Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Quiz 71

Another set of revision questions for the WQC.

If anyone would like to enter the World Quiz Championships,I would highly recommend it. It's a great chance to test yourself against the very best quizzers in the world.(You never know you may surprise yourself!)

There are many venues across the globe.See for more details

Hope you enjoy these..............

1.For which team did the 2010 and 2011 World Driver's Champion, Sebastian Vettel,make his Formula One debut,doing so at the 2007 United States Grand Prix?

(BMW) Sauber

2.Which German composer, conductor, and founder of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra,is best known for his operatic version of Shakespeare's comedy 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'?

(Carl)Otto Nicolai

3.Having film adaptations for most of his novels,which American author's works include, 'A Kiss Before Dying','Rosemary's Baby' and 'The Stepford Wives'?

Ira Levin

4.With the atomic number 98,what is the only chemical element to be named after a state of the USA?


5.Containing  Japan's second largest island, Hokkaido and Russia's largest island, Sakhalin,which sea,located in the western Pacific,lies between Russia in the north and the Kuril islands in the South?

Sea of Okhotsk

6.Bordered by Rajasthan to the north and Maharashtra to the south, its capital is Gandhinagar, while its largest city is Ahmedabad.What is the name of this state located in western India?


7.Marketed as a luxury vehicle,the 'Acura' is currently available in the USA,Canada,Mexico,China and Hong Kong.Which Japanese car manufacturer produce this vehicle?


8.In terms of population,which is the smallest Australian state capital city?


9.Receiving 17 Emmy nominations in 2011,which US TV comedy series revolves around three families,inter-related through Jay Pritchett (played by Ed O'Neill) and his children?

Modern Family

10.In winning the 2008 Womens Long Jump event,who became Brazil's first and (so far) only individual female Olympic champion?

Maurren Maggi

11.Receiving a sentence of over 365 years imprisonment in 1977,what was the real name of the convicted serial killer,who dubbed himself the 'Son of Sam',in a note to the New York Police Department?

David Berkowitz

12.In Norse mythology,what name is given to Thor's belt,which magnifies his strength?


13.Traditionally made from rice straw and covered with layers of soft rushes,they are built to a standard size,(equivalent to one sleeping space,described as '6 mat','8 mat' etc).What name is given to this traditional Japanese floor matting?


14.Deriving their name from a king of Thessalian Phthia and son of Zeus,which legendary group of brave and skilled warriors were commanded by Achilles,as described in Homer's 'Iliad'?


15.In which Eastern art,is the Yoshizawa-Randlett system, a series of diagrams,describing the art?


16.A term coined by critic F. S. Boas in his 1896 work 'Shakespeare and his Predecessors',how are the Shakesperean plays, 'All's Well That Ends Well', 'Measure for Measure' and 'Troilus and Cressida',often described?

Problem Plays

17.La Seigneurie is the capital of which small,inhabited Channel Island?


18.Monte Titano is the highest peak in San Marino.In which mountain range does it lie?


19.Usually distilled from grain, potatoes,honey and sugar beets,its name translates to mean whisky or a strong spirit.It is also often referred to as the country's equivalent of vodka.From which modern day, European country, does the alcoholic drink,Horilka,originate?


20.Located on the Bight of Bonny,in the Atlantic Ocean,the islands of Annobon,Bioko and Corisco all belong to which West African nation?

Equatorial Guinea

21.Written by Anita Loos,it began as a series of short sketches published in Harper's 'Bazaar',known as the 'Lorelei' stories.Adapted for the big screen in 1928,it featured Ruth Taylor in the lead role.In 1953,this role was to become iconic for Marilyn Monroe.What is the name of this work?

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

22.Endemic to the Antarctic and, in 2011, seen on a New Zealand beach for the first time in 44 years,'Aptenodytes forsteri' is the tallest and heaviest of which animal species?

Penguin (Emperor Penguin)

23.Designed by the 'Swiss Cracking Association',what was the Commodore Amiga computer,the first to receive,in 1987?

Computer Virus

24.Founded in Iran during the first millenium BC,what is the name of the religion that follows one supreme God, by the name of Ahura Mazda and has a  scripture called 'Avesta'?


25.A name (traditionally,but not correctly) given to a sweet potato in the US and parts of Canada,which vegetable, a primary agricultural commodity in West Africa and New Guinea,belongs to the Dioscorea genus and can grow to 2.5metres in length?


26.Medically known as 'Peritonsillar abscess' and considered to be the cause of George Washington's death,by what name is this severe complication of tonsilitis more commonly known?


27.Of the 28 member nations of NATO,which two were previously part of Yugoslavia?

Slovenia and Croatia

28.Renowned for its wine and lying close to the Tanaro river,in which Italian region, can the town of Asti be located?


29.Which prolific Canadian Pritzker Prize winning architect is noted for his work on the Guggenheim Museum in  Bilbao,the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and an eponymous twisting tower in Hanover?

Frank Gehry

30.During the 1990s,the artists Bobby Brown,Bell Biv Devoe and Ralph Tresvant all had top 40 hit singles in the UK and US.By what name were they collectively known when they had a worldwide hit during the 1980s,with the song 'Candy Girl'?

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