Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thursday Quiz 60

Last Thursday Quiz of the year.

I hope you enjoy this set....................

1.A relative of black pepper,it is known for its narcotic and sedative properties.What is the name of the traditional Polynesian beverage,that is fermented by chewed or grated peeled roots of 'Piper methysticum'?


2.What unit of measurement,is equivalent to one tenth of a nautical mile?


3.What name was given to the part of France's American empire that comprised modern day Prince Edward Island,Nova Scotia and New Brunswick?


4.Produced by Italian manufacturer Pagani between 1999-2011,it is a high-end (sports) road car.Originally named the 'Fangio F1' ,it was renamed,in 1995,after an air current above Argentina.What is the popular name of this vehicle?

(Pagani) Zonda

5.In which decade did UNICEF,Linus Pauling and Dag Hammarskjold all win the Nobel Peace Prize?


6.What name is given to the protective coat surrounding a cereal seed ,which is particulalrly well known for its high fibre content?


7.It has it's own parliament and can draw comparisons with the Isle of Man,in terms of governance.The Aland Islands,in the Baltic Sea, is ultimately under which country's sovereignty?


8.Which hugely successful rock group released their 9th and final studio album,entitled 'Coda',in 1982?

Led Zeppelin

9.The second most populated urban area in Castile and Leon,which city in western Spain,is home to the country's oldest university,founded in 1218?


10.In football,only two men have managed winning teams of both the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup.Name either?

Marcello Lippi and Vincente del Bosque

11.From which country,did Chad gain its independence in 1960?


12.Who was the British Prime Minister,at the time of the outbreak,of the Vietnam War?

Anthony Eden

13.In terms of population,which is the smallest Australian state capital city?


14.One of the breakthrough British acts of 2011,what is the real surname of the British singer-songwriter known as Jessie J?


15.Spotted by Sylvester Stallone whilst taking part in NBC's 'America's Toughest Bouncer',he is a 'tough guy actor',known for his distinctive haircut.By what name is Laurence Tureaud usually referred?

Mr T

16.Receiving 17 Emmy nominations in 2011,which US TV comedy series revolves around three families,inter-related through Jay Pritchett (played by Ed O'Neill) and his children?

Modern Family

17.Named after the number of women to attend the first meeting in 1929,it elected Amelia Earhart its first President two years later.Which organisation was created to provide mutual support and advancement for female pilots,primarily in America?

The Ninety Nines

18.Also known as the lancehead viper it is endemic to Martinique.By what French name is the venomous snake from the Bothrops lanceolatus species,usually referred?


19.In line with Belfast and Newcastle Upon Tyne,which is the only mainland European capital city situated at 54 degress latitude?


20.Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,which island is served by the capital city of Oranjestad?


21.The site of many rocket and space shuttle launches,in which US state is Cape Canaveral (Cape Kennedy between 1963-1973),found?


22.Since 1998,the world's busiest airport ,by passenger traffic,is located in Atlanta,Georgia.After which two former city mayors is the airport named?

(William)Hartsfield (Maynard)Jackson

23.The letters INRI are the first letters of the Latin wording placed on the cross of Jesus at Pilate's request.In Latin it says 'Iesus Nazarenus,Rex Iudaeorum'.How does this translate to English?

Jesus of Nazareth,King of the Jews

24.In 1901,Emil Adolf von Behring,became the first Nobel Prize winner of which category?

Physiology or Medicine

25.Winning 4 times in the 1970s and twice in the 2000's,which team holds the record for the most American football 'Superbowl' wins?

Pittsburgh Steelers

26.In tennis,which was the last year that the same country provided all four men's Grand Slam singles winners in the same year?

1988 (Mats Wilander won Aus,US and French.Stefan Edberg won Wimbledon)

27.In Greek mythology which Spartan king was the husband of Leda and father of Helen,Clytemnestra, Timandra, Phoebe,Philonoe,Castor and Polydeuces?

King Tyndareus

28.Effective from 1999,the Treaty of Ottawa,was agreed by over 150 nations,to put an end to the production and development of which type of weapon?

Land Mine (Anti-personnel)

29.In the Sergei Prokofiev work 'Peter and the Wolf',which character is portrayed by the bassoon?


30.In the Charles Dickens novel,what is the first name of the title character known as 'Little Dorrit'?