Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Quiz 60

Here's your Sunday night/Monday morning quiz.

If you are interested,I am on 'Brain of Britain' on BBC Radio 4 Monday 30th Jan at 3.00pm GMT (or catch me on i-player -UK only). It only took me 4 years to get on.

Anyway enjoy this set.........

1.Which is the largest city in England,in terms of population,that has not provided an English Premier League football team?


2.Preventing damage to leaves in hot weather,which process,similar to evaporation,describes the loss of water vapour from a plant?


3.Founded in 1284 by Hugo de Balsham, Bishop of Ely,what is the oldest and smallest of Cambridge's traditional colleges?


4.Made by Imperial Tobacco,which global cigarette brand was named after the last Dutch Director-General of the colony of New Netherland,which would later become New York?

Peter Stuyvesant

5.Lasting between c.3200BC-c.539BC,it was located in the south west of modern day Iran.What name was given,in antiquity,to the area that saw Susa as its main city and stretched from Babylonia in the east to Persepolis in the west?


6.The sovereignty of the South Kuril Islands is an on going dispute between Russia and which other country?


7.With the atomic number 92,which metallic element was discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth,in 1789,in the mineral pitchblende?


8.It was created as a contingency in the event of a catastrophy destroying the presidential line of succession.Which two-word term is used in the United States to describe a member of the Cabinet, who is appointed to be at a physically distant, secure and undisclosed location when the president and the country's other top leaders are gathered at a single location?

Designated Survivor

9.The smallest of the Mascarene Islands,Rodrigues is a dependency of which African country?


10.Winning 8 in total,which female American athlete holds the record for winning the most Gold medals at the World Athletics Championships?

Allyson Felix

11.The name is familiar in the world of mobile phones,what is the SI derived unit of electrical conductance?


12.Spanning the borders between Pakistan, India and China,in which mountain range can the world's second highest peak,K2,be located?

Karakoram Range

13.Occuring in January 2012,in which sea just off the shore of Isola del Giglio,did the ill-fated 'Costa Concordia' ocean liner,run aground and capsize,resulting in at least 16 deaths?

Tyrrhenian Sea

14.Mrs Johnstone and her twins Mickey and Edward are major characters in which long-running West End musical?

Blood Brothers

15.Located between the Chukchi and Beaufort seas,it is the most northern point of the United States.Named after a 19th century English statesman and geographer,what is the name of this headland?

Point Barrow

16.Slain by Perseus,which of the Gorgons in Greek mythology was the only mortal?


17.With a name in common with a German composer,which French statesman was instrumental in the creation of both NATO and the European Union?

Robert Schuman (although composer is spelled Schumann)

18.What was the name of the Dominican monk,whose sale of indulgences, provoked Martin Luther to publish his Wittenberg theses?

Johann Tetzel

19.Often compared to the friendship shared by Achilles and Patroclus,what was the name of the Macedonian General and closest friend of Alexander The Great,who died suddenly at Ecbatana?


20.Lionel Messi has won the prestigous FIFA 'Ballon d'Or' football award, (sometimes referred to as the European Player of The Year), for the past three seasons.Prior to Messi,who was the last Argentinian footballer to receive the award?

Alfredo di Stefano

21.An important step in the British acquisition of Bengal,it took place on the banks of the Bhagirathi River.Which 1757 battle saw a decisive British victory,led by Robert Clive over Siraj ud Daula,the Nawab of Bengal?

Battle of Plassey

22.Equal to one thousandth of a nanosecond, what is the unit of time equal to one trillionth of a second?


23.One of the earliest surviving works of literature in the world,which epic poem from Mesopotania tells the story of a titular king of Uruk and his quest for immortality?

The Epic of Gilgamesh

24.Starring Dennis Farina and Dustin Hoffman,it is centred around the world of horse racing.What is the name of this US TV drama series,that was first premiered in January 2012?


25.Known as the 'Pious',which son of Charlemagne became the second Holy Roman Emperor in 813?

Louis I

26.Which British author,born in 1928, is particularly noted for his 'Porterhouse Blue' and 'Wilt' series of novels?

Tom Sharpe

27.Serving as President between 1954-1989,he was eventually ousted by a coup d'etat led by General Andres Rodriguez.Of which country was Alfredo Stroessner the longest serving South American President in history?


28.Founded in 1795 and named after a kind of porridge,it is noted for its burlesque musicals and annual 'Man and Woman of the Year' awards.Former members have included Theodore Roosevelt,Randolph Hearst and Jack Lemmon.What is the name of this Harvard theatrical society,the oldest of its kind in America?

Hasty Pudding

29.Which of the Four Gospels of the New Testament,is not regarded as a 'synoptic' Gospel?


30.To date he is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.Who,in 1907 ,also became first English-language writer to receive the prize?

Rudyard Kipling