Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday Quiz 59

Here's another set of 30 to get you through the cold snap.


1.In December 2011,which country became the first ever country to formally leave the Kyoto Protocol?


2.An American pioneer,he is known for his role in defending the Alamo during the Texas Revoulution,where he was killed in 1836.He is,however,best known as the inventor of a curved sheath knife bearing his name.What is his name?

James (Jim) Bowie

3.Completed by Ogden Nash in 1968.,the poem 'The Scoobious Pip', tells of an animal of unknown taxonomy and the attempts of the other animals of the world to classify it.Due to his death in 1888,it was,originally, the unfinished work of which English poet and illustrator?

Edward Lear

4.Formerly used as a whaling base,its largest island is Spitsbergen.What is the name of the archipelago,located in the Arctic Circle which constitutes the northernmost part of Norway?


5.Represented by Matt Kuchar and Gary Woodland,which country won the 2011 Mens Golf World Cup in November 2011?


6.The national flower of Russia,it belongs to the plant family Asteraceae.It is perhaps best known as a sleeping aid and as a popular herbal tea.By what name is it commonly known?


7.Common in South and Central America as well as Africa,what type of animal is a 'characin'?

Fish (similar to carp)

8.In 1939,which surrealist painter designed the set and wrote the libretto for a ballet entitled 'Bacchanale',based on Wagner's 'Tannhauser' and the myth of Leda and the Swan?

Salvadore Dali

9.Which scientific theory is largely associated with the American meteorologist Edward Lorenz,arising from his study of convection in the atmosphere?

Chaos Theory

10.Airing between 1997-2002,this US TV sitcom is centred around a couple who marry on their first date,despite being complete opposites.Starring Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson in the title roles,what is the show's name?

Dharma and Greg

11.In Greek mythology,what was the name of the wise centaur who taught many Greek heroes including Jason,Achilles,Perseus and Asclepius,at his school in Thessaly?


12.Along with Judea it was renamed 'The West Bank' following the Jordanian conquest of 1948.What was the name of the capital city,of the ancient Kingdom of Israel?


13.Much used in the Renaissance period,what is the name of the classical motif,in the style of a ram's horn,overflowing with fruit and flowers and symbolising abundance and plenty?


14.Named as an imitation of Sierra Leone's capital,Freetown,which city serves as the capital of Gabon?


15.The basis for a 1972 film,which American author's best known work is 'The Poseidon Adventure'?

Paul Gallico

16.Olympic art competitions formed part of the modern Olympic Games during its early years.The first was held in 1912 in Stockholm,but at which Summer Games,(also held in Europe),did it make its final appearance?

Helsinki (1952)

17.Derived from the Greek meaning 'to inscribe',what word is used to describe a brief, interesting and usually memorable statement,originally made on statues,but has since been used in a variety of texts?


18.Originating in South Asia,it is an edible fat,derived from butter,by removing most of the water.What is the name of this foodstuff,whose name is taken from Sanskrit?


19.Currently,which is the only country in South America where (male) homosexual acts are still illegal?


20.Which of the great Greek tragedians wrote plays including 'Heracles','Hippolytus' and 'Phoenician Women'?


21.What three-word phrase (or term) connects a 1996 film starring Bruce Willis,a 2001 novel by David Baldacci and a 2011 US TV sitcom starring Tim Allen?

Last Man Standing

22.Meaning 'Way of the Warrior-Knight',which Japanese word was originally used to describe the code of conduct for a Samurai?


23.Commonly known as rock salt,what is the scientific name given to the mineral form of sodium chloride?


24.Separated by the Qiongzhou Strait from the Leizhou Peninsula,it is comparable to Belgium in its size.Assuming Taiwan is accepted as the largest,which is the second largest Chinese island,in terms of area?

Hainan Island

25.Of the recording artists that made up the 1956 'Million Dollar Quartet',who was the oldest?

Johnny Cash

26.Queen Maud Land,is the most southerly territory to pass through the Prime Meridian.Located in Antarctica,it belongs to which European country?


27.He released his third album in 2008,entitled 'Year of the Gentleman'.This contained the singles 'Closer','Mad' and 'Miss Independent',which were top 20 hits on both sides of the Atlantic.Also known as an actor and songwriter for other artists,how is the American R&B star,Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr ,more commonly known?


28.Covering the entire compulsory school education period,the'Folkeskole', is a system whereby the student stays at the same school from the age of 6 through to 17 years of age.In which European country is it popular?


29.It is a liquid obtained from coal tar and used in the production of dyes,plastics,insecticides and detergents.With the chemical formula C6H6,what is the name of this aromatic compound?


30.Which wild west figure has been famously portrayed in films by Burt Lancaster (1957),Kurt Russell(1993) and Kevin Costner (1994)?

Wyatt Earp