Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday Quiz 76

Here is another batch for you to have a go at.

I'm on holiday next week, but I will try to provide some sort of quizzing. I do have a sports quiz ready, so you may well get that at some point. I'll keep you posted

Just a quick one. Could you please ask before advertising anything on this site. I'll happily link most relevant/good sites, but books/DVDs/Games/random sites etc I will not,without permission sought

Hope you enjoy...............

1.Polish sportswoman,Natalia Partyka,competed in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2008 and  2012.She won gold at both Paralympics and reached the last 32 in the London Olympic event.In which sport does she compete?

Table Tennis

2.Also known as Forkbeard,he was father of Cnut The Great and son of Harald Bluetooth.Who was the first of the Danish Kings of England?(first name needed)?

Sweyn I

3.Completed in 1997 ,it is an iconic feature of the city's skyline.The observation and telecommunications tower known as the  'Sky Tower',is the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere.In which city is it located?


4.Formed in Sydney in 1991,this five-piece group have acheived sales of over 17 million DVDs and four million CDs.In 2002 they had become the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) most successful pre-school television programme.What is the name of this musical group who are familiar to children throughout the world,particularly on The Disney Channel?

The Wiggles

5.Jamaica broke the world record in the mens 4x100 metre relay at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games and the 2009 and 2011 World Athletics Championships.Unsurprisingly Usain Bolt ran in all four races,but which other athlete also represented them in those races?

Michael Frater

6.Established in 1957,which European capital city is home to the International Atomic Energy Agency?


7.Familiar to fans of 'first-person shooter' video games,what is the name of the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government?

Medal of Honor

8.Sharing its name with a 2003 film,nominated for seven Academy Awards,what is the name of the prison central to the 1996 Stephen King novel and 1999 film 'The Green Mile'?

Cold Mountain

9.Created in 1994  by Namco,this fighting video game franchise has become popular across most formats and spawned three films.Its main characters include Heihachi Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams and Yoshimitsu and is centred around the 'King of Iron Fist Tournament'.What is the name of this franchise? 


10.Formed in Dresden in 1905,its name is translated into English as 'The Bridge'.
What (German) name was given to the group of German expressionists that included Fritz Bleyl, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner amongst its members?

Die Brucke

11.Located in Harris County in Texas,it is named after a famous 1836 battle.What is the name of the world's tallest memorial?

San Jacinto Memorial

12.Formed in Puerto Rico by siblings Residente and Visitante and PG-13,they are particularly popular across Latin America and  have won two Grammy awards for 'Best Latin Urban album'.With albums including 'Los De Atras Vienen Conmigo' (2008) and 'Entren Los Que Quieran' (2010),which band has won more Latin Grammy awards than any other artist?

Calle 13

13.Existing (approximately) between 100AD and 900AD,the Kingdom of Aksum was noted as a great power and important trading nation.It is one of the believed locations of the Ark of the Covenant and also the purported home of the Queen of Sheba.In which modern day African nation can this Kingdom (now a city) be found?


14.Representing the Sandinista National Liberation Front (albeit under various guises),who originally led Nicaragua between 1985-1990 before returning to power in 2007?

Daniel Ortega

15.According to Thomas Hardy's novel The Return of The Native',they were known as 'black-hearts'.In Scandanavia they are popularly used in pies and in Romania it is uded as a base for the liquer Afinata.Closely related to the blueberry and huckleberry,what name is given to this wild fruit from the Vaccinium genus?


16.With Chur as the capital,it is the largest canton by area and most easterly in Switzerland.Which Swiss canton is the only one where the Romansh language is still spoken?

Graubunden (or Grisons)

17.Despite directing films such as 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes','Bringing Up Baby' and 'Rio Bravo',his only nomination for an Academy Award came in 1942 for 'Sergeant York' .Which American film director did,however, receive and Honorary Academy Award in 1975?

Howard Hawks

18.With a population of around 30,000,which Mediterranean island takes its name from the Arabic meaning 'moutain of Tariq'?


19.In a conflict which saw the Bourbons take on the Prussians and the Austrian Habsburgs,in which decade of the 18th century did the War of Polish Succession take place?

1730s (1733-1738)

20.Of the 5 individual swimming events contested over 200m at an Olympic Games,which has the slowest World record?

200m Breaststroke

21.Which famous Italian was shot and killed outside his Miami home,in July 199, by spree killer Andrew Cunanan?

Gianni Versace

22.Characterised by a milky-white glaze,it is a type of Majolica pottery,specifically from the Mexican city of Puebla.Taking its name from a Spanish city,also known for its ceramics,it is also the name of an 1809 battle of the Peninsular War.What is the name of this Mexican type of pottery?


23.Nominated for an Academy award four times,(including nominations in two different categories in 2002),her best known films include 'Boogie Nights' (1997),The Big Lebowski(1998) and The Hours (2002).What is the name of this actress,who also showed an incredible likeness to Sarah Palin,after portraying her in the television film 'Game Change' in 2010?

Julianne Moore

24.Its first  recipients were Barney Clark and William Schroeder,who survived 112 and 620 days after their respective surguries.Which medical innovation,designed by Robert Jarvik, was first successfully implanted in 1982?

Artificial Heart

25.Named after the 15th century Sultanate that ruled in this area,what is the name of the narrow stretch of water that lies between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra?

Strait of Malacca

26.Previously known as Port Clarence and Santa Isabel,which city,located on Bioko Island,is the capital of Equatorial Guinea?


27.Taken from the Hebrew meaning 'head of the year',which festival,usually occuring in early autmn,celebrates the Jewish New Year?

Rosh Hashanah

28.At the 1987 US Open ,Martina Navratilova became the last player (so far)to win the 'Triple Crown' of singles,doubles and mixed doubles titles at a single tennis Grand slam tournament.Who was her Spanish partner in the mixed doubles event?

Emilio Sanchez

29.Working as a judge on the 2011 French edition of the 'X-Factor',which Corsican musician was a founding member of the pop group 'The Police',replaced by  Andy Summers in August 1977?

Henry Padovani

30.Celebrated each year at the 'place des Cordeliers',for which historical event did the French commune of Annonay become noted in 1783?

First hot air balloon flight  (as demonstrated by the Mongolfier brothers)