Sunday, 9 September 2012

New- Sunday Quiz 72

Well I'm back at last with some new questions to keep you busy.

As usual there are 30 of them.The next 30 will appear on Thursday night.

This set has probably a slightly higher 'trash' element than normal,but I hope that doesn't spoil your enjoyment too much.

1.With both areas surrounded by a British Overseas Territory,Ormidhia and Xylotymvou are exclaves administered by which country?


2.Also a noted dramatist,which 17th/18th century architect is best known for his designs of Castle Howard and Blenheim Palace?

John Vanbrugh

3.Discovered in 2005,Dysnomia is a moon that orbits which dwarf planet?


4.Located in Arizona and northern parts of Mexico,which desert is the only place in the world where the famous Saguaro cactus,(which grows up to 70 feet high),can be found growing in the wild?

Sonoran Desert

5.He was assassinated in 1978 as part of the Saur Revolution.Which statesman,in 1973, overthrew the monarchy of his cousin, Mohammed Zahir Shah,declaring himself as the first President of Afghanistan?

Mohammed Daoud Khan

6.Receiving the award for a 2002 film,who is the youngest actor to win the Best Actor Academy Award?

Adrien Brody (for 'The Pianist')

7.Formed in 2009,they are an off-shoot from the band.The Raconteurs,and have released albums entitled 'Horehound' and 'Sea Coward'.What is the name of this band,whose members include Jack White and lead singer Alison Mosshart?

The Dead Weather

8.The famous boxers,Laszlo Papp,Floyd Patterson and Michael Spinks,all won Olympic Gold medals at which weight?


9.A soft silvery metal it has the atomic number 58.Which chemical element is named after the dwarf planet discovered in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi?

Cerium (after Ceres)

10.Connecting the Adriatic Sea with the Ionian Sea,which Strait seperates Italy from Albania?

Strait of Otranto

11.Adapted into a 2012 blockbuster film,which American author created 'The Hunger Games' trilogy of novels?

Suzanne Collins

12.Arriving in Paris in 1904,he refused to work with Auguste Rodin,saying 'no-one could flourish under a big tree'.Which Romanian sculptor created pieces including 'The Kiss' ,'Bird In Space' and 'Sleeping Muse'?

Constantin Brancusi

13.Published and developed by Konami,it is a popular video game franchise,known in Japan as 'World Soccer:Winning Eleven'.How is this franchise better known outside of Japan?

Pro Evolution Soccer

14.This comic book superhero has the alter-ego Clint Barton and was played on screen by Jeremy Renner in the 2012 film 'The Avengers'.What is the name of this character,who may also be familiar to tennis fans?


15.The small European state of Andorra,is governed by a co-principality.The incumbent President of France is one of the 'co-princes' ,but which religous leader,whose diocese also includes part of Catalonia,is the other?

Bishop of Urgell (currently Joan Enric Vives Sicilia)

16.Julius Nyerere International,serves as which African country's principal airport?


17.Which South African writer,winner of both the Nobel Prize in Literature and the Booker prize (twice),has written novels including 'The Life and Times of Michael K','The Master of Petersburg' and 'Diary of a Bad Year'?

JM Coetzee

18.Originally created by Norbert Jacques and inspired by characters such as 'Fu Manchu' and 'Fantomas', what was the name of the fictional villain that became the subject of three films by Fritz Lang?

Dr Mabuse

19.The Absheron Peninsula extends around 37miles (or 60km) eastwards into the Caspian Sea. It is also forms the most easterly section of the Caucasus Mountains.It is a region of which capital city,that has an estimated (2010)population of 2.1 million?


20.The UPC-Arena in Graz,Austria,is the home of the city's top two football clubs and has also hosted World Cup qualifying games.Between 1995-2005 it was known by what name,dedicated to one of the country's most famous exports?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium

21.Generally described as 'indie rock' they are a Boston band formed in 1986.Their albums include 'Doolittle'(1989),'Bossanova' (1990) and 'Trompe Le Monde' (1991) and their most well known single is,perhaps,1989's 'Monkey Gone To Heaven'. What is the name of this group,whose line-up includes Black Francis,Kim Deal,Joey Santiago and David Lovering?

(The) Pixies

22.What is the name of the 7th cenutry BC Athenian lawmaker,widely known for his harsh laws and particularly remembered for creating the first written constitution of Athens?

Draco (where the term 'Draconian' is derived)

23.Preceeding Helen Clark in the role,who,in 1997 became noted as the first female Prime Minister of New Zealand?

Jenny Shipley

24.A Polish athlete,she competed at 5 Olympic Games between 1964 and 1980,winning 7 medals, (3 of them gold).She is also the only athlete(male or female) to have broken the world record in the 100m,200m and the 400 m events.What is her name?

Irena Szewinska

25.Featured in the centre of its coat of arms,it dominates the skyline of the capital,Yerevan.Which biblical location is seen as the national symbol of Armenia?

Mount Ararat

26.What was the surname of the father and son who won the Nobel Prize for Physics 53 years apart,in 1922 and 1975 respectively?

Bohr (Niels and Aage respectively)

27.Bounded on the east by the Canadian province of Ontario and on the west by the US state of Michigan,which is the second largest,in area, of the five 'Great Lakes'?

Lake Huron

28.In the human body,what common name is usually used to describe the zygomatic bone?

Cheek Bone

29.Promising Martin Luther safe conduct if he would appear,which Holy Roman Emperor presided over the 1521 Diet of Worms?

Charles V

30.She was the equivalent of the Greek goddess Hecate and her name may be very familiar to quiz enthusiasts.Who,in Roman mythology,was the goddess of sorcery and witchcraft and 'was seen only by the barking of dogs who told of her approach'?