Thursday, 8 December 2011

Thursday Quiz 58

Here's my next set


1.Which Shakespearean character shares the name with the second largest moon of Uranus?


2.Which Japanese composer is particularly famous for his film soundtracks,including 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence'(1983),'The Last Emperor'(1987) and 'Snake Eyes'(1998)?

Ryuichi Sakamoto

3.Founded in 1997,it is now published in seven languages and has around 450,000 e-mail subscribers.The 'ZENIT' new agency aims to represent the views of which Christian denomination?

Roman Catholic

4.Within the arts in the UK,what position has been held,most recently, by Trevor Hands (1986-1991),Adrian Noble (1991-2003) and Michael Boyd since 2003?

Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company

5.Making their debut at the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix,which country became the most recent to provide a driver in a Formula One race?

Russia (Vitaly Petrov)

6.Who was the British Prime Minister during the short reign of King Edward VIII?

Stanley Baldwin

7.Famous for developing the 'Android' mobile operating system,they are sometimes referred to as the 'OHA'.Which three-word name is given to the consortium of several companies,including, HTC,Motorola,Samsung Electronics and T-Mobile,which aims to develop open standards for mobile devices?

Open Handset Alliance

8.The Troodos Mountains are the location of the highest peak,whilst the Pedieos is the longest river.In which European country can these geographical features be found?


9.Which island nation located in the central Atlantic ocean,is an archipelago of 10 islands,with Santiago being the largest in terms of area and population?

Cape Verde

10.Only two men have been nominated for acting Academy Awards in five different decades.Unsurprisingly,Jack Nicholson is one,but who is the other?

Michael Caine

11.Based on a Gregory Maguire novel of 1995,which musical by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman explores the relationship between the misunderstood character Elphaba and the ambitious,glamourous character,Galinda Upland?


12.Augusta Ada King,Countess of Lovelace,was best known for her work on Charles Babbage's early mechanical computer, the analytical engine.Her mother was Anne Isabella Milbanke,but which poet,was her famous father?

Lord (George) Byron

13.Almost totally destroyed in 1887 by earthquake,it was its country's capital until 1997.The city of Almaty is the largest city,in terms of population,of which former Soviet state?


14.Sharing a name with a US state capital,which battle of 1776 saw George Washington command his first military action on American soil?

Battle of Trenton

15.Originally formed in 1995 as 'Kara's Flowers',which American pop/rock band,fronted by Adam Levine,have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide,with their releases, 'Songs About Jane'(2002),' It Won't Be Soon Before Long'(2007) and 'Hands All Over'(2010)?

Maroon 5

16.A 19th century American campaigner for women's rights and dress reforms,she founded the feminist paper 'The Lily' in 1849.In pursuit of dress equality,she is best known for wearing 'trousers for women',(which would later bear her name).What is this campaigner's name?

Amelia Bloomer (trousers known as Bloomers)

17.Which American statesman and soldier,was commander-in-chief during the Texan War,where his army defeated the Mexicans at the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto,paving the way for the Republic of Texas to become an independent country?

Sam Houston

18.Receiving an Honorary Academy Award in 2004,which American directed,amongst others,the films 'Breakfast at Tiffany's','Days of Wine and Roses' and the 'Pink Panther' series of films,starring Peter Sellars?

Blake Edwards

19.An Italian Jewish chemist and writer,he wrote novels, short stories, essays, and poems.He is best known for writing 'If This Is a Man',an account of the year he spent as a prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp.What is this writer's name?

Primo Levi

20.Beating Argentina 3-1 in the final,which country won the Davis Cup in December 2011?


21.Known for containing temple pyramids and the largest known Meso-American ballcourt,which ancient Mexican city served as the Mayan capital of the Yucutan peninsular,between (circa)the 11th and 13th centuries?

Chichen Itza

22.Used extensively in the cosmetic and health care sectors,by what name is the yellow waxy substance,secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals,usually referred?


23.Occupying most of the eastern part of the country,which historical province of the Czech Republic includes the cities of Brno,Ostrava and Olomouc?


24.Found in most vertebrates,the are manufactured by bone marrow.By what three-word name are erythrocytes,usually referred?

Red Blood Cells

25.A British literary prize,it is awarded each year,by the Society of Authors,to the best writer,under the age of 35, of a book published in the past year.The winner receives a £12,000 prize,which must be spent on foreign travel.Which British author,born 1874,instituted this award in 1947?

Somerset Maugham

26.Rewarded for its people's brave defence against the Spanish in 1574,which city,(also the birthplace of Rembrandt),became the first Dutch university city in 1575?


27.Which city serves as the capital of the Caribbean nation of Grenada?

St George's

28.In Hindu and Buddhist religious art,it is thought to help with prayer and meditation.Which general shape is represented by 'mandala'?

Circle (circular)

29.A global reality TV franchise,it is known as 'Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!' in Germany,'Kandisdjungeln' in Sweden and 'Bobo's in the Bush' in the Netherlands.How is it known in the UK and USA?

I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!

30.The French culinary term,'beche-de-mer',refers to the food obtained from which marine animal,found in the South West Pacific?

Sea Cucumber