Monday, 12 December 2011

Sorry for the delay....

Due to some time constraints (I'll not bore you),I was unable to complete this Sunday's Quiz,however I have compiled a 'Best Of' quiz of 50 Questions used over the past year.

As it is coming up for Christmas,you may want this compilation set on a PDF format for use at work,home etc.If you do,let me know and I'll e-mail a copy over to you.(

I hope you enjoy them and I'll be back as normal on Thursday

Many thanks

1.What two word phrase links a chain of clothing stores owned by Gap Inc, a hit single by the post-punk group The Boomtown Rats and a term used for a politically unstable country dependent upon limited agriculture?

Banana Republic

2.Of the five recognised dwarf planets, which is the largest ,both in terms of size and mass?


3.Gwyneth Lewis,Gwyn Thomas and (currently) Gillian Clarke have all held which important ,cultural post in Wales,since its inception in 2005?

National Poet

4.Born in Munchenbuchsee,Switzerland,which expressionist and surrealist painter's works include Rose Garden,Head of Man and Castle and Sun?

Paul Klee

5.With an atomic number of 76,it is twice as dense as lead.Which element,a part of the platinum family,is the densest natural element?


6.It is the annual national pilgrimage of Ireland and held on the last Sunday of the month of July. Pilgrims climb Ireland's holiest mountain,Croagh Patrick in County Mayo, traditionally,in their bare feet. It is held in honour of Saint Patrick with appoximately 20,000-30,000 pilgrims participating on the day. With a name sounding like an unpleasant smell what is this holy day called?

Reek Sunday (accept Garland Sunday)

7.Rehoboam was the ruler of Judah in 930 BC. Which biblical ruler was his father,who died in 931 BC?


8. In which of Shakespeare's plays would you find the characters Cloten,Imogen and Caius Lucius?


9.This make of British sportscar is named after a former, multiple Formula One Champion. It was founded by Dutch millionaire Klaas Zwart in 1995 and the first models being the 'FGT' in 1995 then the 'Ecosse' in 1998. What is the name of this 'high end' vehicle manufacturer,based in Banbury?

Ascari Cars

10.With the only difference being a slightly darker tint of blue on the left hand vertical strip,which African country's flag is almost identical to that of Romania?


11.Noted for a number of works,he discovered Saturn's rings,the pendulum clock and wave theory, amongst others.Who is this 17th century Dutch scientist?

Christain Huygens

12.Its explosions are believed to be the origin of long-duration gamma ray bursts.Which astronomical term refers to an exceptionally large star that collapses at the end of its lifespan,specifically to an explosion with an energy of over 100 supernovae?


13.The last Brazilian film to have won an Academy Award was in 1985,when William Hurt won the award for Best actor. The film was also nominated in the Best Picture,Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay categories.Directed by Hector Babenco and based on the 1976 novel by Manuel Puig,what is the English title of this film,set in a Brazilian prison?

Kiss Of The Spider Woman

14.What name links a donkey from George Orwell's 'Animal Farm',one of the sons of the biblical figure Jacob and a slang term for an American hundred dollar bill?


15.Fought and won under the command of the Duke of Marlborough,during which conflict did the 1706 Battle of Ramillies take place?

War of Spanish Succession

16.With approximately fifty percent taken up by resevoirs, what is the longest river on the Iberian peninsula?


17. Still trying to seek independance,what is the name of the exclave and province of Angola, that is seperated from the rest of Angola, by a narrow strip belonging to the Democratic Republic of Congo?


18.A painter of the Pop Art movement,he was a contemporary of David Hockney and studied at Chelsea School of Art. His works include 'Still Life With Dagger', 'Sweet Bowl' and 'After Lunch'. What is the name of this artist, who won the Turner Prize in 1987 and died in 1995?

Patrick Caulfield

19.One of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, it was founded by Henry and Helal Hassenfeld in 1923. What is the name of this company ,whose products include Mr Potato Head , GI Joe and My Little Pony ,amongst others?


20.His most 'famous' work is The Origin of the Knights of Bath,he became poet laureate when he was 30 years, the youngest ever. Which 18th century poet gained this distinction?

Laurence Eusden

21.Sao Miguel,Pico and Terceira are the largest islands in which
archipelago,situated in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Azores

22.His conquests have included the Golden Gate Bridge,The Eiffel Tower and the Petronas Towers. What is the name of the renowned French climber, nicknamed 'Spiderman' for his reputation of climbing without ropes and who also suffers from vertigo?

Alain Robert

23.What is the capital city of ,the former Soviet state, Turkmenistan?


24.Used everyday in hospitals and at doctors' surgeries, for what is a sphygmomanometer, used to measure?

Blood Pressure

25.In 'Peter and the Wolf,by Russian composer,Sergei Prokofiev,each animal is represented by an orchestral instrument.Which instrument,traditionally, represents the Wolf?

French Horn(s)

26.Which son of Gengis Khan,succeeded his father in 1229 and became the second 'Great Khan',of the Mongol Empire?

Ogedei Khan

27.Andrew Lloyd Webber has won an Oscar for best original song in Evita (1996) . Name of the other two musicals for which he has also received an Academy Award nomination?

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Phantom of The Opera (2004)

28.Which chemical element is represented on the periodic table by the letter 'V'?


29.Who is the only FIFA World player of the year that has never played at a World Cup Finals?

George Weah

30.What is the name of the Christian denomination founded in Switzerland in 1693 by Jakob Ammann?


31.What name was given to the followers of a 14th century political and religious movement,led by John Wycliffe?


32.Winning in 1902 in the category of physiology or medecine for his work on malaria,who became the first British person to be awarded a Nobel Prize?

Ronald Ross

33.With four category wins,which film,along with 'The King's Speech', picked up the most awards at the 2011 Academy award ceremony?


34.Which is the first chemical element,by atomic number,whose chemical symbol, is also an American state code abbreviation?

Neon (atomic number 10 - NE is zipcode for Nebraska)

35.Which one colour is common to the flags of Jamaica,Syria and the Bahamas?


36.Produced by Italian brandy producer Arturo Vaccari, which yellow liquer named after a war hero, is a blend of herbs and fruits such as star anise and juniper?


37.Which unit of weight is equal to 1/7000th of a pound?

A Grain

38. Which word, familiar to generations of British soldier, derives from a Hindustani word for home ?


39.England played many of its early football international games at cricket grounds,but which was the first football stadium to host an England international football game (a stadium still in use today)?

Bramall Lane

40.The Golan Heights form a rocky plateau, that serves both as an area of strategic importance and as a popular tourist attraction.In which country is this area situated?


41.Maglev is currently the system used by the World's fastest commercial train,the Shanghai Maglev.For which two words is Maglev an abbreviation`?

Magnetic Levitation

42.Which American photographer was noted for his black and white depictions of the American West including the work 'Moon and Half Dome' and was also the pioneer of the Zone System photography technique?

Ansel Adams

43.Which team won the last ever East German football league title in 1991?

FC Hansa Rostock

44.Instrumental in retaining the right of Scottish banks to issue their own notes in 1826,who appears on every Scottish bank note?

Sir Walter Scott

45.Often referred to as the 'Father of Geometry',which Greek mathematician wrote his influential work 'Elements' in circa 300BC?


46.In which modern day country can Mount Sinai,the location where Moses received the Ten Commandments, be found?


47.Element 112 was previously known as ununbium until February 2010,when it was renamed after which scientist,on the 537th anniversary of his birth?

Nicolaus Copernicus (Copernicium)

48.Which Graham Greene novel features the character James Wormold,a vacuum cleaner salesman,who becomes caught up in the world of espionage?

Our Man in Havana

49.The first country to allow female Members of Parliament,which country was also the first European country to allow women to vote in parliamentary elections?


50.Based in Kazhakstan,it is the world's largest and also first space launch facility.It was where Sputnik 1 and Luna 1 launched and also saw Gagarin in Vostok 1 become the first man in space. What is the name of this facility, originally called Leninsk?

Baikonur Cosmodrome