Sunday, 4 August 2013

Some spanking new questions

I've had some time to create a new batch of 25 questions.

My hope/aim is that more will follow in the coming weeks,as I prepare for the EQC in November

Hope you enjoy........

1.Running approximately from 1813 to 1907, the 'Great Game' was a term given for the strategic rivalry between the British Empire and which other Empire, for supremacy in Central Asia?

Russian Empire

 2.Taken from the Greek meaning 'study of character',what name is given to the study of animal behaviour in a natural setting (as opposed to a laboratory)?


3.(Pic)Although he has appeared in many films,he is best known for appearing in all six of the Rocky films,playing the role of Rocky's brother in-law, 'Paulie'.What is the name of this actor,who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for that role in the first 'Rocky film?

Burt Young

4.In Texas Hold'Em poker,what nickname,after a famous sportswoman, is often given to a player who has an Ace and a King as their 'hole' cards . (The reason for this name is 'looks great,but never wins')

Anna Kournikova

5.According to Forbes magazine in July 2013,which Far Eastern city,was just ahead of London,as the most visited city in the world?


6.Which film director,screenwriter and actor, made his directorial debut in 1941 with 'The Maltese Falcon',became a citizen of Ireland in 1964 and directed his daughter to Academy Award success in a 1985 film?

John Huston

7.What is the name of the English archaeologist,best remembered for unearthing the palace of Knossos on Crete and for developing the concept of Minoan civilisation?

Arthur Evans

8.In later life,which French impressionist painter, produced many paintings of his garden and olive groves at 'Les Collettes',a farm in Cagnes-sur-Mer on the Cote d'Azur?

Pierre Auguste Renoir

9.The Bridge of No Return' (pic), is located in the Joint Security Area and crosses the Military Demarcation Line. It has been used as a place for prisoner exchanges and has also featured in the films 'Die Another Day' and 'Salt'. It spans which two countries?

North Korea and South Korea

10.The award is a bust of a famous fellow countryman,designed by Jose Luis Fernandez.Spain's top film awards are named in honour of whom?

(Francisco di ) Goya

11.James Righton (pictured) a member of the 'new-rave band',the Klaxons,whose debut album, 'Myths of The Near Future',went on to claim the 2007 Mercury Music Prize.He is also known as the husband of which English actress,who has won a BAFTA and has been nominated for an Academy Award?

Keira Knightley

12.Officially named the 'European Recovery Program',what two-word name, (after a Secretary of State),is usually used to describe the American program, that assisted the economies of Europe at the end of World War II, in order to prevent the spread of Soviet Communism?

Marshall Plan

13.With a name in common with a US state capital,what is the name of the sports stadium located in Kolkata,that has the second largest capacity in the world ?

Salt Lake Stadium

14.Which country is home to Europe's second largest national park and within that,Europe's largest glacier? 


15.Open between 2003-2005, 'Boobs:The Musical' was an off-Broadway hit using the stories of which 1950s and 60s cabaret star,noted for the use of double entendres in her songs?

Ruth Wallis

16.Which German Decathlon World Champion joined a unique group of athletes when he competed in both the 1988 Winter and Summer Olympics in Bobsleigh and Deacthlon respectively?

Torsten Voss

17.(Pic)Featured on the Disney Channel since 2006,the main character is voiced by Wilmer Valderrama. What is the name of this show,featuring Manuel Garcia and his talking tools?

 Handy Manny

 18.Founded in Cairo by seven members,this group of nations promote economic,cultural,social and scientific programs in parts of Africa and Asia.What is the name of this group,which has now grown to twenty-two members in total,(although one is currently suspended)?

The Arab League (League of Arab States)

 19.In 1986,he achieved a number one single in 1986 on both sides of the Atlantic with the song 'Rock Me Amadeus'. What was the stage name of Austrian singer/songwriter Johann Holzel,who sadly died in a car crash in 1998?


20.(Pic)Which automobile manufacturer gives its name to the Japanese word for the Pleiades star cluster? 


21.Part of the megafauna group,which animal is depicted in a well known woodcut work by the German artist Albrecht Durer?


 22.In the Booker Prize winning novel and Academy Awrd winning film,what is the nationality of the character known in the title as 'The English Patient'?


23.What was the name of the Muslim religious sect,that flourished in Persia between 1844-1852 and led to the founding of the Baha'i faith?

Babi faith (Babism/Babist)

24.The 7 foot tall actor Peter Mayhew (pictured), first hit the movie screens in 1976,when he appeared as the Minotaur in the film 'The Adventures of Sinbad'. One year later,he was elevated into iconic and superstar status.when playing which (still) famous and recognisable science fiction character?


 25.Which ancient city,complete with treasure, was excavated during the 1870s and 1880s under the direction of Heinrich Schliemann?