Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Quiz 65

I've just finished a sample Quiz League question set, so I thought I would share it on here,as it may be a good place to test it. (Some questions have appeared on this site,but it may serve as a good recall test.)

I can also e-mail anyone a printable PDF version,which also shows the questions in a different format.

I'll have my normal-style quiz back on Thursday

Hope you enjoy..............

1a.What is believed to be the only painting, Vincent Van Gogh sold in his own lifetime?

The Red Vineyard

1b.In 1647 George Fox founded 'The Friends of Truth'. By what name do we now know this group?

The Quakers

2a.Port Vila is the capital and largest city of which pacific island state?


2b.One of six basic drinks listed in David A. Embury's classic 'The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks'. Which cocktail is made up from rum, lime juice, and sugar (or other sweetener)?


3a.Which insect lends its name to a cocktail, generally served as an after-dinner drink and consists of green crème de menthe, white crème de cacao and whipping cream?


3b.Melekeok is the capital city of which pacific island nation?


4a.Founded in England in the 18th century by Ann Lee, how are members of the religious movement, 'United Society for Believers in Christ's Second Coming’, more commonly known?

The Shakers

4b.First performed in Vienna in 1805, what is the name Beethoven’s only opera?



1a.In which English city is Fairfield House, the location where Haile Sellasie spent nearly five years in exile between 1936 and 1941?


1b.Which English city built on seven hills and near the confluence of five rivers is estimated to have over two million trees, more per person than any other city in Europe?

2a.Nicknamed 'El Guaje' or 'the kid’, which current footballer is the Spanish National team's all-time top scorer with 46 goals?

David Villa

2b. Representing the national team between 1965-1974, which footballer nicknamed 'Rombo di Tuono' (Roar of Thunder), is the all-time leading scorer for the Italian national team?

Luigi Riva

3a.Located at the end of the stamen, what is the name given to the sac, in which pollen grains develop?


3b. Cymbidium, Vanda and Oncidium are all common varieties of which flower?


4a.Of the six wives of King Henry VIII of England, which lived to the greatest age?

Catherine of Aragon (Died aged 50)

4b.Which of Henry VIII's wives was the first cousin to Anne Boleyn?

Catherine Howard

1a.Jack Dorsey is the founder of which worldwide social networking website?


1b.In terms of population, which is the 2nd largest city in Slovenia


2a.John Crome and Joseph Cotman were lead painters of which (primarily) British art movement founded in the early 19th century?

Norwich School

2b.Named after a borough of North London, what was the name of the group of English Post-Impressionist artists, active during the 1910s, who gathered frequently at the studio of painter, Walter Sickert?

Camden Town Group

3a.In mobile phone technology, for what does the acronym ‘SIM’ stand?

Subscriber Identity Module (or Subscriber Identification Module)

3b.Also known as a card security code, the CVV number, is found on the reverse of most (if not all) credit and debit cards. Relating to the last 3 digits located across the signature strip. For what does the acronym ‘CVV’ stand?

Card Verification Value

4a.In terms of population, which is the 2nd largest city in Slovakia?


4b.Which global web-site, was started by three former PayPal employees in 2005 and later sold to Google in November 2006 for $1.65 billion?

You Tube

ROUND FOUR –Specialist (All the answers contain the middle name of a US President)

1a.Which British Prime Minister was the great-grandfather of actress Helena Bonham-Carter?

Herbert Asquith
(George Herbert Walker Bush)

1b. Which current Everton football player, signed from Wigan for £6 million in 2007, made his England international debut against Egypt, in 2010?

Leighton Baines
(Lyndon Baines Johnson)

2a.Which city is the state capital of Mississippi?

Jefferson City
(Bill Jefferson Clinton)

2b. In the 2000 film Castaway, what name does Tom Hanks give to the leather football, which he befriends?

(Ronald Wilson Reagan)

3a.In a career spanning five decades, he has won a record 79 Grammy nominations. What is the name of this record producer, conductor and composer, who is particularly noted for producing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album?

Quincy Jones
(John Quincy Adams)

3b.Part of the early 20th century group of writers known as 'The Lost Generation’, which American author, completed four novels before his death in 1940,including 'Tender Is The Night’, ‘This Side Of Paradise' and 'The Beautiful And Damned'?

F.Scott Fitzgerald
(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

4a. An 18th century British Prime Minister, John Stuart was the country's first Tory Prime Minister and also the first Scottish Prime Minister since the 1707 Act of Union. What was his title?

Earl of Bute
(James Earl Carter)

4b.Holding the position between 1999-2008,who was the Prime Minister of New Zealand prior to John Key?

Helen Clark
(Herbert Clark Hoover)

1a.One of the first battles fought in the American War of Independence, it happened at the Siege of Boston and fought across much of the Charlestown Peninsula. Which battle?

Battle of Bunker Hill

1b.Which superhero is the alter-ego of radio news reporter Billy Batson?

Captain Marvel

2a.Deriving from a Tamil word meaning 'ruby’, which mineral, often used as an abrasive, is formed, primarily, from aluminium oxide?


2b.Who, according to the Old Testament, was the wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau?


3a.In which Book of the Old Testament are the stories of Rahab and The Spies and also The Fall of Jericho?


3b.Pyrope, almandine, spessartine, grossular, uvarovite and andradite are all common varieties of which group of minerals, commonly used as gemstones, in particular to those born in January?


4a.Released in January 2011, it stars Seth Rogan in the role of Britt Reid and which superhero alter-ego?

The Green Hornet

4b.The site of the Battle of Koniggratz in 1866, during the Austro-Prussian War, is in which modern day country?

Czech Republic

1a.In terms of distance, which of the Galilean moons of Jupiter lies closest to the planet?


1b.With a connection to a large bird, what is the name of the second largest of Saturn's moons?


2a.The peninsula of Musandam is an exclave, which has a strategic location on the Strait of Hormuz.It is separated from the rest of which country, by the United Arab Emirates?


2b. What is the name of the exclave and province of Angola that is separated from the rest of Angola, by a narrow strip belonging to the Democratic Republic of Congo?


3a.At the 2011 World Athletics Championships, which Australian hurdler, later named 2011 IAAF 'Woman Athlete of the Year' took Gold in the 100 metres hurdles final?

Sally Pearson

3b.At the 2011 World Athletics Championships in Daegu, the only new World Record was set in which event?

Mens 4x100 metre relay (set by Jamaica)

4a.Presented annually since 1959, the 'TV Week' Logie Awards are the main television industry awards in which country?


4b.Celebrating the year's television and broadcasting, in which Commonwealth country are the prestigious Gemini Awards presented?


1a.The counties of Galway, Sligo and Roscommon are all part of which Irish province?


1b.In which Irish province are, amongst others, the counties of Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford and Wicklow?


2a.In August 2011, the annual Pukkelpop music festival, was cancelled, after storms and high winds caused a stage to collapse, killing five people and injuring 71.The second largest, behind the Rock Werchter, in which European country is this festival held?


2b.Producing the rock and pop bands,Alphabeat,The Raveonettes and Aqua, which country also host the annual Rokslide music festival, one of the most popular in Europe?


3a.With the atomic number 83, which chemical element is thought to have derived its name from the German word for 'white mass'?


3b.Discovered at the GSI Centre for Heavy Ion Research, the chemical element with the atomic number 110 is named after which German city?

Darmstadt (Darmstadtium)

4a.Which Charles Dickens novel is set around the Maypole Inn and includes the families, the Willets, the Chesters and the Vardens?

Barnaby Rudge

4b.Playing a key role in ensuring a happy ending, in which of Charles Dickens' novels do the 'Cheeryble twins' appear?

Nicholas Nickleby

1a.In Benjamin Britten's 1946 work 'The Young Person's Guide to The Orchestra’, which section of the orchestra, played under the theme 'Allegro maestoso e largamente’, is the first to be demonstrated?


1b.Which textile based art, is derived from the Arabic meaning 'striped cloth'?


2a.Asti, Cuneo and Turin are three of the eight provinces that make up which Italian region?


2b.Which Italian region, located in the south east of the country, bordering the Adriatic Sea, contains the cities of Bari, Foggia and Lecce?


3a.Who, in 1978, became the only African snooker player to reach the final of the World Snooker championships?

Perrie Mans

3b.In May 2009, who became the first woman to officiate at a World Snooker Championship final, the sport's highest refereeing honour?

Michaela Tabb

4a.What is the unit of weight in textiles, used to measure the fineness of yarns such as silk, rayon or nylon?


4b.In the Sergei Prokofiev work 'Peter and the Wolf’, which character is portrayed by the bassoon?