets (plus 6 spares and a bonus picture question at the end)

If you would like a PDF copy to print off and use at your leisure then send me your e-mail address.
You can contact me at or message me via Twitter or Facebook (under JustQuiz) or message me via Facebook under Paul Philpot.

The PDF version is in a neat table form with answers to the side of the questions.

I have double-checked things,but let me know if there are any queries.

Remember,if you wish to join, there is a JustQuiz Facebook group,where the aim will be to discuss matters relating to this site.

Thank-you and enjoy.......................

1a.In American football,which offensive position is usually abbreviated by the letters 'TE'?

Tight End

1b.In 1766,which British scientist proved the existence of Hydrogen?

Henry Cavendish

2a.In 2009,Carol Ann Duffy,became the UK's first female Poet Laureate.Who, in 2001,became the UK's first female Children's Laureate?

Anne Fine

2b. Entering the UK charts at number one,which Scottish band,featuring a heavily tattooed Simon Neil on guitar and lead vocals,released the album 'Opposites' in 2013?

Biffy Clyro

3a.Named after a geographical feature in Scotland,what name is given to a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry?


3b.Which Italian city,is the location of the modern art museum,known as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection?


4a.First held in 2000,which sportsman,with four awards, has won the Laureus World Sportsman of the year on the most occasions?

Roger Federer

4b.In ballet,what is the French term used,to describe a long horizontal jump, starting from one leg and landing on the other,sometimes known as a 'split in the air'?

Grand Jete

1a.Which nation were runners up of the 1995 Rugby Union World Cup Final,held in South Africa?

New Zealand

1b.(To make it easier,no regnal number is required). Name any of the three Popes that hailed from the influential Borgia family?


2a.Playing the role of Ginger McKenna,which 1995 film,provided the actress Sharon Stone,with her only Academy Award nomination (to date)?


2b.Played on the big screen by Uma Thurman,the character Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley,is the alter-ego of which villainess and enemy of Batman?

Poison Ivy

3a.Sometimes known as Vitamin H,by what name is Vitamin B7 usually known?


3b. Releasing the solo single, 'Silly Games' in 1990,what is the name of the female singer of Beats International, famous for her vocals on the 1990 UK number one hit single 'Dub Be Good To Me'?

Lindy Layton (real name Belinda)

4a.Prominently featured in Ivan Turgenev's novel 'Fathers and Sons',from which country does the Mazurka dance originate?


4b.One stage higher than 'tera',which SI prefix is used to represent a quadrillion?


1a.Inaugurated in 1997,which Canadian architect designed the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao,Spain? Frank Gehry

1b.In which 1973 Martin Scorsese/Robert de Niro collaboration does De Niro play the character 'Johnny Boy'?

Mean Streets

2a.Often occurring during early childhood,Amblyopia is a medical term that describes a condition affecting which part of the body?

Eye (lazy eye)

2b.One of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans,which country is the biggest harvester of edible bird's nests?


3a.In 40AD,King Ptolemy of Mauretania,(the grandson of Mark Antony and Cleopatra),was assassinated on the orders of which Roman Emperor?


3b.During which decade of the 20th century was Algeria granted independence by France?


4a.Lying on the banks of the river Elbe,which city,is the capital of the German State of Saxony?


4b.Overthrown by a military coup,Salvador Allende was the President of which South American country from 1970 until 1973?


1a.Better known as a poet,which British writer wrote the historical novel 'I Claudius' and the autobiography 'Goodbye To All That?

Robert Graves

1b.Which colour connects the Carmelite order of monks,an America children's author and leukocytes?

White (Whitefriars/EB White/White Blood Cells)

2a.Active in the 20th century,who was the last person to serve as both the Archbishop of York and the Archbishop of Canterbury?

(Frederick) Donald Coggan

2b.Named after a Californian horticulturist,what name is given to a cross between a European Raspberry,a Common Blackberry,an American Dewberry and a Loganberry?


3a.Which chemical element which the atomic number 78,takes its name from the Spanish meaning 'little silver'?


3b.(First name is enough)What was the name of the character played by Isla Fisher in the Australian soap opera 'Home and Away',before the actress went on to have a successful Hollywood career?

Shannon (Reed)

4a.Taking place during the Second World War,in which year was the Battle of Monte Cassino?


4b.In which South American country,during the 1960s was the Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army a Maoist guerrilla movement?


1a.In which 1983 Martin Scorsese/Robert de Niro collaboration does De Niro play the character 'Rupert Pupkin'?

The King of Comedy

1b.Head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales,who has served as the Archbishop of Westminster since May 2009?

Vincent Nichols

2a.Overthrown by the National Resistance Army under current President Yoweri Museveni,which African country did Tito Okello rule for just six months after he staged his own coup d'etat against Milton Obote in 1985?


2b.Kerberos and Styx are the two most recently discovered moons of which dwarf planet?


3a.One stage lower than 'pico',which SI prefix is used to represent a quadrillionth?


3b.Loosely based on the life of the painter Paul Gauguin,the 1919 novel 'The Moon and the Sixpence' was created by which British writer?

W.Somerset Maugham

4a.Most active during the 1960s and 1970s,the urban guerrilla group,'Tupamaros',was based in which South American country?


4b.Since the first award ceremony in 2000,only two women have won the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year award on more than one occasion.Name either (both with two wins)?

Serena Williams and Yelena Isinbayeva

1a.(First name is enough)What was the name of the character played by Guy Pearce in the Australian soap opera 'Neighbours',before the actor went on to have a successful Hollywood career?

Mike (Young)

1b.In athletics,the USA have recorded the 8 quickest times ever in the Men's 4x400 metre relay. Which country has recorded the ninth fastest,resulting in a European record?

Great Britain

2a.It's largest producers are Germany and Canada. What is the name of the type of dessert wine,produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine?

Ice Wine/Icewine  (Eiswein in Germay)

2b.Taking place during the First World War,it saw the first British use of poison gas.In which year was the Battle of Loos?


3a.In 1868,Pierre Janssen and Norman Lockyer were both credited with the discovery of which chemical element?


3b.Which Roman Emperor,who ruled between AD54-68,gave an order to have his mother, Agrippina killed?


4a.Winning the BRITs Critics' Choice Award in earlier in the year,which young UK singer songwriter,released the number one album 'Long Way Down in June 2013?

Tom Odell

4b.Sometimes called Vitamin PP,what is the more popular name used to refer to vitamin B3?


1a.(To make it easier,no regnal number is required). Name any of the four Popes that hailed from the influential Medici family?

Leo(X and XI),Pius(IV),Clement(VII)

1b.Portraying a famous (and titular) Mexican,which 2002 film provided actress Salma Hayek,with her only Academy Award nomination (to date)?


2a.Which chemical element with the atomic number 79,takes its name from the Latin meaning 'glow of sunrise'?


2b.In baseball,with position is usually abbreviated by the letter 'SS'?

Short Stop

3a.Basia Trzetrzelewska released the 1987 album 'Time and Tide',which sold 2 miilion copies worldwide. She was also the female backing vocalist of which 1980s British pop group,who released the top 20 single 'Get Out of Your Lazy Bed' in 1984?

Matt Bianco

3b.Who is the only woman to have achieved the double honour of winning the Turner Prize and to have had an exhibition at the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall,as part of the Unilever series?

Rachel Whiteread

4a.During which decade did Angola gain independence from Portugal?


4b.Which nation were runners up at the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup,held in Australia?


1a.Named after Hawaiian goddesses,Hi'iaka and Namaka are moons of which dwarf planet?


1b.Translated as 'new trend' in English,from which country does the Bossa Nova dance,originate?


2a.Which colour links a 1971 Joni Mitchell album,a Toronto Major League baseball team and the US state of Kentucky?

Blue (Blue was name of the album,Blue Jays,Bluegrass)

2b.Assisting in cleaning and lubrication,by what name is cerumen,usually known,when referring to the human body?


3a.In athletics,who is the European record holder for the Men's 100 metres?

Francis Obikwelu (Portugal)

3b.Portrayed most recently by Tommy-Lee Jones,which comic book villain and enemy of Batman has the real name of Harvey Dent?


4a.Performed as part of the 'Dance of the Cygnets' from Swan Lake,it is a sideways jump which involves bending the legs whilst in mid-air. Which ballet term,when translated to English means,'the step of the cat'?

Pas de chat

4b.Germany's sixth largest city by population,which city serves as the capital of the State of Baden-Wurttemberg?


1.Which chemical element was used as the nickname for the World Heavyweight champion boxer,Mike Tyson?


2.Co-founded and co-owned by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt,which American TV channel was sold to Al-Jazeera in 2013?

Current TV

3.In which country is the national one dollar coin,known commonly as the 'Loonie'?


4.Which city is the state capital of Mississippi?

Jefferson City

5.With 25 members,the Landtag (or Diet),is the parliament or legislature of which European nation?


6.Formerly of Danish and British possession,what is the name of the German archipelago,that sits in the  North Sea,approximately 46km from the German coastline?


Bonus Picture question (just for fun and not related to the sample).
Which name links the following pictures:

Vidal -  Vidal Sassoon (Hairdresser), Arturo Vidal (Juventus footballer), Jean Pierre Vidal (Olympic Gold Medal-winning skier), Lisa Vidal (US/Puerto Rican actress), Gore Vidal (US writer)                                                                                                                                          

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More questions .Completed sooner than I thought

Another 25 below

I've now made Facebook group, so it will be easier for me to communicate with the blog/site's readers.

You need to ask to join,but that is just to limit 'Spamming'. Sometimes I'll accept straight away,sometimes a few hours later. This is probably because I'm at work or away etc. I'll aim to answer within 24 hours.

You should be able to find it under the heading  'JustQuiz'


1.(Pictured)One of the stars of the US TV series 'Modern Family',she is also one of the most famous faces on Colombian television.She has worked on films such as 'The Smurfs' and 'Happy Feet Two' and appeared alongside David Beckham in a 2011 advertisement for Diet Pepsi.What is the name of this actress,who in 2012 and 2013,was named by Forbes,as the highest paid actress on television?

Sofia Vergara

2.Since 2009,the Paris-Dakar rally has neither been held in Europe or Africa. In which continent has it been held for the past four years,due to security issues in Africa?

South America

3.Sharing its title with 1987 single by 'The Smiths',which 1988 Douglas Coupland novel,opens with the line 'I'm Jared,a ghost',telling the story of a group of friends growing up in Vancouver in the late 1970s?

Girlfriend In a Coma

4.(Pictured)Known for playing Russell 'Stringer' Bell in HBO's 'The Wire' and John Luther in BBC's 'Luther',he has also played DJ sets under the name 'Big Driss'.He is likely ,however,to reach global fame,for his big screen portrayal of Nelson Mandela,in the 2013 biopic 'The Long Walk To Freedom'.What is the name of this actor,producer and part-time DJ?

Idris Elba

5.A 1980s Amercian 'new wave' band,they  released one album in 1986 entitled 'Holy Cow' and members included Andrew Todd Rosenthal and the actor Bill Paxton.They are best known for a 1988 pop video called 'Reach',which is remarkable in that it saw James Cameron direct his first and only music video and also saw cameo appearances from Kathryn Bigelow,Judge Reinhold and  Paul Reiser (amongst others).What is the name of this cult band,who are often compared to the band Devo?

Martini Ranch

6.First coined by the Italian scientist Francesco Maria Grimaldi,it gives evidence for the wave nature of light.What name is given to the spreading of a wave,such as a light beam passing through a narrow object ,or a sound being heard around a corner?


7.Founded in 1930,by the educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi,it follows the Lotus Sutra teachings of Nichiren.With around 12 million members worldwide and a name that translates in English as 'value-creation society',what is the name of the largest lay Buddhist movement in the world?

Soka Gakkai

8.(Pictured)One of the founders of the Magnum photographic co-operative,David Seymour is largely remembered for his photos of World War II orphans. He is also commonly referred to by what four-letter name,connected to his original Polish surname?

Chim (abbreviated form of Szymin)

9.With a 68% fatality rate,which highly infectious and contagious viral disease,is named after a river located in the north of the People's Republic of Congo?


10.The second largest city in Catalonia,by population,is also one of the most densely populated cities in the European Union.Which city?

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat  (or just L'Hospitalet)

11.(Pictured)During his career,he has won the Indianapolis 500  twice,the Le Mans 24 Hour race four times,the Paris-Dakar Rally and the Formula One World Championship.What is the name of this comic-book racing driver,who first appeared in 'Tintin' magazine and was created,in 1957,by the French cartoonist Jean Graton?

Michel Vaillant

12.An Electronystagmography,(or ENG),is a diagnostic test to record involuntary movements of which part of the human body?


13.Which famous American sportsman,most prevalent during the 1980s,is also noted for his cameo appearances in films starring Adam Sandler,such as,'Anger Management','Mr Deeds and 'Jack and Jill'?

John McEnroe

14.Taken from the Latin meaning 'oil birth',it is widely used in cosmetics and skin ointments (amongst other things).What is the name of this yellow waxy substance,secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals?


15.Founded in 2000,it has over 50,000 employees and over one hundred outlets.It is the largest retailer in the Middle East,as well as being one of the largest in Asia.Linked to a Eurovision Song Contest winner,or an opera by Alban Berg,what is the name of this hypermarket and retail chain?

Lulu (Hypermarket)

16.(Pictured)Created by Jacques Antoine in 1990,it is a game show that has been particularly popular  throughout Europe .The game see contestants,(celebrities in some countries),take on various physical and mental challenges to (eventually) win prize money. Most,if not all countries,film their shows from this titular building,located off the west coast of France,What is the name of the show (or building)?

Fort Boyard

17.A Chief of the Ottowa tribe,he was famous for his role in a namesake 18th century rebellion,where American Indians fought against the British military occupation of the Great Lakes region.What is the name of this leader,who has also given his name to a city in Michigan and a make of car?


18.(Pictured)Maria Catalano,is one of the highest ranked female snooker players in the world.A former world number one,she has won ten titles on the Women's snooker circuit,including the UK Championship.She is,however,best known for being the cousin of which very famous male snooker professional?

Ronnie O'Sullivan

19.He produced scores for films such as 'CitizenKane','Cape Fear' and 'Taxi Driver'. Which American composer,may be best remembered,for the screechy strings arrangement,used during the 'shower scene' in Hitchcock's 1960 film, 'Pyscho'?

Bernard Hermann

20.Located in the East China Sea,it is known for its potential oil and gas reserves.Since 1972,which island group,sometimes known as the Pinnacle Islands,has been the subject of an ownership dispute between Japan (the current 'owner'),Taiwan and China?

Senkaku Islands

21.(Pictured)Considered by many to be Italy's greatest ever tennis champion,he won the French Open singles in 1959 and 1960,(as well as doubles titles between 1958-1960). His main achievements have been in the Davis Cup,where he won the event twice as a player and once as a captain.What is the name of this tennis player, who still holds the record for Davis Cup match appearances and Davis Cup match wins?

Nicola Pietrangeli

22.Becoming fully operational in 1999,which seven-letter name is usually used to describe the  European Union's law enforcement agency that handles criminal intelligence?


23.Following Constantinople's occupation during the Fourth Crusade,it was founded by the Byzantine aristocracy and lasted from 1204 to 1261.The site of which short-lived Empire,headed by the Laskaris family,is today found in the Turkish town of Iznik?

Nicean Empire

24.Disproved by the 1909 gold foil experiment ,which physicist came up with the 1904 'Plum Pudding Model' of an atom,where the 'pudding' is positively charged and the 'plums',that are scattered around it, are the negatively charged electrons?

JJ Thomson

25.Sometimes known as 'Le Douanier',(in reference to his previous occupation of toll collector),which French Post-Impressionist painter,created the notable 1897 work,'The Sleeping Gypsy'(Pictured)?

Henri Rousseau

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Next lot

A tiny bit of self promotion. (You can skip this bit if you like).

I'm in a position where I have a little more time to write for various quizzes,leagues etc etc,so if you are interested,let me know. If you have contacted me before,feel free to do so again. Also,if you would like a sample,let me know .I should have a brand new league sample ready in the next few days.( 

Also I'm tempted to have a Facebook group,so I can communicate with people easier (although I'm still thinking about it)

Anyway,for the vast majority of you,here's the next 25 (maybe a few more pictures than normal)


1.(Pictured)The Phoenix Islands,are a group of eight atolls and two submerged coral reefs, lying in the central Pacific Ocean ,east of the Gilbert Islands and west of the Line Islands.Listed as a World Heritage Site,they belong to which island nation?


2.Active in the Southern States during 1948,the States' Rights Democratic Party,was a political party,determined to protect what they portrayed as the 'southern way'.They also wanted to retain Jim Crow laws and white supremacy in the face of federal intervention.By what portmanteau name were they commonly referred?


3.(Pictured)Known globally for appearing in the 2013 film 'Pacific Rim' and the US TV series 'Sons of Anarchy',which actor,in September 2013,was awarded the role of Christian Grey,in the film adaptation of EL James' novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'? 

Charlie Hunnam

4.Taken from the Latin meaning 'shadow',it is named after a character from Alexander Pope's 'The Rape of the Lock'.Which is the third largest moon of Uranus?


5.Primarily living in the US state of Louisiana,they well known for their music and cuisine.They also key to the storyline of the 1981 film 'Southern Comfort'? Which ethnic group is derived from the descendants of Acadian exiles?


6.(Pictured)Known worldwide for his deadpan,slow delivery of jokes,he also won an Academy award,for his 1989 short film 'The Appointments of Dennis Jennings'.To film fans,he is perhaps,best -known as the voice of  'DJ K-Billy',heard during a gruesome scene in Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film 'Reservoir Dogs'.What is this American comedian's name?

Steven Wright

7.He also served under Calvin Coolidge as Vice President.Which US politician was co-awarded the 1925 Nobel Peace Prize,for his work on devising a plan,to restore and stabilise Germany's economy following World War I?

Charles Dawes

8.Charles Darwin described the second largest barrier reef in the world as 'the most remarkable reef in the West Indies'.It is also which Central American country's top tourist destination?

Belize (Belize Barrier Reef)

9.Which 20th century German painter and member of the Dada movement,was married  to the American socialite and art collector,Peggy Guggenheim,between 1942 and 1946?

Max Ernst

10.Who is the only person to have won football's UEFA Champions League (and not the old European Cup), as both player and manager?

Frank Rijkaard

11.(Pictured)Although he released his first single and album in 2005,this American rapper,is best known for his 2013 collaborations with producer Ryan Lewis.The singles 'Thrift Shop' and 'Can't Hold Us',were global top 5 hits,earning him numerous awards.What stage name of this rapper,born Ben Haggerty,in 1983?


12.Carbon dating,is a radiometric technique,used to estimate the age of organic materials.It does this by using the decay of which isotope of Carbon?

Carbon 14 (or radiocarbon)

13.(Pictured)Founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei ,which Chinese multinational company is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world, having overtaken Ericsson in 2012? 


14.Corresponding to Tlaloc in Aztec culture,what is the name of the Mayan rain deity,who,with his lightning axe,strikes the clouds and produces thunder and rain?


15.Which metallic commodity links  the longest holiday route in the German Free State of Saxony and the Via de la Plata pilgramage path,that links Merida and Astorga in Spain?

Silver (Silver Road and Silver Route)

16.(Pictured)Best known for his portrayal of crime boss Carmine Lupertazzi in 'The Sopranos',he has also played a crime boss in the films 'Goodfellas' and 'Donnie Brasco'.What is the 'anatomical' name of this actor,who died in January 2013?

Tony Lip

17.A  government sponsored enterprise founded after the Great Depression,the Federal National Mortgage Association,is commonly known in the US,as 'Fannie Mae' .Similarly,by what male name,is the government sponsored,Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation usually referred?

Freddie Mac

18.In 1965,American author,Sol Yurick,wrote a novel combining the classical Greek story,'Anabasis', with a fictional account of gang wars in New York City.It was later turned into a  1979 cult classic film of the same name.What was it's title?

The Warriors

19.Closely associated with the Haber process,the Ostwald process is used to create which acid?

Nitric Acid

20.Active between 1948-2010,the football team Deportivo Italia,won five Premier Division titles and three of its national cups.It was originally made up of players,from the Italian community,of which South American country?


21.People from the UK and Ireland,may associate this name with lemon juice,(or even cleaning products).What 3-letter brand name,owned by made by the J.M. Smucker Company,has been the leading brand of peanut butter in the US,since 1981?


22.(Pictured)He came to power in 1989 after leading a military coup,ousting the government of Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi.He is also the first sitting head of state to be indicted by the International Criminal Court .What is the name of this controversial President of Sudan?

Omar al-Bashir

23.What two-word name is used to describe the top division of club rugby union in France and the term used to describe the very best law schools in the US?

Top Fourteen (or Top 14)

24.A Peace Prize established in China in 2010,its aim is to 'promote world peace from an Eastern perspective'.With winners including Lien Chan,Vladmir Putin and Kofi Annan,after which historical figure,is the Prize named?


25.In January 2013,which American professional snowmobile racer became the first person to die as a result of injuries sustained during an 'X Games' competition?

Caleb Moore

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Here's some more questions for you....

Have fun.......

PS.Well done to those of you that competed in the British Quiz Championships today.

1.(Pictured)In 2008,which American pop artist,noted for works such as Four Hearts and Toolbox 10,created a nine metre high bronze statue,depicting a walking Pinocchio,titled 'Walking to Boras'?

Jim Dine

2.Located on the western shore of the Parana River,in the province of Santa Fe,it is the birthplace of Che Guevara and footballer Lionel Messi.What is the third most populous city in Argentina?


3.Which American-born Irish statesman, founded the political party Fianna Fail in 1924 and served as head of government on three separate occasions between 1932-1959?

Eamon de Valera

4.The Essequibo River is the largest river that flows between the Amazon and Orinoco. At 1100 kilometres in length, it is also the longest river in which South American country?


5.(Pictured)Competing between the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver,she is a cyclist and speed skater,tied with Cindy Klassen as the Canadian with the most Olympic medals.She is,however, the only person to have won multiple medals at both the Summer and Winter Games.What is her name? 

Clara Hughes

6.Endemic to the district of Moruga,it ranks as high as 2,009,231 on the scoville scale. Probably not used in 'Doubles',its traditional street food,which Caribbean country is home to the world's hottest chilli pepper ?  

Trinidad and Tobago

7.A central character in the Indian epic 'Ramayana' ,he is known for his great strength,agility and wisdom.What type animal is the deity Hanuman,who helped Rama to find and rescue his wife,Sita?


8.(Pictured)Originally known as 'The Ultimate',this comic super-villain was renamed by Justice League member,Booster Gold.His name is also linked with an algorithm to calculate the day of the week at a given date.What  is the name of the character,best-known,for killing Superman?


9.In Spain,the football match containing Real Madrid and Barcelona is known as 'El Clasico'.Derived from this,the Argentine 'Superclasico',features two Buenos Aires based football clubs,competing in one of the most fierce,intense and important derbies in world football.Which two teams compete in this match?

Boca Juniors and River Plate

10.The greatest tributary of the Danube by volume of water,it is considered to be the northern border of the Balkan Peninsula.Which river connects the three capital cities of Ljubljana,Zagreb and Belgrade?


11.(Pictured)Taken from the Persian meaning 'twisted woven',it is a plain woven fabric made from silk or synthetic fibres. Commonly used in the production of ball gowns and wedding dresses,which fabric was also used by the Montgolfier brothers in their early experiments with balloon  flight?


12.Until 1998,it was South Korea's second largest conglomerate,but in 1999 became bankrupt,with debts around $84.3bn. Half of this figure attributed to the company Chairman,Kim Woo-Choong, later sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on charges of fraud.Which company?


13.Sharing a name with Spiderman's father,what is the name of the talking tiger in Yann Martel's 2001 novel (and 2012 film),'The Life of Pi'?

Richard Parker

14.(Pictured)Their golden shoes have since become a cult classic.In 1984,the pop group 'The Herreys',won the 1984 Eurovision song contest with the song 'Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley'.Which country did they represent?


15.According to myth,Heracles' ninth labour,was to obtain the girdle off which Amazonian Queen,given to her by her father Ares, the Greek god of war?


16.(Pictured)He was part of the squad that won the 2000 Olympic tournament and has also participated in three World Cups and six Africa Cup of Nations (winning twice).He is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Africa Cup of Nations and is also his country's all-time leading scorer.Who is this football player?

Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon)

17.Antoine de Beauterne (or M.Francois Antoine) was gun-bearer and Lieutenant of the Hunt under Louis XV of France.Associated with the modern day departement of Lozere,he is most notable as the pursuer and slayer of which historical creature, said to look like a wolf,but as big as a cow,with sharp razor claws?

Beast of Gevaudan

18.Taken from the Greek meaning 'down', what name in science,is given to an ion with fewer electrons than protons, giving it a positive charge?


19.Located between California and Nevada,what is the name of the United States' second deepest lake,found in an area famous for its ski resorts?

Lake Tahoe

20.(Pictured)His most famous novel is,perhaps,the 1929 work 'Les Enfants Terribles ',with his best known films including, 'Les Parents terribles' (1948) and 'Le Testament d'Orphee (1960),which included cameo performances from Pablo Picasso and Yul Brynner.What is the name of this influential figure in French culture during the first half of the 20th century?

Jean Cocteau

21.Depicted in the 2003 book and 2011 film 'Moneyball',its name derives from the acronym SABR. What name,in baseball is given to the study of baseball statistics,with an ultimate aim of predicting the value of a player or team in the future?


22.Comparable with the size of Iran,it borders  Russia, Mongolia,Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.With its capital at Urumqi,what is the largest autonomous region in China,in terms of area?


23.Completed in 1436,it was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio,with the dome engineered by Filippo Brunelleschi.More commonly known as 'Il Duomo',in which Italian city is the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore located?


24.In 1967,Ronald Ryan was executed by hanging, for the murder of a prison officer following an escape from Pentridge prison.He became the last person from which country to be legally executed?


25.A successful American rapper,he has had several top 10 albums and singles on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2001 he scored top 10 hit singles around the world on his collaborations with Jennifer Lopez (on the single 'I'm Real') and Ashanti (on the track 'Always on Time').What is the name of this rapper,born Jeffrey Atkins,who has spent nearly three years in prison on weapons and tax evasion charges?

Ja Rule