Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday Quiz 75

Here is Thursday's Quiz

Should keep you busy for a while. I only found Question 1 today,but thought it quite interesting


1.Named after one of the country's most famous sportsmen,which Belgian player,in 2012,won his second 3-cushion billiard World Championship?

Eddy Merckx

2. The two main islands of this archipelago are Graham Island in the north, and Moresby Island in the south.Located on the North Coast of British Columbia,it is also known locally as Haida Gwaii.By what regal name is this archipelago usually known in English?

Queen Charlotte Islands

3.Their EP 'To Mother',reached number one in the UK Indie charts,whilst their 1992 album 'Fontanelle' was,globally, the most commercially successful of this all-girl punk band. Sharing a name with a Laurel and Hardy film,as well as a Victor Herbert operetta,what was the name of this band,which had Courtney Love as a bass player between 1987-1989?

Babes In Toyland

4.Which of Puccini's operas is the Jonathan Larson musical, 'Rent' ,largely based?

La Boheme

5.Sharing a name with a strategy game,what was the name of the 2012 science fiction film,starring Liam Neeson,that also saw Rihanna make her theatrical film debut?


6.The world's richest prize for children's literature is currently awarded annually in Sweden and worth around 5 million Swedish krona.After which native author is it named?

Astrid Lindgren

7.Sounding similar to an exercise class,which city,prior to Lilongwe, served as the capital of Malawi (and Nyasaland before that)?


8.The daughter of a former Spanish Formula One driver,which Marussia Racing Team test driver,in July 2012,was seriously injured at Duxford Aerodrome,resulting in the loss of her right eye?

Maria de Villota

9.Often remembered as the man behind the implementation of apartheid,which South African Prime Minister was assassinated in 1966 by Dimitri Tsafendas?

Hendrik Verwoerd

10.Born in 1891,which American author is known for creating controversial novels including 'Tropic of Cancer','Tropic of Capricorn' and 'Black Spring'?

Henry Miller

11.Directed by Don Siegel and shot at Folsom State prison,which 1954 prison drama was banned in the UK upon its initial release?

Riot In Cell Block 11

12.Established in 1962,they were formed as an elite counter-guerilla force that could operate from the sea,air and land.Originally made up of the US navy's underwater demolition teams,how is fighting force usually known today?

(US Navy) SEALs

13.Flying aboard Soyuz 28, Vladimir Remek became the first non Soviet or American to be launched into space.Which country does he now represent in the European Parliament?

Czech Republic

14.Which word can be a model of Porsche car,a type of chili pepper or the capital of French Guiana?


15.With former players including Laurent Blanc,Eric Cantona and Carlos Valderama,which French football team won its first ever Ligue 1 Championship in 2012,beating Paris St Germain by 3 points?


16.It is the closest airport to San Marino (which has no airport of its own).Which Italian film director is honoured at this airport in Rimini?

Federico Fellini

17.Named after a German physicist who described it in 1852,what name is given to the curved motion of a spinning ball as seen in many sports,especially racquet sports?

Magnus Effect

18.Four of the first five US Presidents were all born in which US state?


19.In 1998,which Canadian author wrote the novel 'Girlfriend In A Coma',named after a 1987 single by The Smiths?

Douglas Coupland

20.In May 2012,Keira Knightley became engaged to the musician James Righton.Of which Mercury Music Award-winning band is he a member?

The Klaxons

21.Currently head coach of the Racers Track Club,who is the successful coach of Usain Bolt?

Glen Mills

22.Also the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte,which city is both the largest and the capital of Corsica?


23.Founded in 1907 it was renamed in 1951.Its name is derived from the Japanese kanji's meaning 'Osaka engine manufacture'.Mostly known for its smaller models and off-road vehicles,which is Japan's oldest car manufacturer?


24.A Greek heroine,she refused to marry any man unless he could beat her in a foot race.Who was the only female argonaut?


25.Constructed during the mid 10th century by Badis ben Habus,it now stands as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Andalucian city of Granada.Which name,literally translated in English as 'the red one',also shares its name with a model of car made by SEAT?


26.According to Forbes magazine,which NFL Quarterback was rated as the highest paid American football player between June 2011 and 2012,earning an estimated $42.4 million?

Peyton Manning

27.What name,shared by an Olympic event, was given to the alleged German plan to assassinate Stalin,Churchill and Roosevelt at the 1943 Tehran Conference during World War II?

Operation Long Jump

28.Set over three decades in the life of the Marryott family,which Noel Coward play was adapted into a 1933 film,that went on to win the Best Picture Academy Award?


29.Her most famous work is 'Gigi',upon which the Lerner and Loewe musical is based.By what one-word name is this French author and performer,born with the first name Gabrielle,more commonly known?


30.Which 1945 Alfred Hitchcock film is noted for having a 'dream sequence' created by Salvador Dali?