Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Quiz 62

That time again.

Enjoy another 30 - there are some tough ones in there...................

1.Achieving the feat between 1985-1988,which artist holds the record for most consecutive number one singles on the US Billboard ('Hot 100') chart?

Whitney Houston

2.Which number links the third tallest building in the world,a fictional torture chamber and a 1989 live album and documentary by pop band Depeche Mode?

101 (One hundred and one)

3.Born in Paramaribo, Suriname,he played for the Netherlands national football team at two World Cup Final tournaments and at three European Championships Finals.His clubs,as a player,included Ajax,Lazio and Inter Milan and he won two UEFA cups and a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup.He has also been the manager of Tornonto FC since 2007.What is the name of this footballer,who is currently the 8th most capped player for the Dutch national team?

Aron Winter

4.In the UK they are known as 'Thomson and Thompson',in France they are 'Dupont and Dupond' and in Germany they are 'Schultze and Schulze'.In which language are the incompetent detectives from Herge's Tintin books,known as 'Jansen and 'Janssen'?


5.Also nominated for a 2012 'Best Picture' Academy Award,it was the winner of the Palme d'Or at the 2011 Cannes film festival.What is the name of this Terence Mallick film,starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt,which is centred around a middle-aged man's thoughts of his childhood,interspersed with images of the origins of Earth and the universe?

The Tree of Life

6.Also known for having a daughter called Joanna 'The Mad',which 15th century king was responsible for the introduction of the Inquisition in 1478,expelling the Jews in 1492 and sponsoring Colombus' famous voyage later that year? (Regnal number not needed)

Ferdinand (he had several regnal numbers attributed to him)

7.How is the influential global figure, Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso better known?

(14th) Dalai Lama

8.Concerned with the active relationship between cosmic determinism and human freedom,what is the name of branch of philosophy,founded in Athens,by Zeno of Citium,in the early 3rd century BC?


9.Used in food,adhesives and photographic emulsions,what is the name of the protein,formed when collagen is boiled in water?


10.Played on a board of eight ranks by twelve files,what name is given to the German variant of chess,that takes its name from the German word for a chess bishop?

Courier Chess

11.First passed by Lord Liverpool in 1815, in order to protect from less expensive foreign imports,what name was given to the series of Acts, that sharply restricted the import of grain into Britain?

Corn Laws

12.The subject of many songs,in which North American mountain range do the 'Blue Ridge Mountains' lie?

Appalachian Mountains

13.A spoof art prize founded in 1999,it has been described by organiser Trevor Prideaux as 'a crap art competition in which you can enter anything you like,but it must be rubbish'.Named after a vegetable,wht is the name of this 'prize'?

The Turnip Prize

14.Named after its scientist founder,this SI unit described as 'absorbed radiation dose of ionising radiation' (for example, X-rays).It is also defined as the absorption of one joule of ionising radiation by one kilogram of matter.What is the name of this unit,which is represented by the abbreviation 'Gy'?


15.First held in 1982, the United States Academic Decathlon National Championship,(as the name suggests),pits high school students from across the country, in a competition covering 10 academic subjects.Since its inception,only 3 different states have provided winners.Which US state has been the most successful,providing prestigious schools such as Moorpark,El Camino Real and WH Taft?


16.Serving over six years in the role,which British Conservative politician held the position of Foreign Secretary,for the longest period during the 20th century?

Geoffrey Howe

17.A prestigious series of competitions,the 'Four Hills' tournament,is one the most important events in the Ski-Jump World Cup calendar.In which two countries are the four hills (or mountains) located?

Austria and Germany

18.Named after an abduction at the Japanese Embassy in a South American country,what is the name of the phenomenon whereby abductors or captors develop a sympathy for their hostages?

Lima Syndrome

19.Its name is derived from its main ingredient of thin, cleaned strips of beef tripe,Flaki (or Flaczki) is a traditional stew from which European country?


20.With 60 stations and over 45km in length,which French city has the country's second largest metro system,behind Paris?


21.According to legend,which courtier of Dionysius of Syracuse,was given a lesson in the precarious nature of fortune,by sitting at the tyrant's throne,with a sword suspended over his head by a single horse hair?


22.Usually administered through an inhaler,it is used in the treatment of respiratory conditions and relief of bronchospasm.What is the name of this widely used drug, with the chemical formula C13 H21 NO3?


23.Originally made by nomadic peoples of Central Asia,it has been used as both medicine and as a beverage.What is the name of this fermented drink,obtained from an ass's or mare's milk?

Koumiss (or Kumiss)

24.A 16th century seaman,he made three attempts to look for the Northwest Passage.He is infamous for loading his ship with over 200 tons of 'ore',but on his return,he found it to be iron pyrite (or Fool's Gold).What is the name of this privateer,who was later knighted for his role in repelling the Spanish Armada and who also has a bay in the Labrador Sea named after him?

Martin Frobisher

25.The basis for several television series,films and even a theme park in Naantali, Finland,the 'Moomins' series of books and comic strips are the creation of which Swedish-Finn illustrator and writer?

Tove Jansson

26.Its magnets can be found in audio equipment,hard disks and electric motors.Which chemical element,discovered by Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach in 1885 has the atomic number 60 and has a name that translates from the Greek for 'new twin'?


27.Fought between 1939 and 1940,the Winter War,was a military conflict fought between the Soviet Union and which other country?


28.Home to the oldest botanical garden in the Western hemisphere,which city serves as the capital of St Vincent and the Grenadines?


29.Translated in English a 'young lord',what name was given to a member of the landed nobility of Prussia and eastern Germany that was particularly threatened during the late 19th century?


30.Appearing at the tournament in 1984,which international football player holds the record,for most goals scored at a UEFA European Championships finals tournament,with 9 goals?

Michel Platini