Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Quiz 57

Hello,I have created a 2011 quiz this evening,with questions relating to events this year.

Also I thought i'd let you know of the quizzes over the Christmas period:

Thurs 22nd Dec - Thursday Quiz as normal
Sun 25th Dec - Christmas Quiz (As is traditional,it will largely be a repeat of last year's)
Thurs 29th Dec - No Quiz - On hols
Sun 1st Jan - Normal Quiz. First of 2012

Anyway I hope you enjoy this set.............

1.Her profile was boosted further in 2011 after marrying and divorcing basketball player Kris Humphries in just three months.Which US reality TV star,according to the 'Zeitgeist',was the most searched celebrity on Google in 2011?

Kim Kardashian

2. In October 2011,Richard Branson opened the world's first commercial spaceport,known as 'Spaceport America',where he is expected to begin commercial flights by 2013.In which US state is it located?

New Mexico

3.In August 2011,which 58 year old US sitcom star,most popular during the 1990s,announced on Jay Leno's 'The Tonight Show',that she would be running for US President at the 2012 election?

Roseanne Barr

4.Released in December 2011,what is the name of the successor to the Sony handheld game console known as the 'PSP' or Playstation Portable?

Playstation Vita (or PSV)

5.Both opening in the UK in 2011,which British architect designed both the 'Turner Contemporary',in Margate and the 'Hepworth Wakefield' art galleries?

David Chipperfield

6.Previously known under his stage name 'Sweet Mickey',the former recording artist,Michael Martelly became the President of which Central American country in May 2011?


7.Also known as 'the lying down game',it became an internet sensation in 2011.First coined in Australia,what term is given to the action of lying face down with arms to the sides, in unusual public spaces and photographing it?


8.In May 2011,Malta held a referendum which resulted in the legalisation of divorce.At that time only two other countries in the world did not permit divorce.Vatican City was one,but which Asian country was the other?


9.Much in the news in March 2011,what is the SI derived unit of dose equivalent radiation?


10. In November 2011,the work entitled 'Rhein II',was sold for $4.3million (£2.7m) at Christies's in New York,becoming the most expensive photograph ever sold.It is a work created by which noted,German photographer?

Andreas Gursky

11.At the 2011 Academy Awards,which film provided the winners of both 'Best Supporting' acting roles,with Christian Bale and Melissa Leo the respective recipients?

The Fighter

12.Following the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in May 2011,which American economist became the interim Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund,before Christine Lagarde was appointed permanently in August of the same year?

John Lipsky

13.In October 2011,which European separatist militant organisation declared an end to its 43-year campaign of political violence, which has killed over 800 people since 1968?

ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna )

14.Currently creative director of fashion brand Alexander McQueen,who designed the wedding dress for (Catherine)Kate Middleton,for her marriage to Prince William in April 2011?

Sarah Burton

15.Created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich in 2005,it is an Emmy award-winning,adult comedy show,that parodies a number of pop culture conventions,using 'stop-motion' animation of toys, action figures, and 'claymation'.Known for using a host of cameo voices,it was to be the last role,before his death in 2011,of American actor Gary Coleman.What is this show's title?

Robot Chicken

16.Succeeding Alan Garcia in July 2011,Ollanta Humala became the President of which South American country?


17.Noted for his discovery of 'quasicrystals',in which Nobel Prize category was the Israeli professor,Dan Shechtman awarded in 2011?


18.Found in February 2011 amongst manuscripts bought by a children's book charity, the unpublished work entitled 'Mr Tumpy's Caravan',was created by which author?

Enid Blyton

19.Ending Lindsey Vonn's run of the last three years,which female German alpine skier became the 2011 Overall World Cup Champion?

Maria Riesch

20.Up to 14th December,which film was the highest grossing of 2011,that was not a sequel?

The Smurfs

21.Located in the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean,which island became the fifth French overseas department in March 2011?


22.Performing the song 'Running Scared',singers Eldar and Nigar were announced as winners of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.Which country did they represent,only the fourth time the country had entered?


23.In June 2011,Tea Obreht became the youngest author to win the Orange Prize for Fiction.What was the title of her debut novel?

The Tiger's Wife

24.At the 2011 World Athletics Championships,which Australian hurdler,later named 2011 IAAF 'Woman Athlete of the Year' took Gold in the 100 metres hurdles final?

Sally Pearson

25.The travelling companion of Che Guevara during their 1952 trip around Latin America,he authored the memoir 'Travelling with Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary'.This served as a reference for the 2004 film 'The Motorcycle Diaries', in which he was played by Rodrigo de la Serna.What is the name of this Argentine-Cuban doctor,writer and scientist,who died in March 2011?

Alberto Granado

26.Constructed as a replacement for 'Challenger' ,which space shuttle,that made its first flight in 1992,was finally retired in June 2011?


27.Reaching the top 10 of the US Country music charts 5 times between 1969 and 1977, her biggest hit was 'Blanket on the Ground', which, became her only number one in 1975.She also released 17 studio albums between 1968-1983.What is the name of this American country star,known for her bluesy voice,who died in December 2011?

Billy Jo Spears

28.In July 2011,which former Wales rugby international,became the first person to complete the 'Explorers' Grand Slam,a challenge to reach the seven continental summits and both Poles in the same year? Richard Parks
29.In January 2011,Estonia became the latest country to join the Euro.What was the name of its previous currency?


30.Also the name of her 2011 tour,which female American singer,released her seventh studio album, 'Femme Fatale', in 2011?

Britney Spears

31.According to the 2011 Forbes 'Rich List',Frenchman Bernard Arnault,is Europe's richest man.Of which French luxury goods conglomerate is he the CEO?

LVMH (Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy)

32.Beating Uruguayan team Penarol in the final,which Brazilian football team won the 2011 Copa Libertadores?


33.In October 2011,Tomas Transtromer,from Sweden,became a Nobel Laureate in which category?


34.Entering service in October 2011,which Asian airline provided the first commercial flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

All Nippon Airways

35.As part of the Arab Spring series of protests and revolutions in 2011,which African country ,became the first to overthrow their leader,Zine El Abidine Ben Ali,forcing him into exile in Saudi Arabia?


36.In April 2011,who became the first Spanish actress to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Penelope Cruz

37.In October 2011,Helle Thorning-Schmidt,became the first ever female Prime Minister of which European country?


38.Writing the novel,'A Sense of an Ending',who was awarded the 2011 Man Booker literary prize?

Julian Barnes

39.In November 2011,Ivian Sarcos became the latest winner of the Miss World beauty pageant.Which South American country did she represent?


40.Replacing the long-running Larry King Live, in January 2011,'Piers Morgan Tonight' made its TV debut on CNN.Which fellow TV chat show host was his first guest?

Oprah Winfrey