Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Quiz 68

Back after my Thursday off due to work commitments.

I hope you enjoy this new set............

1.Consisting of the members Niall,Zayn,Liam,Harry and Louis,which group,in March 2012,became the first UK group in history,to go straight to number one in the United States,with their debut album?

One Direction

2.In 1863,she became first woman to lead an armed expedition in the American Civil war,when she guided the Combahee River Raid,liberating more than 700 slaves in South Carolina.Known commonly as 'Moses',which African-American abolitionist is best remembered for her rescue missions of slaves in the 1840s,using a network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad?

Harriet Tubman

3.The Trinidad and Tobago national stadium was renamed in 2011,in honour of its first Olympic gold medalist.Which athlete won the final of the mens 100 metres at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal?

Hasley Crawford

4.Located within the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt between Veracruz and Puebla,which stratovolcano serves as the highest mountain in Mexico and the third highest in North America?

Citlaltepetl (also known as Pico de Orizaba)

5.Which two-word title links a 1997 David Fincher film starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn,an album by Queen that includes the track 'Another One Bites The Dust' and a 2007 fantasy novella by Diana Wynne Jones?

The Game

6.Fought in 1690 near Drogheda,on the east coast of Ireland,which battle between the Catholic King James and the Protestant King William,is principally commemorated today,by the Orange Institute?

Battle of the Boyne

7.Mycology, is the branch of biology ,concerned with the study of which (generic) organisms?


8.By winning the categories of Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay,which 1934 romantic comedy film,was the first to win all five major Academy Awards?

It Happened One Night

9.What surname links the writers,Philip,who wrote 'American Pastoral' in 1997,Jospeh,creator of 'Radetzky March' in 1932 and Henry,the writer of the noted Jewish-American work,'Call It Sleep' in 1934?


10.Founded in 1409 by Frederick I, Elector of Saxony and his brother William II, Margrave of Meissen,it is the second oldest university in Germany.With notable alumni including Johann Wolfgang Goethe,Richard Wagner and Angela Merkel,in which city does this prestigious university lie?


11.Written for the Press Celebrations of 1899, as a covert protest against increasing censorship from the Russian Empire,who composed the symphonic poem 'Finlandia'?

Jean Sibelius

12.Sampled on the 1985 Chaka Khan hit single,'I Feel for You',what was the title of the first US number one single by Stevie Wonder,originally released in 1963,under the name of 'Little Stevie Wonder'?


13.Common on structural timber of buildings in damp conditions,what two word term describes the decay of these timbers caused by the fungus 'serpula lacrymans'?

Dry Rot

14.Founded in the 1940's by Victor Goddet and successor to French newspaper L'Auto ,what is the best selling sports newspaper in France?


15.The Brazilian state of Sao Paulo is the third largest political unit by population,in South America.Brazil is the largest,which country is (currently) second largest?


16.With the entry entitled 'We Don't Wanna Put In',which former Soviet state was forced to withdraw from the 2009 Eurovison Song Contest due to perceived political connotations regarding Russia and Vladimir Putin?


17.Which US state has Bismarck as its capital and Fargo as its largest city,by population?

North Dakota

18.The popular tourist location of Mykonos belongs to which island group, found in the Aegean sea?


19.It is Britain's most valuable poetry prize and won in 2010 by Seamus Heaney for his collection 'Human Chain'. Established in 1991 and offering a £10,000 top prize. What is the name of this award?

Forward Poetry Prize

20.In temperature measurements (and to the nearest whole number),0 degrees Celsius is equal to 32 degrees Farenheit and 100 degrees Celsius is equal to 212 degrees Farenheit. What is the Farenheit equivalent of 50 degrees Celsius?

122 Degrees Farenheit

21.In the natural sciences,which term can be used to describe the electrically induced heat, commonly used for muscle relaxation and also a method of heating tissue electromagnetically for therapeutic purposes in medicine?


22.The works of which Victorian author include 'Cranford','North and South' and 'Ruth'?

Elizabeth Gaskell

23.Used to accompany the Sardana, a Catalan folk dance,what is the name of the traditional music ensemble of Catalonia, that consists of 11 members?


24.Similar to that received by somebody who has reached 100 years of age in Commonwealth realms,which is the first wedding anniversary that a married couple would be eligible to receive an official message from the (Commonwealth) monarch?

60th Anniversary

25.Released globally in 1999,the video games console known as the 'Dreamcast' was only available for just over two years due to the success of its rivals,the Playstation 2,Xbox and Gamecube.Which Japanese company manufactured the 'Dreamcast'?


26.Belonging to Turkmenistan,Ogurja Ada is the country's largest island.It is also the longest island to be found in which sea?

Caspian Sea

27.Which German cruiser was scuttled near Robinson Crusoe island as a result of the Battle of Mas a Tierra in 1915?

SMS Dresden

28.In fiction it has been used by Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe and was originally used to describe a powerful tidal current in the Lofoten Islands.Which Scandanavian word is generally used today to describe any large and very powerful whirlpool?


29.Which national men's field hockey team won all the event's Olympic Gold Medals between 1928-1956,but has failed to medal since 1984?

India the Jonathan Swift novel,'Gulliver's Travels',what name was given to the land that was occupied by giants?