Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday Quiz 74

Here is a set of WQC-type 'Low Brow' or 'Trash' questions  (sport,entertainment,lifestyle etc)


1.Played on a board of eight ranks by twelve files,what name is given to the German variant of chess,that takes its name from the German word for a chess bishop?

Courier Chess

2.Which Dutch sounding surname links the American golfer 'Bo',currently ranked in the World's Top 50,the siblings from the Peanuts comic strip,'Linus,Lucy and Reun' and the character 'Grace' played by Amanda Righetti in the US TV drama series 'The Mentalist'?

Van Pelt

3.In Ice hockey,in addition to scoring a goal and recording an assist,what would a player need to do to complete a 'Geordie Howe' hat-trick during a game?

Get into a fight

4.Which team won the last ever East German football league title in 1991?

FC Hansa Rostock

5.Best known for his role as Cliff Clavin in US sitcom 'Cheers', who provides the voice of 'Hamm the Piggy Bank' in the film Toy Story 3?

John Ratzenberger

6.Which pop superstar performed as a dancer with French disco artist,Patrick Hernandez,as well as performing vocals in the bands 'The Breakfast Club' and'Emmy', before signing a record deal with Sire records in 1981?


7.With types such as coronary,ureteral and prostatic,what name is given to the artificial tube,inserted into a natural passage in the body to 'prevent, or counteract, a disease-induced, localised flow constriction'?


8.American astrophysicist,cosmologist and Nobel Laureatre George Smoot III won US$ 1 million in 2009 on which US TV quiz show?

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

9.With examples and collections found in books such as 'The Blue Cliff Record' and 'The Book Of Equanimity',what is the name of the fundamental teachings of Zen Buddhism,designed to expose the limitations of the mind, as in the example,'Two hands clap and there is a sound; what is the sound of one


10.Founded in 1912 and closing in 1935,this 'slapstick' film studio, produced silent pictures that started the careers of Harold Lloyd,Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle ,amongst others.It also produced a namesake act.What is the name of these studios,based in Edendale,California?

Keystone Studios

11.'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' is an American reality television series that premiered in 2007 and has led to several spin-off shows.It follows the daily lives of American socialite Kim Kardashian and her family.Featured in the show,who is her famous father-in-law,an Olympic Gold Medal winning athlete from the 1976 Games in Montreal?

Bruce Jenner

12.Founded in Milan in 1910,which car manufacturer,with models including the Giulietta,Spider and Brera,is noted for being the make of car, in which the Italian driver ,Giuseppe Farina, won the first Formula One championship in 1950?

Alfa Romeo

13.Previously known under his stage name 'Sweet Mickey',the former recording artist,Michael Martelly became the President of which Central American country in May 2011?


14.Used in many parts of South Asia,which word or term,refers to a series of steps leading down to a water body,usually a holy river?


15.Traditionally this two word term refers to a fight involving three or more combatants, that is fought until only one fighter remains is used in  combat sports,but the term has a specific meaning, depending on the sports being discussed.It was also used in the title of a cult 2000 film by Kinji Fukasaku.Which term?

Battle Royal(e)

16.In 2000,the Dutch rock festival,'Pinkpop',was the first major public event to provide what resource for women?

Female Urinals

17.Best known for the design of the Sydney Opera House,architect Jorn Utzon,also created which Middle Eastern country's National Assemby building?


18.Which EU capital city's metro system includes the stations  Opera,Oktogon,Astoria and Stadionok?


19.Usually served with sushi,which root,also known as Japanese horseradish,belongs to the same family as cabbages, horseradish, and mustard?


20.He is head of  the film music division at Dreamworks Studios and has composed over 100 film scores.What is the name of this prolific German composer,who has written scores for film such as Gladiator,Inception,The Lion King and Frost/Nixon?

Hans Zimmer

21.Syreeta Wright was a Grammy nominated,American singer and songwriter who died in 2004.She is particularly noted for her collaborations with Billy Preston and which other music 'superstar',whom she was married between 1970 -1972?

Stevie Wonder

22.Selling more than 30 million records,she is among the most successful recording artists of all time in France. She also holds the record for the most number one hits in the French charts (which began in 1984), with twelve to date, eight of which were consecutive.Her most notable songs include 'Sans contrefacon', 'Libertine' and 'California'.Who is this prolific performer?

Mylene Farmer

23.The basis for several television series,films and even a theme park in Naantali, Finland,the 'Moomins' series of books and comic strips are the creation of which Swedish-Finn illustrator and writer?

Tove Jansson

24.His surname is familiar to astronomers.Playing for the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys,which American football linebacker,is noted as the only player to have won 5 'Superbowl' championships,doing so between 1989-1995?

Charles Haley was invented by naval engineer Richard James in the 1940s and first shown in Gimbel's department stores in has been used by NASA for experiments in zero-gravity and by John Cage in his 1959 'Sounds of Venice'.What is the name of this toy,which may be familiar to fans of the 'Toy Story' films?


26.Playing at the highest level in France, Italy and Spain for over 15 seasons,he was a World Cup winner in 1998 and European Championship winner two years later.Having recorded an impressive 142 appearances,who is the most capped player in the history of the French national football team?

Lilian Thuram

27.Slowly cooked at the table,in a mixture of soy sauce,sugar and minin,what meat is traditionally used in the Japanese Winter dish 'Sukiyaki'?


28.Which of the 'Seven Wonders of The Ancient World',would be located in the Turkish city of Bodrum,if it was to exist today?

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

29.Awarded the prize for his performances in 1984,1985,1988 and 1992 films,which US actor holds the unenviable record, of receiving most Golden Raspberry Awards in the category of Worst Actor?

Sylvester Stallone

30.The last Brazilian film to have won an Academy Award was in 1985,when William Hurt won the award for Best actor. The film was also nominated in the Best Picture,Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay categories.Directed by Hector Babenco and based on the 1976 novel by Manuel Puig,what is the English title of this film,set in a Brazilian prison?

Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Quiz 71

Another set of revision questions for the WQC.

If anyone would like to enter the World Quiz Championships,I would highly recommend it. It's a great chance to test yourself against the very best quizzers in the world.(You never know you may surprise yourself!)

There are many venues across the globe.See for more details

Hope you enjoy these..............

1.For which team did the 2010 and 2011 World Driver's Champion, Sebastian Vettel,make his Formula One debut,doing so at the 2007 United States Grand Prix?

(BMW) Sauber

2.Which German composer, conductor, and founder of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra,is best known for his operatic version of Shakespeare's comedy 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'?

(Carl)Otto Nicolai

3.Having film adaptations for most of his novels,which American author's works include, 'A Kiss Before Dying','Rosemary's Baby' and 'The Stepford Wives'?

Ira Levin

4.With the atomic number 98,what is the only chemical element to be named after a state of the USA?


5.Containing  Japan's second largest island, Hokkaido and Russia's largest island, Sakhalin,which sea,located in the western Pacific,lies between Russia in the north and the Kuril islands in the South?

Sea of Okhotsk

6.Bordered by Rajasthan to the north and Maharashtra to the south, its capital is Gandhinagar, while its largest city is Ahmedabad.What is the name of this state located in western India?


7.Marketed as a luxury vehicle,the 'Acura' is currently available in the USA,Canada,Mexico,China and Hong Kong.Which Japanese car manufacturer produce this vehicle?


8.In terms of population,which is the smallest Australian state capital city?


9.Receiving 17 Emmy nominations in 2011,which US TV comedy series revolves around three families,inter-related through Jay Pritchett (played by Ed O'Neill) and his children?

Modern Family

10.In winning the 2008 Womens Long Jump event,who became Brazil's first and (so far) only individual female Olympic champion?

Maurren Maggi

11.Receiving a sentence of over 365 years imprisonment in 1977,what was the real name of the convicted serial killer,who dubbed himself the 'Son of Sam',in a note to the New York Police Department?

David Berkowitz

12.In Norse mythology,what name is given to Thor's belt,which magnifies his strength?


13.Traditionally made from rice straw and covered with layers of soft rushes,they are built to a standard size,(equivalent to one sleeping space,described as '6 mat','8 mat' etc).What name is given to this traditional Japanese floor matting?


14.Deriving their name from a king of Thessalian Phthia and son of Zeus,which legendary group of brave and skilled warriors were commanded by Achilles,as described in Homer's 'Iliad'?


15.In which Eastern art,is the Yoshizawa-Randlett system, a series of diagrams,describing the art?


16.A term coined by critic F. S. Boas in his 1896 work 'Shakespeare and his Predecessors',how are the Shakesperean plays, 'All's Well That Ends Well', 'Measure for Measure' and 'Troilus and Cressida',often described?

Problem Plays

17.La Seigneurie is the capital of which small,inhabited Channel Island?


18.Monte Titano is the highest peak in San Marino.In which mountain range does it lie?


19.Usually distilled from grain, potatoes,honey and sugar beets,its name translates to mean whisky or a strong spirit.It is also often referred to as the country's equivalent of vodka.From which modern day, European country, does the alcoholic drink,Horilka,originate?


20.Located on the Bight of Bonny,in the Atlantic Ocean,the islands of Annobon,Bioko and Corisco all belong to which West African nation?

Equatorial Guinea

21.Written by Anita Loos,it began as a series of short sketches published in Harper's 'Bazaar',known as the 'Lorelei' stories.Adapted for the big screen in 1928,it featured Ruth Taylor in the lead role.In 1953,this role was to become iconic for Marilyn Monroe.What is the name of this work?

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

22.Endemic to the Antarctic and, in 2011, seen on a New Zealand beach for the first time in 44 years,'Aptenodytes forsteri' is the tallest and heaviest of which animal species?

Penguin (Emperor Penguin)

23.Designed by the 'Swiss Cracking Association',what was the Commodore Amiga computer,the first to receive,in 1987?

Computer Virus

24.Founded in Iran during the first millenium BC,what is the name of the religion that follows one supreme God, by the name of Ahura Mazda and has a  scripture called 'Avesta'?


25.A name (traditionally,but not correctly) given to a sweet potato in the US and parts of Canada,which vegetable, a primary agricultural commodity in West Africa and New Guinea,belongs to the Dioscorea genus and can grow to 2.5metres in length?


26.Medically known as 'Peritonsillar abscess' and considered to be the cause of George Washington's death,by what name is this severe complication of tonsilitis more commonly known?


27.Of the 28 member nations of NATO,which two were previously part of Yugoslavia?

Slovenia and Croatia

28.Renowned for its wine and lying close to the Tanaro river,in which Italian region, can the town of Asti be located?


29.Which prolific Canadian Pritzker Prize winning architect is noted for his work on the Guggenheim Museum in  Bilbao,the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and an eponymous twisting tower in Hanover?

Frank Gehry

30.During the 1990s,the artists Bobby Brown,Bell Biv Devoe and Ralph Tresvant all had top 40 hit singles in the UK and US.By what name were they collectively known when they had a worldwide hit during the 1980s,with the song 'Candy Girl'?

New Edition

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday Quiz 73

More WQC revision for those of you who are interested.

For those of you who are not,enjoy this challenging set anyway..........

1.Similar to the game boules,which paralympic sport,designed for wheelchair users and those with limited motor skills,involves throwing leather balls at a jack,with the aim of being the closest to it?


2.The 'Rocket-Powered Recoilless Weapon' was the brainchild of Dr Robert H. Goddard as a side project of his work on rocket propulsion.Also used to describe any shoulder-fired missile weapon,by what generic one-word name is this weapon known today?


3.Surpassing Nokia in 2011 to become the third largest smartphone maker in the world (behind Apple and Samsung),which Asian country is home to the telecommunications giants,'HTC'?


4.Since her 1998 debut with the single 'Poker Face',she has sold over 50 million records in Japan, making her the best selling solo singer in Japanese history.She has also made three of the world's top 20,most expensive pop videos ever.What is the name of this Japanese icon,known as 'Ayu' to her fans?

Ayumi Hamasaki

5.Which Hungarian-born,Israeli biochemist, was jointly awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize for Chemistry,along with Aaron Ciechanover and Irwin Rose, 'for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation'?

Avram Hershko

6.The musical director of the English National Opera between 1979-1993,he has also been appointed principal conductor for several prestigious British Symphony orchestras during his career.Who was appointed chief conductor and musical director of the Halle Orchestra in 2000,a role he still holds today?

Mark Elder

7.Endemic to certain islands of Indonesia,from where its name derives,what is the largest living species of lizard,growing up to 3 metres long in many cases?

Komodo Dragon

8.Based on a 19th century poem by Alexander Pushkin,what is the name of the Tchaikovsky opera,that tells the story of a bored St Petersburg dandy?

Eugine Onegin

9.Founded in 1983,'Just For Laughs' is the largest international comedy festival in the world.In which Canadian city is it held?


10.An over-the-counter medicine,it is produced worldwide by Procter and Gamble,to treat minor digestive system upsets.Its active ingredient is bismuth subsalicylate,from which it derives its name.Which medicine is often nicknamed 'the pink stuff',following various advertising campaigns?


11.Rising to international fame with their debut album, 'Hybrid Theory'in 1996,they have since sold over 50 million albums worldwide and received two Grammy Awards.Which popular American rock band is led by vocalist,Chester Bennington?

Linkin Park

12.One of the most notorious prisons in the world,Thailand's Bangkwang Jail is usually known by what colloquial name in the Western world?

Bangkok Hilton

13.What is the name of 53km tunnel,the longest railway tunnel in the world, which links the Japanese islands of Honshu and Hokkaido?

Seikan Tunnel

14.Held in Wales in 1991,which national team won the first Womens Rugby Union World Cup,beating England 19-6 in the final?


15.With an atomic number of 86,which is the densest of the noble gases,under standard conditions?


16.The Confederate States of America was a government set up under President Jefferson Davis between 1861-1865 by 11 Southern slave states.In this period it had 3 cities serve as its capital with Montgomery in Alabama being the first.Name either of the ither two,both cities in the state of Virginia?

Richmond and Danville

17.Written in 1876,it is described as a fantastical 'nonsense' poem and Lewis Carroll's last great work.What is the title this work which explores the adventures of a bizarre crew of tradesmen, and one beaver, who set off to find the poem's eponymous creature?

The Hunting of the Snark

18.Commissioned by Edward James in 1937 ,after which Hollywood actress is the iconic Salvador Dali wooden and satin sofa,named?

Mae West

19.On the Periodic Table,which element,in terms of atomic number,is the first to use two consonants as its chemical symbol?

Magnesium (Mg number 12)

20.Held in great respect in ancient times and obtaining its name from a legend in the 'Letter of Aristeas',what is the name of the historic Greek translation of the Old Testament adopted by Christians?


21.In 1978 Emilio Marcos Palma made history be becoming the first recorded baby to be born in which part of the world?


22.According to the sport's regulations,all Speedway motorcycles must only use which specific substance for fuel?


23.The Turkish professional football club,Bucaspor,is currently the only top-tier team from which city,Turkey's third largest by population?


24.Holding an annual exhibition for ten years in the late 19th century,what name was given to the group of Belgian painters, designers and sculptors, formed in 1883 by the Brussels lawyer, publisher, and entrepreneur Octave Maus?

Les Vingt

25.Named after the neuro-surgeon who first described it,what is the name of the hormone disorder caused by high levels of cortisol in the blood,causing rapid weight gain and associated with the consumption of certain steroids?

Cushing's Syndrome

26.Her surname is shared by a 1982 Italian football World Cup winner.Which Italian born nun who founded the 'Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus',became,in 1946,the first US citizen to be canonised as a saint?

Francis Xavier Cabrini

27.A feature,inparticular to Huntingdon's disease and Saint Vitus' Dance,what is the name of the involuntary ,jerky movements caused by damage to the part of the brain that controls muscular co-ordination?


28.Winning Peace Prize in 2001,who is the only Ghanaian Nobel Laureate?

Kofi Annan

29.What is the English title of the 1997 Italian film,that won 3 Academy Awards,including 'Best Actor' to Roberto Benigni for his portayal of a father who must employ his fertile imagination to help his family, during their internment in a Nazi concentration camp?

Life Is Beautiful

30.In 1911,the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire became one of the deadliest industrial disasters in US history,resulting in the deaths of around 140 workers.In which US city did this tragedy occur?

New York

Monday, 16 April 2012

Sunday Quiz 70

Here is Sunday's quiz.

My aim was to set a mini-WQC (World Quiz Championship) set,but I have had to put that on hold. Instead I have added 30 WQC-style questions.

I hope you enjoy..............

1.What is the name of the Persian Queen and legendary storyteller of the 'One Thousand and One Nights' tales?


2.Which Russian word,translated to mean 'travelling companion',was initially used as a name for a launch vehicle to carry nuclear warheads,but is more familiar for other,historic reasons?


3. Nominated as best director for 12 Angry Men (1957), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976) and The Verdict (1982),which American film director died in April 2011?

Sidney Lumet

4.His major works include 'The Dead Man'and 'I and the Village'.Which Russian-born,Jewish artist was one of the pioneers of early 20th century art and due to his prominence in France,has a museum in Nice entirely devoted to his work?

Marc Chagall

5.In Greek mythology,how were the sisters Stheno,Euryale and Medusa collectively known?


6.Described as 'the single most significant creative figure in 20th-century Brazilian art music',which prolific South American composer is particularly noted for his most famous work,'Bachianas Brasileiras'?

Heitor (or Hector) Villa-Lobos

7.Following on from her breakthrough role in 2000's Girlfight, she is best known for playing tough girl roles and starring in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil, S.W.A.T., Avatar and Machete.She is equally well known for her role as Ana Lucia Cortez in the television series Lost.What is the name of this American actress?

Michelle Rodriguez

8.Adapted into a 1967 film,which Lerner and Loewe musical,making its debut on Broadway in 1960,is based on the TH White novel 'The Once and Future King'?


9.Which mountain,located in the Bernese Alps was first conquered by Christian Almer and Peter Bohren and Charles Barrington,but is probably best known for a particular part of the mountain,that has the German nickname,'Mordwand', translated in English as 'death wall'?

The Eiger (North Face)

10.What is the name of the United States Pacific territory that comprises of seven islands including Swain's and Tuitula and has its capital at Pago Pago?

American Samoa

11.With the only difference being a slightly darker tint of blue on the left hand vertical strip,which African country's flag is almost identical to that of Romania?


12.The largest mud-brick building in the world,the Great Mosque of Djenne can be found in which African country?


13.Made up of twelve car horns, it was created for use in his 'March of the Automobiles' ,composed in 1929, for the Cincinnati Automobile Show.What is the name of the musical instrument created by the American composer Henry Fillmore?


14.What is the name of the French confection that consists of a chestnut that is candied in sugar syrup and then glazed?

Marron Glace

15.Located at the end of the stamen,what is the name given to the sac, in which pollen grains develop?


16.Zipf's Law is used within within which branch of mathematics?


17.Winning in 1996 when racing for the 'Ligier' Formula One team,who was the last Frenchman to win the Monaco Grand Prix?

Olivier Panis

18.Named after the colour of the barrel in which it was shipped,what was the name of the herbicide,a 50/50 mixture of 245-T and 24-D,that was used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, during the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange

19.With 1,196 inhabitants per square mile ,which is the most densely populated state in the USA?

New Jersey

20.On the periodic table,what name is given to the series of fifteen metallic chemical elements with the atomic numbers 57-71?


21.Which 19th century English writer,who did not complete her first novel until middle age,created the novels 'Mary Barton,'Cranford' and 'North and South',amongst others?

Elizabeth Gaskell

22.Spanning the borders between Pakistan, India and China,in which mountain range can the world's second highest peak,K2,be located?

Karakoram Range

23.Of the 8 possibilites,which country has the longest land border with Serbia?


24.The symptoms of Psittacosis in humans,are often severe,initially mimicking typhoid fever,before developing into pneumonia.The disease is also known by what ornithological name,after the bird from which it is contracted?

Parrot's Disease

25.NRK Classic is a European,government-owned radio station,playing classical music 24 hours a day.It is particularly noted as the world's first all-digital radio station.From which country does it broadcast?


26.Founded in 2001 by front man,Win Butler and based in Montreal,which Canadian rock band has released the albums 'Funeral','Neon Bible' and 2010's 'The Suburbs'?

Arcade Fire

27.Which actor links a Prefab Sprout album of 1985,the British artist and film director whose work includes 'Hunger' and Dr Gregory House's pet rat?

Steve McQueen

28.In which Canadian city were the first Commonwealth games held in 1930?


29.Also the name of a computer software company,found on most computers,which type of sun-dried building brick, is made from sand, clay, water and organic materials such as straw?


30.Translated from the German meaning 'flank' or 'wing',what is the name of the brass musical instrument that resembles a trumpet,but has a wider, conical bore?


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thursday Quiz 72

Hello, I'm nearly over my bout of 'flu,so I have some questions for you to enjoy.

Have fun.....................

1.Making its debut in 1997,which musical,in April 2012,became the highest grossing Broadway show in history,replacing 'The Phantom of the Opera'?

The Lion King

2.In which religion is Hachiman the God of War?


3.What title or word links a biblical sea monster, a 17th century work by philosopher Thomas Hobbes and a type of cross-stich?


4.Creator of the work 'Naturalis Historia' (Natural History),how was the 1st century Roman author,philosopher and naturalist Gaius Plinius Secundus,better known?

Pliny The Elder

5.In the animated TV series ,'The Simpsons',the voice of the recurring character 'Sideshow Bob',is provided by which multiple Emmy award-winning actor?

Kelsey Grammer

6.Although she represented Switzerland throughout her professional tennis career,in which modern day country was Martina Hingis born in 1980?


7.Belonging to Turkmenistan,Ogurja Ada is the country's largest island.It is also the longest island to be found in which sea?


8.According to the Book of Genesis,who was the first and eldest son of Jacob and Leah and the founder of an Israelite Tribe?


9.Founded by a travelling book-salesman in 1886,the California Perfume Company changed its name in 1959 after its founder's visit to England.By what familiar name is it now known worldwide?


10.Acheiving the feat at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens,which athlete is the current European record holder for the mens 100 metres?

Francis Obikwelu

11.Told by Ovid in his work 'Metamorphoses',what was the name of the mythological,ill-fated lovers,that communicated their love through a crack in the wall between their houses?

Pyramus and Thisbe

12.Located between the Panama state of Brazil and the Misiones province of Argentina,what is the name of the series of waterfalls which take its name from the Guarani for 'big water'?

Iguazu Falls

13.Written in note 233 of 'Pensees' by French philosopher Blaise Pascal,which subject or topic is the basis for 'Pascal's Wager'?

The Existence of God

14.Particularly remembered during the 1980s in the UK and USA,which budget Serbian make of car,based on the mechanics of the Fiat 127,also had the name,the 'Zastava Koral'?


15.The 1968 film 'Funny Girl',received various Academy award nominations,including Barbra Streisand's winning portrayal as the Broadway actress Fanny Brice.What was the title of the appropriately named,(but much less known),1975 sequel?

Funny Lady

16.Born from Dutch parentage he became a naturalised English subject in 1662.Which portrait artist,became the court painter under Charles I,before serving Oliver Cromwell,Richard Cromwell and Charles II in similar roles?

(Sir) Peter Lely

17.Similar to the Japanese 'manga',what name is given to the Chinese comics,predominatly published in Hong Kong and Taiwan? Manhua
18.First aired in the US in 1975 and in the UK in 1988,which TV gameshow has international versions known as 'Roletrando' in Brazil,'La Roue Chanceuse' in French-speaking Canada and 'Koło Fortuny' in Poland?

Wheel of Fortune

19.Erode, a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the world's largest producer of which plant,used as a spice and commonly known as 'haldi' in India?


20.Including scholars such as George Stigler,Milton Friedman and Gary Becker,which US university is noted for providing more Nobel Prize laureates in economics than any other university?

University of Chicago

21.Sharing its name with a tactical ballistic missile,what name is given to a type of fractus cloud,that is low,detached,irregular and wispy and is found beneath cumulo-nimbus clouds?

Scud Cloud

22.Literally translated as 'New trend',which Brazilian music style,particularly popular in the 1960s is widely used to refer to a fusion of samba and jazz?

Bossa Nova

23.Named after the 5th President of the United States,Monrovia is the capital city of which African country?


24.Designed by the baroque architect Nicola Salvi who died during the years of construction,which landmark in Rome was finally completed in 1762 by Giuseppe Pannini?

Trevi Fountain

25.His is best known for being the originator of the cosmogenic theory of the four Classical elements.Which Greek philospher,heralded as a god by many,is also thought to have died by leaping into the volcanic crater of Mount Etna,whilst attempting to prove his divinity?


26.What was the christian name of Argentine Marxist revolutionary 'Che' Guevara?


27.Published by Microsoft Games Studios,this 'first person shooter' game became a global hit when first released in 2001 with the subtitle 'Combat Evolved'.With its third installment released in 2010, which series of games,does 'Master Chief Petty Officer John-117' appear as the main protagonist?


28.Sometimes known as the 'maanhaar jackal',what is the common name of the small, insectivorous hyena, native to Eastern and Southern Africa?


29.Four US states officially use the term 'Commonwealth' to describe themselves,rather than 'state'. Massachusetts and Virginia are two such states,name either of the other two?

Pennsylvania and Kentucky

30.The largest of the Galapogos Islands is named in honour of which Spanish queen,noted as the sponsor of Christopher Colombus' famous 1492 voyage?

Queen Isabella I (Isabela Island)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thurday Quiz 71

Enjoy this next set of 30...............

1.In April 2012 its 'Artist of the Year' award went to the singer/songwriter known as 'Feist'.Equivalent to the American Grammy award,the annual Juno awards celebrate the musical achievements of which nation?


2.Given its current name by Sultan Majid bin Said of Zanzibar in the 1860s,it translates from Arabic as 'house of peace'.Which African city and former capital was previously known as Mzizima?

Dar Es Salaam

3.Acquired by Renault in 1999,it takes its name from the historic region that constitutes much of present-day Romania.Which Romanian car manufacturer has produced the recent models 'Logan','Sandero' and 'Duster'?


4.Its name is derived from one of the Greek Fates.Which alkaloid naturally occurs in deadly nightshade,Jimson weed and mandrake,from where it is often extracted for pharmacutical purposes?


5.Which prestigious horse race was won by Makybe Diva on three occasions between 2003-2005,making it the only horse to have achieved this feat in the event's history?

Melbourne Cup

6.Which prolific Canadian Pritzker Prize winning architect is noted for his work on the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao,the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and an eponymous twisting tower in Hanover?

Frank Gehry

7.Located on the northern shore of the Great Slave Lake,this town's name is derived from the First Nation aboriginals, who made tools from regional copper deposits.What is the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories?


8.The Kinsey Scale was first published in 1948, in the biologist's work 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Male'.It was later used in the 1953 complimentary work, 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Female '.With a range between 0-6,what does his scale measure?

Sexual Orientation (0=exclusively heterosexual,6=exclusively homosexual)

9.It is based on a story from the 'Libro de los ejemplos',a medieval Spanish collection of fifty-one cautionary tales.Which Hans Christian Andersen novel was published. along with 'The Little Mermaid',in his third published collection of fairy tales,in 1837?

The Emperor's New Clothes

10.Prominent in the latter half of the 1970s,especially in the US and Japan,they were one of the first all-girl punk bands.Releasing albums including 'Queens of Noise' and 'Waitin' For The Night',they were also the subject of a 2010 biopic starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart.what is the name of this band,whose members included Sandy West,Lita Ford,Cherie Currie and Joan Jett?

The Runaways

11.Named after a German scientist,what is the SI unit of magnetic flux?


12.A 19th century British sailor and explorer,he has a sea in the Southern Ocean and one of the Falkland islands named in his honour.Who,in 1823, commanded two ships to reach a latitude of 74 degrees south,the most southerly point,(at that time),a ship had reached,surpassing the record previously held by Captain James Cook?

James Weddell

13.The Simmonds test (or Thompson test) is a lower limb examination,involving squeezing the lower calf.Common amongst sports people,for which particular injury ,can this test diagnose?

Achilles tendon rupture (or similar)

14.The main airport in Quebec and Canada's third busiest,is named after which of its former Prime Ministers?

Pierre-Elliott Trudeau

15.Located in the Austrian Alps,it is remote lake that served as a Nazi naval testing station during World War II.It is most famous,however,as the location where over £100 million in counterfeit notes were dumped following Operation Bernhard.What is its name?

Lake Toplitz

16.A popular sport in South-East Asia,Sepak Takraw,is included as part of the Asian Games and has its World Championsip,'The King's Cup',held every year in Thailand.It is a variation of which Olympic sport?

Volleyball (You use your feet/legs instead of arms/hands)

17.Her Pulitzer Prize winning novel 'Beloved'tells the true story of the African-American slave, Margaret Garner.In 1988,it was adapted for a 1988 film,starring Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover.Her other noted works include 'Song of Solomon' and 'The Bluest Eye'.Which African-American author was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize for Literature,the last American(to date),to do so?

Toni Morrison

18.Of which European island group is Streymor the largest and most populous?

Faroe Islands

19.What word or name can mean a county in Norway,a style of landing in ski-jumping and a World War II operation to prevent the German nuclear energy project from acquiring heavy water?


20.In which decade was Oxford University founded,King John of England born and Thomas Becket consecrated as Archbishop of Canterbury?


21.It is claimed it led to the collapse of the Hindu Kingdom of Mataram in 1006,Mount Merapi is an active volcano, which last erupted in October 2010. In which country is it found?


22.A Russian painter, and art theorist,he is credited with painting one of the first purely abstract works,with one of his most famous pieces being 'Composition VII '.What is the name of the artist,who along with with August Macke and Franz Marc,went on to form a new group 'The Blue Rider' (Der Blaue Reiter) in the early part of the 20th century?

Wassily Kandinsky

23.His country's longest serving Prime Minister,which Australian statesman was responsible for sending Australian troops to the Korean War in 1950?

Robert Menzies

24.Which American chemical company is responsible for the invention and development of many polymers,including Teflon,Lycra and Neoprene?


25.First appearing in the 'Peanuts' comic strip in 1972,what is the name of the younger brother of Linus and Lucy Van Pelt?


26.Supplying domestic and foreign news to the media,in which Asian country is the 'Yonhap' news agency based?

South Korea

27.Sharing a name with a phenomena experienced over polar regions,who was the Roman goddess of the dawn,equivalent to the Greek Eos?


28.Operating charter services to leisure destinations in Europe and Egypt,which country is home to the budget airline known as 'FlyNiki'?

Austria (named after Niki Lauda)

29. The subject of a 2008 British documentary film directed by James Marsh, 'Man On Wire' chronicles which Frenchman's 1974 high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of New York's World Trade Centre?

Philippe Petit

30.Founded in 1914 in Bologna,this company relocated to Modena in 1940.They are now owned by Fiat and have a trident as a company emblem.Which is the only Italian car manufacturer to have provided an engine for an Indianapolis 500 race winner?


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Quiz 69

Had a great time on Saturday competing in the Norway Open at the Bolton Grand Prix events.

Also thanks for the positive comments given about the site.It's good to know that people are enjoying this facility

Over the next few weeks,I intend to write questions that will hopefully help for the preparation of June's World Championship.

Anyway enjoy this batch.........

1.In March 2012,which Canadian filmmaker and adventurer became the first person in fifty years to visit the Pacific Ocean's 'Challenger Deep', the deepest point on earth?

James Cameron

2.In general,orchestras tune to a concert note 'A',that is played by which instrument?


3.The previous record was held in Bolivia.Completed in November 2010 in the town of Swiebodzin,Poland,the tallest statue, of which historical figure has now been created?

Jesus Christ

4.The world's only boxer to have won titles at eight different weights, what is the nationality of Manny Pacquiao ?


5.What Latin phrase meaning 'Great Work' is used by painters and authors to describe their best work?

Magnum Opus

6.Noted for a number of works,he discovered Saturn's rings,the pendulum clock and wave theory, amongst others.Who is this 17th century Dutch scientist?

Christain Huygens

7.The brainchild of engineer Ezekiel Izuogu,the Izuogu Z-600 was a prototype car built in 1997,that made history by being the first automobile made by all-African technology.It also made history by being the first indigenous car from which African country?


8. The Chinese capital during the early Ming era, which city meaning 'southern capital' , was known in the fourteenth century, as the largest city in the world and also shares the name of the treaty, that ended the First Opium War?


9.In the aftermath of the notable uprisings occurring in Jayuya and Utuado, Puerto Rican nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempted to assassinate which political figure on November 1st 1950?

Harry S Truman

10.Replaced by Malcolm Fraser in 1975,which Australian prime minister was sacked for his refusal to call a general election over a budget crisis?

Gough Whitlam

11.Which American photographer was noted for his black and white depictions of the American West including the work 'Moon and Half Dome' and was also the pioneer of the Zone System photography technique?

Ansel Adams

12.What is the name of the quarterly published magazine,set up by Wendy Grossman,that aims to disprove paranormal activities by examining science and critical thinking ?

The Skeptic

13.With an atomic number of 19,which alkali metal was also known by its Latin name,Kalium?


14.Which scientific law states, that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference or voltage across the two points, and inversely proportional to the resistance between them?

Ohm's law

15.What is the SI unit for thermodynamic temperature?


16.Founded by Joe Greenstein and Saran Chari in 2007,this social network movie site, allows users to share movie ratings, discover new movies and meet others with similar movie tastes.It has since released a number of 'Apps' on i-phone,Android and Facebook. What is the name of this popular site ,based in San Francisco?


17.Which 18th/19th century,classical composer, known as the 'Father of the Symphony' ,was responsible for writing the melody used in the German National anthem?

Franz Haydn

18.In terms of revenue Las Vegas and Atlantic City,New Jersey are the top two casino locations in the US.Which city is next on the list,taking around $2 billion per year?


19.To the south,it is linked to the Black Sea by the narrow Strait of Kerch.Bounded by Ukraine to the north and Russia to the west,what is the shallowest sea in the world?

Sea of Azov

20.Which US state's three largest cities are Jackson,Gulfport and Hattiesburg?


21.Regarded as a terrorist organisation by the Peruvian government,what is the name of the Maoist guerilla group,whose leader Abimael Guzman was imprisoned in 1992?

Shining Path

22. Also found in Genesis,which alternative name is given to the White Dittany, deriving from the volatile oils produced by the plant, which can catch fire readily in hot weather?

Burning Bush

23.What links a Jacobean tragedy, an Oscar nominated film starring Angelina Jolie and a 1982 album by Toyah?

The Changeling

24.What is the capital city of the Canadian province Saskatchewan?


25.One of the first British campaigners for the abolition of the slave trade,he formulated the plan to settle blacks in Sierra Leone, and founded the St. George's Bay Company. His efforts led to both the founding of the Province of Freedom. Which abolitionist is considered one of the founding fathers of Sierra Leone?

Granville Sharp

26.Which Islamic militant, political group based in Lebanon takes its name from the Arabic meaning 'Party of God'?


27.The Soviet Olympian Larissa Latynina won eighteen Olympic medals between 1956 and 1964, a record that is still held today. In which sport did she achieve this feat?


28.Yeonpyeong Island is a group of islands in the Yellow Sea.They belong to which Asian country?

South Korea

29.Jamie Principle,Frankie Knuckles and Larry Heard were early 1980s pioneers, in which genre of music?

House music

30.The Taichung Power Plant in Taiwan is the largest power station in the world,that is fuelled by what substance?