Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Second Half

Here's the second part to the WQC practise set. There may be a couple of  questions that could appear in several categories,so I have tried to place as best as I can. .............

PS. Good luck to all of those participating on Saturday. !


1.Founded in 1992 by freelance illustrators,frustrated with Marvel Comics,they have gone on to form one of North America's largest comic publishers. Most famously they have produced 'TheWalking Dead' series and have released titles including 'The Darkness','Switchblade' and 'Spawn'.What is the name of this company,who's logo is in the form of a lower case 'i'?

Image Comics

2.Well known as a writer of fairy tales,which 18th/19th century German figure,gives his name to the law that lays down the principle of consonatal change in the Germanic languages?

Grimm (Jacob specifically)

3.Also the title of Ernest Hemmingway's only play,it was first coined by General Emilio Mola during the Spanish Civil War.What two word term is  used today to describe a group of people who undermine a larger group, such as a nation or besiged city?

Fifth Column

4.The Crystal Globe is the award given to the Best Picture at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.Previous winners have  included  Amelie, Jar City and The Mosquito Net. It is the main film award of which European country?

Czech Republic

5.Played on screen by Jennifer Lawrence,the character Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist of which best selling trilogy of novels?

The Hunger Games

6.A title to have been  given to only eleven women (officially),which Italian word follows 'Prima ballerina'  to give a rank or title given to the most notable of female ballet dancers?


7.Written by Alex Raymond and first published in 1934,which science fiction comic strip is known in France as 'Guy l'eclair', in Latin America as 'Roldan el Temerario' (Roldan the Fearless) and in Turkey as Bay Tekin (Mister Canny)?

Flash Gordon

Originally called the Uris Theatre,it was re-named in honour of a famous American composer.It has been the home to the musical 'Wicked' since October 2003 and is located on West 51st Street.Which Broadway theatre has the largest seating capacity?

Gershwin Theartre


Which artist and writer is credited with creating comic strips including '300' , 'Sin City' and 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns',all later adapted into blockbuster films?

Frank Miller

10.Depicting the events surrounding the execution of Gary Gilmore by the state of Utah,which American writer wrote the 1980 Pulitzer Prize winning book 'The Executioner's Song'?

Norman Mailer


1.One of the strongest in the body,the medical name of which bone is shared with a type of Ancient Greek flute?


2.Derived from the Greek meaning 'same place', which scientific term is used to describe a part of a chemical element that shares the same number of protons and electrons,but differs in the number of neutrons it contains?



Known in Japanese mythology as 'Baku',it is native to South and Central America and South East Asia. With species including Brazilian,Malayan and Baird's,what is the name of this animal,closely related to odd-toed ungulates such as horses and rhinoceroses?


4.What name used to describe -273.15 on the Celsius scale or -459.67 on the Farenheit scale?

Absolute Zero

5.Taken from the Greek meaning 'together' and 'clasp',what name is given to a structure in the nervous system which permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell?


6.The name is familiar in the world of mobile phones,what is the SI derived unit of electrical conductance?



In 2011,the European Southern Observatory Council,approved the building of the E-ELT ,which will be located in on a mountain top in Cerro Armazones.One of the biggest of its kind,when complete,what does the acronym E-ELT (four words) stand?

European Extremely Large Telescope

8.Which English theoretical physicist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for 1933,along with Erwin Schrodinger, 'for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory'?

Paul Dirac

9.It is synthesised using the Vernueil flame-fusion process and gets its colour from the presence of chromium ions.Which gemstone and variety of the mineral corundum,has a long history of being mined in Myanmar(Burma)?


10.Discovered in the debris of the first hydrogen bomb explosion in 1952,it is named after a Nobel Physics Laureate that had a particular interest in this field.What is the name of the chemical element which has the atomic number 100?


Sport and Leisure

1.Which Commonwealth country  hosted both the 1971 and 1975 World Snooker Championship Finals?


Beating Steffi Graf in 1990,which was the only Grand Slam singles title won by Gabriella Sabatini?

US Open

3.Currently published by Activision,its off-shoots include ‘Warped’,’Mind Over Mutant’ and ‘Nitro Racing’.Which best-selling video game franchise is set on the fictitious Wumpa Islands and sees the protagonist trying to defeat Doctor Neo Cortex?

Crash Bandicoot

4.Formerly known simply as 'Be Quick',which top tier Dutch football team play their home games at the Adelaarshorst stadium in the city of Deventer ?

Go Ahead Eagles


Zeresenay Tadese has won medals at the World Cross-Championships on seven occasions,won the World Half marathon Championships on six occasions,won medals at the Olympics and World (Track and Field) Championships  and holds the world record over the half marathon.Despite this success he is a relative unknown.Which east-African nation does he represent?


6.Racing between 1980-1994,he represented teams such as Brabham,Ligier,Jordan and Tyrrell.Which Italian racing driver,holds the unfortunate record of competing in 208 Formula One races,without ever winning?

Andrea de Cesaris

7.Playing over 2000 games spanning 15 years,for which baseball team did Babe Ruth spend the majority over his professional career?

New York Yankees

8.The sport’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup,what is the name of the annual USA versus Europe 9-Ball pool tournament?

Mosconi Cup

9.Founded in 1902 in The Netherlands,it is a mixed gender team sport similar to netball and basketball.What is the name of this sport,whose name derives from a Dutch word for the sport’s ‘basket’?


10.Marvin Hagler lost his last professional boxing match,his first loss in  11 years.It was a World title fight against which boxer who also fought his last professional fight?

Sugar Ray Leonard


1.Located to the South of Madrid,it is associated with Miguel de Cervantes and a breed of goat. It is also equally famous as being the largest continuous vine-growing area in the world.Meaning 'dry land' or 'wilderness',what is the name of this region?

La Mancha

2.What is the name of the strait that separates the Australian mainland with Tasmania?

Bass Strait

3.In terms of both land area and population,which is the largest of the Dodecanese islands?


4.Forming part of the international border between Latvia and Belarus,it also flows through parts of Russia.What is the name of this 1000km long river,which also flows through the Latvian capital of Riga?

Daugava River

5.The Presidential Range is a mountain range located in the White Mountains of the US state of New Hampshire. After which US President is the highest peak in this range named?

(George) Washington

6.Established by Melina Mercouri and Jack Lang,which EU capital city,in 1985, was chosen to become the first European Capital of Culture?


7.The Mirabelle Festival is held annually in Metz,France in honour of the region's prolific cultivation of which fruit?


Designed by the engineer Andre Waterkeyn for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair,what is the name of the iconic building that forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal?


A broadcasting,observation and restaurant tower, it became the world's tallest tower in March 2011 and the world's second tallest structure after the Burj Khalifa. In which city can the 'Skytree' be found?


10.Which Italian region,located in the south east of the country ,bordering the Adriatic Sea,contains the cities of Bari,Foggia and Lecce?