Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Quiz 63

Here is your Sunday/Monday morning dose.

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1.An American tenor and character singer,he played a record-breaking 2928 times at New York's Metropolitan Opera,over 56 years.He also performed with many of the world's biggest opera names over his vast career.What is the name of this man,who died in February 2012,aged 82?

Charles Anthony

2.In the structure of the European Parliament,Germany are allotted the most seats with 99.They are then followed by France,Italy and the UK with 72 each.Two countries come next on the list with 50 seats each.Name either?

Spain and Poland

3.Excluding any 'lost plays',which is the only one of William Shakespeare's plays that has not been adapted for film or television?

Two Noble Kinsmen

4.Most people are aware of its neighbouring country's President,but who is the current President of South Korea,serving in the role since February 2008?

Lee Myung-bak

5.Won by Simon Whitfield of Canada and Brigitte McMahon of Switzerland in their respective events,at which Summer Olympic Games did the Triathlon make its debut?

2000 Sydney

6.According to Greek mythology,who was the King of Thebes,husband to Jocasta and killed by his son Oedipus?


7.Although they were seperated for 28 years they never divorced.Which painter,in 1918,married Olga Khokhlova, a ballerina with Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes?

Pablo Picasso

8.Founded by Welsh businessman John Hughes in 1869,it has had the previous names Yuzovka, Staline and Stalino.Which city,the centre for the country's steel and coal industry,is also the 5th largest city in the Ukraine,by popualtion?


9.Taken from the Spanish meaning 'snow-covered',which word can describe a US state or a range of mountains in Spain and western North America?


10.An iconic structure,it is the most northen of the Las Vegas 'Strip' hotels and also home to the tallest observation tower in the United States.Sharing its name with a layer of the atmosphere,what is the name of this hotel,casino and tower complex?


11.After Oxygen and Silicon,which is the 3rd most abundant chemical element in the Earth's crust?


12.A Hebrew word meaning 'ascent',' it is spelt almost the same as that of an American R&B singer,tragically killed in a plane crash in 2001.What name is used to describe the immigration of a Jews to the Land of Israel?


13.Which EU capital city's metro system includes the stations Opera,Oktogon,Astoria and Stadionok?


14.Located on the Gulf of Guinea,it was founded in the 18th century by the Ewe people.Which city serves today as the capital of Togo?


15.Although the musical film,'Mary Poppins',won awards for the 'Best Actress' and 'Best original Song',which other musical collected the 'Best Picture' award (amongst others) at the 37th Academy Awards,honouring films made during 1964?

My Fair Lady

16.Located in the Pacific Ocean,it gained full independence under the 1986 'Compact of Free Association' .Which is the only sovereign nation state that does not have any record, (according to FIFA), of any national association football team?

Marshall Islands

17.Which prolific and popular American writer of the early 19th century,is particularly noted for writing the historical novels known as the 'Leatherstocking Tales', featuring the protagonist frontiersman Natty Bumppo?

James Fennimore Cooper

18.Serving between 1889-1893,which US President was both preceeded and succeded by Grover Cleveland?

Benjamin Harrison

19.Which Dutch sounding surname links the American golfer 'Bo',currently ranked in the World's Top 50,the siblings from the Peanuts comic strip,'Linus,Lucy and Reun' and the character 'Grace' played by Amanda Righetti in the US TV drama series 'The Mentalist'?

Van Pelt

20.Led by the title character,which group,in children's literature, contains the members Tootles,Nibs,Slightly,Curly and The Twins?

The Lost Boys (from Peter Pan)

21.Synonymous during the Middle Ages with anyone associated with Islam,what name was used by the ancient Romans,to refer to people who lived in desert areas in and around the Roman province of Arabia?


22.Originally used as a shipping way-station,due to its position halfway between the Strait of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal,which Mediterranean island was ceded to to Britain at the Treaty of Paris in 1814?


23.Meaning 'scribe' in Sanskrit,what name is given to the descendants of King Chitragupta,considered to be one of the highest of the Hindu castes?


24.Speaking generally,the Stanford-Binet scale is used to measure what capacity in human beings?


25.After Honduras became independent,it shared capital city status with Tegucigupla until 1880.It is also noted for its wealth of Spanish Colonial architecture and is home to the oldest cathedral clock in the Americas.What is the name of this city,which made headlines in February 2012,when a fire killed 350 inmates at its main prison?


26.At which annual European film festival is the prestigious 'Golden Bear' awarded as a prize for the best film?


27.Written by Acker Bilk for the clarinet,which instumental piece of music,in 1962,became the first British recording to reach number one on the US 'Billboard Hot 100' chart?

Stranger On The Shore

28.Which of Henry VIII's wives was the first cousin of Anne Boleyn?

Catherine Howard

29.With a small part located in Greece,its highest peak is known as Golyam Perelik.In which country do the vast majority of the Rhodope Mountains lie?


30.It is a cemetery for American servicemen,killed during World War II,mostly at the Battle of the Bulge.It is probably best known as the site of General George S Patton's grave.Located near to Findel Airport,in which European capital city,is the cemetery located?

Luxembourg City