Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Quiz 55

Just let you know.Next week will still have quizzes,but will be slightly shorter (20 on thurs/30 on Saturday).The reason is I'm away for a couple of days and I have a Grand Prix event.

Back to tonight.

I hope you enjoy this set...............

1.In 1993,which African nation,the continent's third smallest,became the most recent addition to the 'Arab League' economic organisation?


2. In 1988,which TV show became the first and only television show to have its entire cast flown over to the UK to make an appearance at the Royal Variety Performance,in front of the Queen?


3.An important contributor to the De Stijl art movement,he went on to found Neo-Plasticism.Which 19th/20th century Dutch artist,is best known for his works that consist of a white background,with a painted grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and three solid primary colours?

Piet Mondrian

4.Recognised by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nauru and Vanuatu,Abkhazia is an autonomous republic of Georgia.Which city serves as its capital?


5.Three years after finishing as runner-up whilst playing for Crystal Palace,which Chinese footballer,(the only one to date),won the Asian player of the year in 2001,whilst playing for Dundee?

Fan Zhiyi

6.Which natural satellite of Neptune is named after any one of the sea nymphs that were the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris?


7.During which decade of the 20th century did the four-day 'Football War' between Honduras and El Salvador occur?

1960s (1969)

8.Named after its leaders,what was the popular name given German left-wing terrorist group,who were prevalent during the 1970s and who were also known as 'Rote Armee Fraktion'?


9.Of which South American country,is the Marxist-Leninist militant organisation,known as 'FARC',a fierce and long-standing opposer?


10.With a market capitalisation of US$2.93 trillion,the pan-European stock exchange known as Euronex,is the 5th largest in the world.In which city is it based?


11.Which 20th century conflict was ended by the Dayton Agreement?

Bosnian War

12.Premiered on Broadway in 1927,the George Kaufman and Edna Ferber play 'The Royal Family', ran for 345 shows.It was written as a parody of which legendary acting family of that era?

Barrymore Family

13.A prolific writer,especially short stories,he wrote two famous books set around the Klondike Gold Rush.What was the pseudonym used by the American author John Griffith Chaney,born in 1876?

Jack London

14.Immortalised by Ernest Hemingway in his novel 'The Sun Also Rises',which Italian city,is noted for its 'Fiesta of San Fermin',which is held in July and features a notorious bull run?


15.First appearing in the early 1980s,'The Lennon Wall', is an iconic feature,especially for young people and students.During the communist era it was a place to air grievances,but today is used to inspire peace and love.Featuring John Lennon-inspired graffiti,including song lyrics,in which European capital city can the wall be found?


16.Seen as the founding Empire of France and Germany,its beginning date is based on the crowning of Charlemagne and ends with the death of Charles the Fat.What name is given to this Middle Ages ruling Empire?

Carolingian Empire

17.Recorded in 1990,the 'Three Tenors' concert in Rome,is a record breaking and Grammy winning classical album.The singers are well known,but who was the Indian conductor of the performance?

Zubin Mehta

18.Making their first public performance at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival,which world famous,magical entertainment act,was known as the 'Asparagus Valley Cultural Society' until 1981,when they changed their name after fellow collaborator,Weir Chrisimer,left the act?

Penn and Teller

19.Until 2006,which Asian country was known as the only official Hindu state in the world,due to ninety percent of its population following the religion?


20.'ECT',is a treatment used on patients with severe psychiatric disorders.It is applied by sending an electric current to the brain of an anaesthetized patient.For what does the abbreviation ECT stand?

Electroconvulsive Therapy

21.Catherine of Braganza was the wife of King Charles II of England.Her father,John IV,was the King of which country?


22.Named after an ancient Greek city that placed emphasis on physical fitness,what was the name of the sporting games,held every four years in the former Soviet Union,(until 1979),for nationals only?


23.Working closely with Gilbert and Sullivan,for what ,(occupation), was Frederick John D'Auban best remembered?


24.In terms of population,Manchester is the largest city of which US state?

New Hampshire

25.Located in East London,which world famous bell foundry, is known for casting notable bells such as 'Big Ben' and the 'Liberty Bell' in Philadelphia?

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

26.Taking its name from an art exhibit about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima,what is the title of the fourth studio album by U2,written in 1984 and featuring the anthemic single Pride (In The Name of Love)?

The Unforgettable Fire

27.Which Swiss city is home to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and also to a 28-station metro system, making it the smallest city in the world to have such a system?


28.Encephalitis is an inflammation of which organ of the human body?


29.The Director-General of the BBC between 1960-69,was the younger brother of which famous English author,born in 1904?

Graham Greene (brother of Hugh Greene)

30.In 1949,which former UK colony,became the tenth and latest province to enter the Canadian Confederation?

Newfoundland and Labrador

31.Isla de los Estados is an Argentine island that lies 29 km west of Tierra del Fuego, from which it is separated by the Le Maire Strait.It's name,when translated to English,is shared by which well known island of the United States?

Staten Island

32.Well known for her books about important historical characters,who was the second wife of the British playwright,Harold Pinter?

(Lady) Antonio Fraser

33.Which of William Shakespeare's comedies is centred around the two pairs of lovers, Benedick and Beatrice and Claudio and Hero?

Much Ado About Nothing

34.Born in 1972,which French male tennis player holds the record for playing in the most Grand Slam singles tournaments?

Fabrice Santoro (played in 70)

35.Her 1974 novel 'Tim',was made into a 1979 film starring Mel Gibson,although she is probably best known for writing 'The Thornbirds',which was turned into a 1983,Emmy Award winning TV mini-series.What is the name of this Australian author?

Collen McCullough(Robinson)

36.A complicated knot,it was used by a legendary King of Phrygia,to tie up his wagon.The oracle said that whoever untied the knot,would rule Asia.Which legendary knot was eventually cut by Alexander The Great, with his sword?

Goridian Knot

37.Slowly cooked at the table,in a mixture of soy sauce,sugar and minin,what meat is traditionally used in the Japanese Winter dish 'Sukiyaki'?

Beef (Pork used in some areas,but beef is traditional)

38.First aired in 2007,this American TV drama series follows ex-spy Michael Westen,who is trapped in Miami ,after mysteriously being dumped by the intelligence services.With Jeffrey Donovan in the lead role,what is the title of this show?

Burn Notice

39.What is the name of the influential American publisher who launched the famous American magazines, 'Time','Life','Fortune' and 'Sports Illustrated'?

Henry Luce

40.Known around the world,especially on the festival circuit,they released their UK number one,(debut) album 'We Started Nothing' in 2008.They also released singles including 'That's Not My Name','We Walk' and 'Shut Up And Let Me Go' .How are the musical duo of Katie White and Jules de Martino,better known?

The Ting Tings