Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Quiz 74

OK, I have a 40 question sports quiz for you tonight.
I hope you enjoy,even if you are not a sports fan. If you are,then this should be a good workout.
I've also,regrettably,removed the facility to leave comments as I think somebody is trying to spoil the site for others.
 Also,for some reason there is quite a gap before you can see these questions. I have no idea why this has happened,but I have not got my usual computer here,soI assume is something to do with the file
Anyway I hope you enjoy this batch  (somewhere below!)............................

1.One of the few top players to play with long sleeves,he has the nickname ‘The Matchstick’. Which Dutch darts player partnered Raymond Van Barneveld to win the inaugural PDC World Cup of Darts in 2010?
Co Stompe
2.To  date, five golfers have won a career ‘Grand Slam’ ,by winning the US Masters, US Open, British Open and USPGA Championships. Tiger Woods, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus are three of these players, name either of the other two?
Gene Sarazen and Ben Hogan
3.Sounding like a school football team and based in his home city of Rosario,from which Argentine football club did Barcelona sign Lionel Messi at just 11 years of age? 
Newell's Old Boys
4.Reaching the semi-final of the Snooker World Championship in 2000 and 2001,which Northern Irish player is nicknamed ‘The Outlaw’?
Joe Swail
5.In March 2012,Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar created history by becoming the first cricketer to score 100 international Test centuries.Against which national team,did he score his first in August 1990?
6.In road cycling,three races  make up the ‘Grand Tours’.The Tour de France and Giro d’Italia are two,but which European race is the other?
Vuelta a Espana

7.At the 1984 Los Angeles Games,she became engaged in a tight contest  with Ecaterina Szabo of Romania.Which American became the first female gymnast from outside Eastern Europe to win the Olympic all-around title?
Mary Lou Retton
8.At which weight category did Tyrell Biggs,Lennox Lewis and Wladimir Klitschko all win Olympic Gold medals?
Super Heavyweight
9. Known as Shuttlecock or Featherball in the West,what is the name of the traditional Asian game in which players aim to keep a heavily weighted shuttlecock in the air using their feet and other parts of the body (but not hands)?
10. Franziska van Almsick,from Germany,has the distinction of receiving the most career Olympic medals (10) without ever winning a gold medal. Appearing  between 1992 and 2004,in which sport did she compete?
11.Which of the legendary  French tennis players known as ‘The Four Musketeers’,was the only one not to win a Grand Slam singles title,although he did win 10 Grand Slam doubles titles?
Jacques Brugnon
12.Inspired by LeBron James,which US basketball team won their second NBA title in 2012,beating Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1?

Miami Heat

13.Surpassing Viv Richards’ 30 year old achievement,which Pakistani batsman,in 2006, hit a world record 1788 Test runs in a single calendar year?

Mohammed Yousuf

14.Baseball was eliminated from the Olympic programme after being an official event between 1992-2008. Which Asian country won that final 2008 competition and Gold medal,in Beijing?
South Korea
15.Who is the only non-German (male) football player to receive a FIFA World cup medal as a winner, runner-up and third place?
Franco Baresi
16.In cycling,what is the distance,in metres,of a lap of an Olympic standard velodrome?
250 Metres
17.Today the term is used to describe its country’s competitors in a variety of sports.What two-word name was originally  given to the 1920s athletes Hannes Kolehmainen, Ville Ritola and Paavo Nurmi ,due to their dominance in middle and long distance running?
Flying Finn(s)
18.In Judo grading,what colour belts denotes the highest ranks of ninth and tenth dan?
Red (not Red and White)
19.Winning 3 Gold,2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal,which African nation finished highest on the official IOC 2012 Olympic medal table?
South Africa
20.Founded in 1953 by Michael Kogan,which Japanese video game developer and manufacturer,created the original 'Space Invaders' coin-operated arcade game?
21.Based on an infamous UK event in 1963,it became equally popular in West Germany.Which  board game was created by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny in the early 1970s?
The Great Train Robbery
22.Appearing at three Games,(1992-1998),who is currently the most decorated Winter Olympian,winning 12 medals in total?

Bjorn Dahlie 
23.Acheiving the feat during the 1990s,which American Football team reached a record four consecutive Superbowl finals,but failed to win any?
Buffalo Bills
24.In boardsports,such as surfing,a person who rides their  board with the left leg at the front,,is known as 'regular'.Named after a Disney cartoon character,,what name is given to somebody who rides with their right leg positioned at the front?
25.Only two male skiers (to date) have won  13 World Cup races in a single season.Name either?
Ingemar Stenmark and Hermann Maier
26.The Catalan Dragons are currently the only team in Rugby League’s ‘Super League’ that are based outside of England. In which French city are they based?
27.Invented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, which Olympic event was created to  simulate the experience of a 19th century cavalry soldier behind enemy lines?
Modern Pentathlon
28.Demolished in 2009,which legendary sports stadium was the former home (at various times) to  NewYork’s Mets and Yankees baseball teams,as well as the Jets and Giants football teams?

The Shea Stadium (officially the William A Shea Municipal Stadium 


29.Captained by Darren Maroon and formed largely of players from inner-city Sydney ,which national Rugby League team,qualified for their first and (so far) only Rugby League World Cup in 2000?
30.Which country provided the winner of the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship in 1959,1960,1966 and 1980?
31.In 2008,he became the first Norwegian to win an Olympic swimming medal.In 2012,he tragically died aged just 26.What is his name

Alexander Dale Oen 

32.Although they have never qualified for the World Cup,they have made the finals of the African Nations Cup 3 times since 2004.Which West African national football team have the nickname, ‘The Squirrels’?
33.The sport’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup,what is the name of the annual USA versus Europe 9-Ball pool tournament?
Mosconi Cup
34.After beating Maragret Court six months earlier,which male tennis player famously lost to Billie-Jean King in a more high profile (and televised) ‘Battle of the Sexes’ exhibition match?
Bobby Riggs
35.Founded in 1902 in The Netherlands,it is a mixed gender team sport similar to netball and basketball.What is the name of this sport,whose name derives from a Dutch word for the sport’s ‘basket’?
36.In 1975 the West Indies won the first ever cricket World Cup.Which team were beaten in the final?


37.One of Australia's premier sporting events,the ‘State of Origin’ is a best-of-three series of rugby league matches between which two states?

Queensland and New South Wales

38.At which racecourse is the Melbourne Cup horse race run annually?


39.A name also used to describe versatile defensive football player,what name is given to  a specialist defensive player on a volleyball team,noted for wearing a different colour jersey to their team-mates?


40.Greg Hancock,Tomasz Gollob and Jason Crump have all been recent World Champions in which motor sport?